The Endocannabinoid System

What is the ECS, aka The Endocannabinoid System?

If you are new to cannabis then you are most likely new to the Endocannabinoid System.

Here are our favorite explanations for all types of learners!



Introduction to the Endocannabinoid System by Dustin Sulak, DO


Apple Users: Cannabis Restored

SoundCloud: Greg Gerdeman: Human Endocannabinoid System Awareness

We hope this helps to provide you with a base understanding of the endocannabinoid system. Wishing you all wonderful health!


“Can-I-Cannabis?” event RECAP

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated!

Sponsored by A Soothing Seed & Julie Dustin Cannabis Consulting


If you missed it we are terribly sorry, you may view our amatuer video of the majority of the event on our Facebook Event page.

Our Local Experts

David & Amber Newman

Supportive Local Public Servants

Thank you to both Mr. Lowery & Ms. Gomez for their powerful statements.

Additional thanks to Nathan Lou of Mongol Tribe for his valuable contributions during Saturday’s discussion.

We encourage all who are able to take the Continuing Education course offered at the Mesa College campus.

Introduction to Cannabis (course# 9519J)

“This course is an introduction into Cannabis as a plant and as an industry. Emphasis is on a historical account of use and misuse with a focus on the medical and health effects with up-to-date research and legal policies that surrounds cannabis today.”

03/07/2018-03/21/2018 (3 weeks)

Wednesdays from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Cost $90

Can-I-Cannabis Event today in North County!

Click on the image above to watch today’s event LIVE.

We will be broadcasting LIVE on our Facebook event page, please click on the image above to be taken there.

You may register for Can-I-Cannabis? (if you are unable to attend) until 3 p.m.

This will provide you with access to the slideshow to follow along and reference. We will note your questions on the LIVE stream and ask them accordingly.

Happy Saturday San Diego, see you all at 1 p.m. PST!!!

San Diego Cannabis Dispensaries

Where can I go to legally get recreational cannabis?

Our recommended dispensaries include:

Torrey Holistics and Urbn Leaf

Is delivery service still legal in San Diego?

If you are a patient or recreational user obtaining cannabis from a current legal brick and mortar cannabis dispensary delivery service than yes. For example, if you are a recreational consumer and Torrey Holistics (as seen above as a legal state and city adult cannabis retailer) offers a delivery option than yes, it is a legal delivery. Otherwise, NO. No exceptions.

Many cities in San Diego opted to ban all dispensaries and delivery services, you may want to check the current status of your area. Go to your city website and search “cannabis”.

Things will change, this is just beginning, but for now, know what is considered legal as of today, ignorance of the law is not a defense.

MAUCSRA regarding Delivery Services in California:

A retailer may deliver cannabis to qualified patients and primary caregivers aged 18 years or older or to adults aged 21 years and older. Deliveries may be made only by employees of licensed retailers who are aged 21 years and older. Delivery employees may not consume cannabis during delivery. Deliveries must be made to physical addresses within the state of California and may not be made on public lands or buildings leased by public agencies. Deliveries may be made only in
person by enclosed motor vehicle. Cannabis goods may not be visible to the public during deliveries. Cannabis goods may not be left in an unattended motor vehicle unless the vehicle has an active alarm system. Vehicles used for delivery must have a dedicated, active GPS device that enables the dispensary to identify the geographic location of the vehicle during delivery. While making deliveries, a delivery employee may not carry more than a specified amount of cannabis goods at any time. Retailers that deliver cannabis goods must keep records related to the cannabis goods delivered and the vehicles used for delivery services.”

Happy New Year & Welcome 2018!

Winter of Wonder continues in January 2018 with Can-I-Cannabis?

Recreational cannabis is legal in California as of January 1st, but was does that mean? In our last month of public content we will do our best to help provide helpful information to answer your queries into legal cannabis.

With the launch of official Femme Nuri membership and Sponsorship this year will be more focused on exclusive content for member’s but we will continue to share relevant information on all our current platforms.

Don’t forget to register for our event this month! Can-I-Cannabis? in North County San Diego

Get NYE ready!

What are your plans?

Here is what is going on around San Diego this New Years Eve:

Party Planning?

Try our cannabis inspired party suggestions to help ring in recreational use of cannabis this New Years Eve!

Champagne alternative

Try dosing sugar cubes with a 1:1 tincture or use infused sugar cubes by BEdibles, drop in champagne glasses and fill with flavored seltzers. If you want to get extra fancy add a couple drops of organic food coloring to make your mocktails sparkle and pop! Use a variety of colors to make a rainbow and toast the new year!

Cordial Organics makes tinctures and bitters specifically for cannabis cocktails and mocktails. Check out their website for more information!


If you can roll we recommend you grab a nice mild strain like Blue Dream or a high CBD strain if guests are new, curious users. Get to rolling now so you have a socially acceptable amount of pre-rolls, if it is a larger event recruit some friends and have a rolling party for the party! (See our top pre-rolls post HERE)

Can’t roll? Grab some pre-packaged pre-rolls in a pack, it is a better value than buying them as singles. Run to the dispensary and tell them what you are looking for or check online at or either way it is a good idea to test drive them for potentcy before the big night.


Are you more comfortable with vaping? If you would like to offer guests a vape bar alternative we suggest contacting The Legion of Bloom or Dank Tank for suggestions of their products. Or if you have a favorite brand you would like to offer a sampling of, regardless, we recommend a charging station set-up close by, extra back-up cartridge batteries that fit. Inevitably these will break, multiples at a time #murphyslaw

Be prepared with back-ups for your back-ups. Not hard to do, a Pax Era is $20 retail on the high end. (We do suggest you go with our recommendations, they by far have the best tasting oils available. We have tried so many and know what actually goes into these things.)


Be careful! Low dose. Low dose. Low dose. Did we mention dosing low? Try and keep it under 10 mg, that can feel a lot more potent than you would think. Even regular cannabis smoking patients complain of being edible lightweights.

That being said there are so many great options available, confections like The Garden Society, Lord Jones, To Whom It May Concern Chocolates & 1906 to name a few.


We mention sublinguals specifically, Kin Slips, because they offer an immediate and effective methodology with a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes to specific effect. A great way to test drive a mild cannabis experience. Low dose and formula specific these dissolvable strips are flavorful, convenient and effective that will last the length of your event.

Party Time!

Helpful tips to keep you looking merry & bright!

18 Genius Beauty Hacks Every Lazy Girl Needs for the Holidays

For a more thorough line of approach




Boxing Day

What is Boxing Day anyway?

Have you ever wondered what ‘Boxing Day’ is all about? Learn more HERE. Our words: They managed a sequel to Christmas.

Cannabis Pizza Box

Oh boy, if you haven’t already go check out this pizza box with built in pipe concept at The Verge.

Christmas Eve!

Be Safe!

If your plans include travel, local or otherwise please be extra careful. Tis’ the Season of being TIPSY. Wishing you all a wonderful evening and safe travels!

December Delights | Finding Relief




Long day of shopping; exhaustion Eat. Then bath, preferably with epsom salts and CBD
Partied Hearty; hangover Chilled green tea bags for eyes and hydrate + CBD tincture
Winter elements; dull skin Exfoliate with scrubs, hydrate with masks, use CBD oil topically
Wrapping fatigue; cramped, stiff hands Hand massage with 1:1 massage oil
Holiday Shoe regret; throbbing feet Soak in cool water with epsom salts, follow with 1:1 massage oil
Holiday grind; tension, grouchy Essential oil of peppermint or rosemary may increase alertness. Try Pink Grapefruit and Lemon oils to help alleviate fatigue, tension and agitation

To ease into great sleep we’ve enjoyed the following cannabis products:

Whoopi & Maya Relax tincture

Therapy Tonics Linacene 125 tincture



Making Modern: Handmade Gifting

Handmade Gifts

Our top three suggestions for homemade or handmade gifts

  1. Custom Stationery
  2. Braided Lariat
  3. Baked Goods

Custom Stationery

Do you know someone who appreciates one-of-a-kind items? Are you crafty enough to have supplies like a cork bottom metal ruler? Excellent, then get to the nearest craft store, pick out your favorite card stocks and envelopes in shades your gift recipients will love! Get fresh can of spray mount, coordinating fabric scraps, washi tape, and embellishments to personalize. Create a set of 8 blank note card & envelope sets, include a metallic gel ink pen to compliment the set colors. This can be especially fun if you are making them for a cannabis patient or supporter.

Not a crafting connoisseur? Well, can you braid?

Braided Bracelet/Lariat 

Head over to Michael’s and pick up a Dazzle-It kumohimo round braiding disk for around $4. With a bit of yarn, embroidery thread or cord you can braid beautiful bracelets, lariats or even a belt! Choose your materials and colors, coordinate your metal end beads and you have a unique, one-of-a-kind gift for the poshest of your friends or family. It is fabulous, easy and inexpensive but looks fabulous, intricate and pricey!

Braiding not your thing? Can you bake anything? (Besides yourself.)

Baked Goods

Ha, ha, well if you are of a mind to make some infused baked goods check out Cannabis Kitchen CookBook by Robyn Griggs Lawrence. If you are planning on making traditional treats choose a recipe you know and love, that way you’ll know exactly how it is supposed to look and taste ensuring a delicious result regardless of your skill level. There are all kinds of fun ways to wrap homemade treat gifts, from tins, to boxes to plates. Choose which best suits your gifting occasion. To-Go gifting tins make for lovely presents, a reusable container is always useful and appreciated. Gifting decorative plates or chargers with your homemade treats makes for an added special touch leaving them with a reusable gift after the treats are gone. And in all other instances, boxes. There are so many fun choices now you may want to look at boxes before planning your treats! Various boxes can be found at Michael’s and The Container Store, get as crazy as your budget allows!

Hanukkah Music + Hidden Cannabis Teachings

Happy Hanukkah

The Huffington Post

420 and the Hidden Jewish Cannabis Teachings

Written by “Yoseph Leib Ibn Mardachya is the author of “Cannabis Chassidis: The Ancient and Emerging Torah of Drugs“ (Autonomedia Press, 2012) an epic devotional study of Cannabis and other entheogens in Judaism and its heresies throughout history, into super-modernity, in the hopes of passing on a useful counsel with regards to their use beyond “do” or “don’t.” ”


Doughnuts, Dreidels & Pot Smoking Rabbis

Hanukkah Doughnuts


1/4 cup warm water
1 tablespoon sugar
2 packages dry yeast
1/2 cup orange juice
1/4 pound margerine or butter
5 tablespoons sugar
dash salt
2 eggs lightly beaten
3 cups all-purpose flour

Dissolve 1 Tablespoon sugar in water and add yeast. To proof mixture, put in a warm, moist place. You can create an ideal place for the yeast to proof by placing a bowl of hot water in your oven or microwave, then placing the yeast mixture inside and shutting the door. You do not need to turn on the oven/microwave

While yeast proofs, heat the orange juice together with the margerine or butter, 5 Tablespoons sugar, and salt in a small pan. When cooled to lukewarm, pour into bowl and add beaten eggs and proofed yeast mixture. Stir to mix. Add flour and make into a pliable dough. Knead on floured board. Place in greased bowl and allow dough to rise in a warm, moist place for about a half hour. Punch down.

Lightly roll out dough, enough that it can be cut easily but without rolling it out into a thin sheet as you would for cookies. Cut dough in strips or into circles. Place on greased, floured cookie sheet at least one inch apart. Return to warm, moist place to rise. Allow to rise for 20 minutes. or longer.

In a heavy pot, heat oil to 350 to 375° F. Fry the donuts until nicely browned on both sides. Drain on paper towels. Sprinkle with confectioners sugar or cinnamon and sugar mixture. These may also be served with honey or jam and may be reheated to restore freshness.

Makes 18 – 24, depending on size.

Not your average Dreidels

Check out Sweetheart Gallery, the selection of these beautiful pieces is fantastic! Break out this beauty at your next Hanukkah Party, guests will be amazed! This delicate dreidel goes for a mere $108.00 considering being a limited edition design.

Times of Israel

The headline reads, “Were Europe’s great rabbis a bunch of potheads?”

A great abbreviated read on Yoseph Needelman’s move to Jerusalem and his exploration of  the use of marijuana in Jewish tradition.

“I went to Israel after high school to find things in Judaism that I felt must have been part of ancient traditions of how to live well, notably cannabis. I was introduced to drinking in a religious context, but relating to marijuana [religiously] was a big question for me. If the Torah is a religious framework that guides us in enjoying everything that is good, it must relate to other things I connected with, like pot or yoga.”

Here is some interesting reading!

Fascinating Findings

Judaism & Cannabis. In our research for these posts we came across some fascinating reading we wanted to share. This extensive article discusses a many faceted acceptance of cannabis. Please read: Did Aaron the High Priest Smoke? The Biblical Roots of Jews and Marijuana

Gelt.In today’s consumer-driven society, people tend to place great importance on giving Chanukah gifts. However, the tradition is actually to give Chanukah gelt, gifts of money, to children. In addition to rewarding positive behavior and devotion to Torah study, the cash gifts give the children the opportunity to give tzedakah (charity).” – Chabad.Org

The First Latkes

“Today, there is a widespread custom to enjoy potato latkes on Chanukah,since the oil they are fried in reminds us of the miracle of the flames on the Temple menorah burning for eight days. But there is an older custom to eat cheese pancakes on Chanukah, which is reminiscent of the dairy (and intoxicating) meal that the brave Judith fed the Greek general before she decapitated him in his sleep, saving her village. Apparently cheese latkes morphed into potato latkes (potatoes were unknown in the Old World until the late 16th century), and a new custom was born.” – Chabad.Org

Cheese Latkes

  • 1/2 cup soft cream cheese (4 ounces)
  • 2 eggs; separated
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 cup cottage cheese
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • pinch of cinnamon, to taste

Mix cream cheese with egg yolks, then add sugar and cottage cheese. Add flour slowly and mix well. Beat egg-whites until stiff, and fold into cheese mixture. Heat oil in pan and drop mixture in by spoonfuls. Fry until brown, and flip. Serve with sour cream or apple sauce. Makes 30 latkes. May be frozen.

from Chabad.Org

Super Seventeen | Royal Treatment Wellness

Massage by Royal Treatment Wellness

with Papa & Barkley 3:1 RELEAF™ BODY OIL

Massages are great, massages by Royal Treatment Wellness (by Antone Murray ) with Papa & Barkley massage oil is sublime. You need a 30 minute vacation? Then go ahead and book one of these massages. We’ve had two and are pretty sure one of those had a spiritual experience. People cannot say enough about the combination of skill and medicine this team has to offer, it is a massage you will not soon forget. Hire them for your next party, you will be the hostess of the year in 2018!

Out of This World Hanukkah

Stellar Story

“In December of 1993, Space Shuttle Endeavour was sent into space to service the Hubble Space Telescope. One of the astronauts to bravely perform a spacewalk to repair the telescope was Jeffrey Hoffman.

Knowing that he would be stuck in space over Chanukah, Hoffman made sure to bring along a dreidel and a traveling menorah so that he’d be able to celebrate (because of lack of gravity and safety concerns, there was no way to light candles).

Then, via live satellite communication, he showed his Chanukah supplies, gave his dreidel a twirl in the air, and wished Jews everywhere a happy Chanukah.”

As seen on

Latke Cue the Carrot

Carrot Latkes


1/3 cup potato starch
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 pound russet potatoes (about 2)
1 medium onion (8 ounces)
1 pound carrots (about 4 large)
2 large eggs, lightly whisked
Safflower oil, for frying
Flaky salt, labne, and jalapeno relish, for serving


1. In a small bowl, stir together potato starch, baking powder, 1 1/2 teaspoons salt, and 1/2 teaspoon pepper; set aside. Peel potatoes; place in a bowl of cold water. On the large holes of a box grater, grate potatoes, onion, and carrots. Transfer to a fine sieve lined with cheesecloth and set over a large bowl.
2. Gather mixture in cheesecloth and squeeze moisture out into bowl. Let stand until a white paste settles to bottom of bowl, about 2 minutes. Remove sieve; pour liquid out of bowl and discard, leaving behind white paste.
3. Add potato mixture to bowl and sprinkle with baking-powder mixture; toss to coat. Add eggs; stir to combine.
4. Heat 1/4 inch oil in a large, heavy skillet (preferably cast iron) over medium-high until hot but not smoking. (Test with a shred of potato; if it sizzles immediately, it’s ready). Reduce heat to medium. Working in batches to avoid crowding, scoop a scant 1/4 cup of potato mixture into oil; flatten with a spatula to 1/4 inch thick. Fry, turning once, until golden brown and crisp, 3 to 4 minutes per side. Using a slotted spatula, transfer to paper towels set over a baking sheet. Sprinkle with flaky salt. Repeat, stirring potato mixture between batches, and adjusting heat as needed while frying. Serve immediately, topped with labne and jalapeno relish.


Super Seventeen | PAX

The Pax 3 

When they introduced the Pax in teal we got excited, when we found it in matte teal we knew it was meant to be. By all means select the color and finish of your choice, if you are in the market we suggest the Pax 3. The Pax 3 can be used for both dried herb and cannabis concentrate. This is a fantastic product and is our highest recommended portable vaporizer.

So of course for the holidays, Pax stepped it up a notch. Introducing designs by Jayde Fish, Casey Gray & Apexer in matte black. Grab one of these designer devices while they last!

Don’t forget about…

The Hanukkah Song

Designer Dreidels

You know how to play, now here’s your dreidels ladies! We were blown away by these beauties!!! Quest Collection has some impressive pieces. Sure to be an heirloom piece check out the Traditional at $73.50 from the collection.

Latke Beet It

Beet Latkes


1/3 cup potato starch
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 pound russet potatoes (about 2)
1 medium onion (8 ounces)
1 pound peeled beets (about 2 large or 4 small)
2 large eggs, lightly whisked
Safflower oil, for frying
Flaky salt, creme fraiche, smoked trout, and minced fresh chives for serving


1. In a small bowl, stir together potato starch, baking powder, 1 1/2 teaspoons salt, and 1/2 teaspoon pepper; set aside. Peel potatoes; place in a bowl of cold water. On the large holes of a box grater, grate potatoes, onion, and beets. Transfer to a fine sieve lined with cheesecloth and set over a large bowl.
2. Gather mixture in cheesecloth and squeeze moisture out into bowl. Let stand until a white paste settles to bottom of bowl, about 2 minutes. Remove sieve; pour liquid out of bowl and discard, leaving behind white paste.
3. Add potato mixture to bowl and sprinkle with baking-powder mixture; toss to coat. Add eggs; stir to combine.
4. Heat 1/4 inch oil in a large, heavy skillet (preferably cast iron) over medium-high until hot but not smoking. (Test with a shred of potato; if it sizzles immediately, it’s ready). Reduce heat to medium. Working in batches to avoid crowding, scoop a scant 1/4 cup of potato mixture into oil; flatten with a spatula to 1/4 inch thick. Fry, turning once, until golden brown and crisp, 3 to 4 minutes per side. Using a slotted spatula, transfer to paper towels set over a baking sheet. Sprinkle with flaky salt. Repeat, stirring potato mixture between batches, and adjusting heat as needed while frying. Serve immediately, topped with creme fraiche, trout, chives, and pepper.


Super Seventeen | Jacquie Aiche

Jacquie Aiche snakeskin lighter necklace

This was too sexy and we couldn’t pass it by, the snakeskin lighter necklace is a conversation piece for sure, and we felt the design pulled it off in a stylish way. Black snakeskin casing, thin gold chain necklace, basic and versatile with a luxury designer look. This makes us WANT to wear a lighter as an accessory! Designer way to keep friends from pocketing your lighter.

Ooo Hanukkah



Such a great hostess gift! I’d load one up with cannabis products, wrap it up in cellophane, ribbons and holiday accents! Or bring it to a Hanukkah Pot-Luck as your dish and leave it for the party hosts!

“This handmade gold “Oy Vey” ceramic tray is whimsical and glamorous. The gold words are a fun way to bring a humor to even the most simple space. We love the way the gold is clean and and it is sure to become a fun classic for the home. This tray is a great gift for anyone and any occasion. Each tray is hand thrown in our Boston studio, they’re then drawn and painted by our professional potteristas! Like all of Jill’s pieces, this one is then finished with a fabulous gold rim. If you’re not all about gold and silver’s more your thing, be sure to ask us about customizing!”

Quoted via

Green Latkes?

Brussels-Sprout Latkes


1/3 cup potato starch
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 pound russet potatoes (about 2)
1 medium onion (8 ounces)
1 pound Brussels sprouts, trimmed
3 large eggs, lightly whisked
Safflower oil, for frying
Flaky salt, sour cream, lingonberry jam, and chopped fresh dill, for serving


1. Gather mixture in cheesecloth and squeeze moisture out into bowl. Let stand until a white paste settles to bottom of bowl, about 2 minutes. Remove sieve; pour liquid out of bowl and discard, leaving behind white paste.

2. Add potato mixture to bowl and sprinkle with baking-powder mixture; toss to coat. Add eggs; stir to combine. Let mixture stand 10 minutes.

3. Heat 1/4 inch oil in a large, heavy skillet (preferably cast iron) over medium-high until hot but not smoking. (Test with a shred of potato; if it sizzles immediately, it’s ready). Reduce heat to medium. Working in batches to avoid crowding, scoop a scant 1/4 cup of potato mixture into oil; flatten with a spatula to 1/4 inch thick. Fry, turning once, until golden brown and crisp, 3 minutes per side. Using a slotted spatula, transfer to paper towels set over a baking sheet. Sprinkle with flaky salt. Repeat, stirring potato mixture between batches, and adjusting heat as needed while frying. Serve immediately, topped with sour cream, jam, and dill.


Super Seventeen | The Legion of Bloom

The Legion of Bloom’s

Entourage Terp Champagne

The Legion of Bloom’s legendary Entourage aka Terp Champagne, as teased at the 2016 Emerald Cup. we know because we have been waiting to get our hands on some ever since. As it is not an LOB menu item, we hear tell, that you can mayhaps special order it, in advance, for a small batch, for a special occasion, but you didn’t hear that here. What? Anyways, we will continue to pine for our promised but lost bottle of terp champagne by The Legion of Bloom and hope to one day experience its terpy bliss. Until then we will continue enjoying their TerraPods and Zana Oil.

Move Over Pumpkin Spice, it’s Peppermint’s Time to Shine!

Does anyone remember the days before the Pumpkin Spice phenomenon? The days when Peppermint reigned, signaling the emergence of the holidays.

With no shortage of it’s own coffee and holiday concoctions Peppermint lovers rejoice for December brings us these tasty treats!

Did you know Wilton’s makes edible peppermint cups? Perfect for parties or to turn an ordinary evening festive for the family. Sold in packs of 6 they are sure to please.

Bark Thins Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel with Sea Salt are a joyous reason for the season! Snag a bag for a treat yourself pick me up during holiday traffic.

Are you more of a do-it-yourself kind of person? Try out this Philadelphia Cream Cheese recipe for White Chocolate Candy Cane Cheesecake

Ah Peppermint, truly a holiday delight with it’s bold red and sparkling white, peppermint candy and decorations alike inspire smiles.


Hanukkah continues!

Get Chai!

Are you familiar with WeedBarLA? They are the hot new thing in the cannabis scene! Hosting their Chai Havdalah events locally and at special event satellite locations. The website states, “Chai Havdalah. Every Saturday evening, Havdalah is a time to come together and celebrate the end of the Sabbath. Chai Havdalah is our take on a Jewish tradition. A quarterly event embracing Judaism and cannabis. It is a mindful sensory experience combining cannabis, delicious food, art, music and laughter to help revitalize the soul. Whether you’re Orthodox, Reformed, or someone who just likes Jewish culture and food, Chai Havdalah has something for everybody to enjoy.”

Make sure and check out their website and learn more!

Latke Recipe


1/4 cup potato starch
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 pounds russet potatoes (about 4)
1 medium onion (8 ounces)
2 large eggs, lightly whisked
Safflower oil, for frying
Flaky salt, for serving


1. In a small bowl, stir together potato starch, baking powder, 1 1/2 teaspoons salt, and 1/2 teaspoon pepper; set aside. Peel potatoes; place in a bowl of cold water. On the large holes of a box grater, grate potatoes and onion. Transfer to a fine sieve lined with cheesecloth and set over a large bowl.

2. Gather mixture in cheesecloth and squeeze moisture out into bowl. Let stand until a white paste settles to bottom of bowl, about 2 minutes. Remove sieve; pour liquid out of bowl and discard, leaving behind white paste.

3. Add potato-onion mixture to bowl and sprinkle with baking-powder mixture; toss to coat. Add eggs; stir to combine.

4. Heat 1/4 inch oil in a large, heavy skillet (preferably cast iron) over medium-high until hot but not smoking. (Test with a shred of potato; if it sizzles immediately, it’s ready). Reduce heat to medium. Working in batches to avoid crowding, scoop a scant 1/4 cup of potato mixture into oil; flatten with a spatula to 1/4 inch thick. Fry, turning once, until golden brown and crisp, 3 to 4 minutes per side. Using a slotted spatula, transfer to paper towels set over a baking sheet. Sprinkle with flaky salt. Repeat, stirring potato mixture between batches, and adjusting heat as needed while frying. Serve immediately.


How to play Dreidel

We have all heard the song but how do you play dreidel? Well here you go! Follow this link and all shall be revealed: How to play Dreidel Sevivon


Super Seventeen | Crave Skincare

Crave Skincare:

GloBerry Oil, Youth Serum Pack & War Paint remover

Photo of gift box set

Women cannot get enough of Crave Skincare, you don’t have to take our word for it, try it for yourself! Seriously, order a sample set, you will not regret it. This line is exquisite and our members use it daily but for list purposes we selected our 3 favorite items. Make sure and check them out, such a great alternative to so many named brand lines. Our members compare better results than strivectin and clinique serums. Grab some of the GloBerry for the holidays to add a festive shimmer to every day. In fact, these products can be found in gift sets available right now! By shopping here you are supporting a woman-run, woman-owned small business. Thank you!

Happy Hanukkah!

MC Flow – Pot in the Latkes

A Room Full of Light

As found in Real Simple December 2017 pg. 170

“On the first night of Hanukkah, I bring out several of my ancestors’ menorahs. The oldest are brass from the early 1900’s. During the eight days, I light them each night, and by the final night, the room is simply ethereal. The glistening candles on the candelabra reflect bygone moments with these special people. It’s truly magical.”

-Lynn Goldfinger-Abram

Katz Delivers?

Did you know you can have a complete three-course dinner for four from Katz Deli shipped to anyone? (including yourself.) $125.00 gets you matzo ball soup, chocolate or cinnamon babka, rye bread, corned beef, pastrami, mustard, pickles, and knishes delivered to your door. Yes, please.


Super Seventeen | Cedar & Finch

Cedar & Finch Cannary Pouch Set in Blonde

Oh wowee wow wow, did we fall in love with this Cedar & Finch Cannary Pouch Set in Blonde. It wasn’t just the design, or the hardware, or the included engraved wooden pipe, it was the complete femininity of the concept so artfully executed. We did what one usually does when faced with the latest designer release, decided we must have it! We are blown away at the price, one would expect a find this lovely set to come at a much higher cost but, we are pleased to get it at the one currently offered. #treatyourself

Super Seventeen | ClubM

ClubM’s monthly subscription MBox

Do you spend at least $100 on cannabis every month? Do you live in California? Then you should head over to and create your own monthly #perfectmoments with an MBox subscription. For $97/mth (4th month free w/purchase of 3 mth) you will be delivered an elegant black tome filled with various cannabis edibles, flower, concentrates, accessories totalling appx. $200 in retail value. Every box is uniquely themed and the contents a surprise to the recipient each and every time. No two boxes are the same and you cannot create your own box. This is a great and inconspicuous way to be introduced to the products available to patients and consumers. Not to mention a fun thing to look forward to every month, getting one really is an experience everyone should have at least once. We recommend 12 times a year.

Femme Nuri Top 8 Pre-Rolls (flower only)

Huit Belles Fleurs

Our top 8 cannabis pre-rolls by brand:

(no added hash or concentrates, flower only)

  1. FloraCal
  2. Sunnabis
  3. Madrone
  4. ShineOn Farms
  5. Humboldt Brothers
  6. Lowell Smokes
  7. Gold Seal SF
  8. CannaSierra

So many great blends would make for 8 crazy beautiful nights!


Super Seventeen | Apothecarry

The Apothecarry Case – 4 Strain

Are you a parent? Do you feel more comfortable having a secure place for your medicine? Apothecarry provides a secure and discreet means to store your cannabis and accessories without sacrificing luxury or style. It comes with everything you need all in one spot, with quality locking system you have the peace of mind knowing all is safe and secured. With it’s luxury watch box design it subtly complements any living space. Elevate yourself to immediate connoisseur status by getting your own Apothecarry case to suit your needs while supporting another woman-owned, woman-run business.

Super Seventeen | Marley Natural

Marley Natural crystal ashtray

Ashtrays, useful and can be so much fun, but where have all the good ones gone? We LOVE this ashtray by Marley Natural with beautiful trademark black walnut wooden accent and cut crystal base it is sure to impress. Great as a gift or elegant enough to keep out on the mantelpiece.

Normally $78 on sale for $54 as of 11/25/2017

Super Seventeen | Frenchy Cannoli

Dry Sieving Workshop

with Frenchy Cannoli

Frenchy Cannoli is revered among those who study the art of hashish, he has been able to set up shop in the Bay Area and offers workshops on Ice Water Sieving and Dry Sieving & Pressing. He is the official hashishin for Aficionado and has become a philanthropist to cannabis patients. To be taught by a master is an honor and a pleasure, we highly recommend any who are interested to take advantage of such an amazing opportunity.

To learn more click here: Frenchy Cannoli

December Delights | Crazy 8’s

8 Sweet & Savory Treats

Here are eight amazing ideas for creating sweet and savory snacks for gifting or parties from Real Simple magazine (December 2017)

  1. Cocoa Cereal Brittle
  2. Spicy Corn Nut Brittle
  3. Black and White Chocolate Pretzels
  4. Pizza Pretzel Nuggets
  5. Salted Maple Almonds and Cashews
  6. Paprika Lime Pistachios
  7. Hazelnut Shortbread
  8. Olive Shortbread

Hanukkah 2017

We will be celebrating the festival of lights with special Hanukkah posts each evening from December 12th through the 20th at 4:20 p.m. PST

Super Seventeen | Wandering Bud

ANY Wandering Bud accessory

What is haute in cannabis accessories? Art deco, modern, vintage AND artisan pieces each dominated in 2017. Our favorite original artisan has been Wandering Bud. Not only are the pieces sweetly simple, they each have an air of elegance about them. We love being able to a get a one of a kind piece for a realistic price. We also love their branding! The marketing of their products is gorgeous and their social media is fantastic. Not only can you acquire a great piece and support an artist, you get to follow a new lovely social media account and add pleasant imagery to your daily feed. Your welcome.




Are you fir sure holiday ready?

Fir Ready?

Pick out that live tree this week! Don’t forget to pull out the necessities and make sure all are in working order and you know where they are. Be sure to check on your:

  • Saw
  • water additive* (for those who use them)
  • Tree Stand
  • Tree Skirt

Are you an artificial tree kind of gal? Well make sure and get it down with the rest of the holiday decorations, shake it out and check the lights.


Super Seventeen | Beboe

Beboe vape pen & pastilles

The design phenomenon that hit cannabis known as Beboe! These sativa vape pens are not only a fine blend of cannabis oil of exceptionally high quality, but beautifully sleek while sensually subtle in design. The creative design, rose gold and etching mark the luxury edge Beboe brought to the vape market. The low dose Pastilles are wonderful for travel, micro-dosing and discreeting medicating. The peach branded tin provides the perfect low profile for your medicated lozenges that can be repurposed after use. We are excited to see what Beboe brings us next!

Winter of Wonder | December Delights

December Delights

Our Winter of Wonder begins with December Delights! This month will feature the delights of cannabis & the holiday season!

  • Super Seventeen
  • Hanukkah 2017
  • Reminders/Timelines

We launched Super Seventeen on 12/01/2017 and it will run 17 days until 12/17/2017 with a new gift suggestion each day. Our Hanukkah posts launch 12/12/2017 and will post daily through 12/20/2017. The reminders and timelines will be posted as necessary.

Please feel free to contact us at

Super Seventeen | Canndescent


first edition, limited edition, five jar holiday box

“These first edition, limited edition, five jar holiday boxes make a stunning and unique gift. They belong in the choicest of living rooms and elevate any in-home bar. “ – Canndescent

Canndescent maintains its luxury brand status with the release of their first edition, limited edition, holiday five jar box. Five strains of Cannadescent cannabis are included in this box with all the usual brand accoutrements. If you are fortunate enough to grab one post photos!


Reminder | Wrap It Up

Gift Wrapping Supplies

How is your gift wrapping supply stock looking Mama?

  • Are you stocked up on tape, gift tags and bows?
  • Do you have this season’s new wrapping paper patterns?
  • Have you chosen a color scheme?
  • Is your ribbon situation up to par?

Don’t panic, you’ve got time! We mention it now so we don’t find ourselves in a state. Do a cursory inspection and pick up what you are short on while you are out doing other shopping or errands. Grab a couple new rolls of paper and a bag of sticky bows. You can even hop on and have it delivered direct!

Super Seventeen | GreenHouse Grind

Yin & Yang Grinder by GreenHouse Grind

We fell in love with this Yin & Yang design grinder by GreenHouse grind. As a flower smoker I have a ritual of prepping the flower to consume, having a customized grinder personalizes the experience that much more for me. It is important to have a high quality grinder and nice to have one more suited to my own taste and style. This company offers a variety of designs, be sure to check their store for your new designed grinder.


Holiday Mail | Cards & Cookies

To-Do for December 4th:

Mail holiday cards.

Are you someone who sends out an annual holiday card to friends and family? Maybe to your business associates and clients?

We start our list before Thanksgiving and when using photos have them taken in November. Ordering our holiday stamps online from makes it convenient to avoid the Post Office line. We try and manage addressing the envelopes over our Thanksgiving weekend, it takes awhile with almost 200 to send out and being hand written.

We love vintage holiday cards and would love nothing more than to make every single card by hand.

What do you look for in a holiday card? Design? Messaging? Do you send out the annual family photo every December? Do you include a newsletter? Giftcards?

There are some who feel holiday cards are a waste, of time, and resources. Others use theirs as a means of gift giving itself. We know everyone loves to get something in the mail and this one time a year we embrace the expense to send out smiles.

Are you planning on mailing more than cards this year? Read this for great tips on mailing holiday cookies by the master herself.

Want some great cookie recipes for gifting? Woman’s Day magazine has some HERE

Wishing you all efficient logistics today!

Super Seventeen | My Bud Vase


The “Aurora” by My Bud Vase

My Bud Vase has brought some amazing pieces to market, and as artsy as we are we are shocked how much we all adore this piece. Ironic with all the unique, one-of-a-kind pieces My Bud Vase does offer. With the Aurora it is the simplicity of the design balanced with the beautifully fluid borealis coloring, We just cannot get enough of it and applaud the My Bud Vase team on their product line and the beautiful art they have brought to market. We really love that they are an auxiliary cannabis company by women and women-focused, cannot think of too many other places for the average woman consumer to purchase an effeminate water piece, let alone one that delivers. Oh sure, anyone can order a “water pipe” on Amazon but wouldn’t you rather have a pretty one, one you don’t WANT to hide when company comes over?

Super Seventeen | Hepburns


Hepburns Deluxe and 365 Hepburn petites (seventy-three 5 packs)

Hepburns are the ultimate in relaxation and socialization when medicating, delightful and daring they are hand rolled cones by a norcal nymph with cannabis and ice water hash. This woman-owned, woman-run business makes large deluxe cones and petites of which has developed a bit of a cult community of which I openly and proudly admit to being part of. With only the best ingredients you are assured the highest quality product and a whole new level of experience. The Deluxe is wonderful for parties; Its size is commendable, the glass tip is luxurious, the blend of cannabis and ice water hash is well balanced. Who doesn’t adore the Hepburns petites? We hoard our old Hepburns tins for a myriad of uses. (I keep one in my purse for when I need to remove my rings when my hands get too cold.) We are of a mind that a Hepburns petite-a-day keeps the BullPuckey away, true story.

Super Seventeen | VapeXhale

The VapeXhale

#1 on Our List this holiday is

EVO with HydraTube™ Starter Kit

Conscious consumption begins with the best of the best. Why bother with the finest cannabis flower or concentrate if you cannot enjoy the full health and flavor benefits offered from a non-combustion top of the line vaporizer?

We love the EVO because it is an all-inclusive device making it easier for a new consumer to learn and grow on. In addition to its clean methodology, it does not require an e-nail or blowtorch in order to vaporize concentrates, it may also be used with cured cannabis as to not limit the choices of the user. We love the Hydratube Starter Kit because we feel it covers the bases, but you can build your own on the Vapexhale website based on your needs and/or budget. Have a need for a company vaporizer? Go pro and ask about customizing a skin for your vapexhale with your logo on it! This is our top-rated and Mom-approved tabletop vaporizer for 2017. (and technically 2016, see last year’s 12 days of Christmas.)

Check out these awesome videos showing how versatile this device really is!

Big thanks to Seibo & Team Vapexhale for sharing the photos and videos with us to share with you!

Winter of Wonder

Greetings Ladies! It is Friday, December the first and today our friend Martha Stewart reminds us to check-in on that firewood situation. Great advice Martha!

This season brings us Femme Nuri, Winter of Wonder where we will focus on the wonders of cannabis, from products to science there is no shortage of wonderment!

It’s a wonderful life!

There are A LOT of lights and festivals to check out around San Diego, check out our post HERE for times and locations.

Do you have a calendar full of holiday parties this month? Will you be expected to bring something for people to actually eat?

Here are some great flavorful recipes from

Cranberry Pistachio Blondies

Mini Fig Tarts

Mini Fruit Tarts

Mini Lemon-Blueberry Bundt Cakes


Cannabis Events This Weekend

Saturday, December 2: Los Angeles – White Rabbit High Tea

Saturday, December 2: Long Beach – Constellations Marketplace

December Cannabis Events Calendar

Our recommended Cannabis Events calendar

Date Event (linked) Location
DEC 01-


ICBC aka International Cannabis Business Conference Kauai, Hawaii
DEC 02 Constellations Cannabis Marketplace Long Beach
DEC 02 White Rabbit High Tea Los Angeles
DEC  02-


Tommy Chong’s Blazer’s Cup San Bernadino
DEC 04 CBD & THC for Seniors Lincoln (Sun City)
DEC 08 Legal and Accounting Tips for the New CA Marijuana Regulations and Market San Diego
DEC 09-


The Emerald Cup Santa Rosa
DEC 09 Cannabis 4 The Cause San Diego
DEC 13 Herbally Enhanced Yoga Holiday Flow San Diego
DEC 15 Jack Herer Cup Los Angeles
DEC 16 Frenchy Cannoli Benefit San Francisco
DEC 31 NYE End of Prohibition Soiree Long Beach

MBox | November 2017 | HARVEST

Harvest by ClubM

November 2017, Volume 22 of the MBox

The Harvest themed MBox by ClubM included an array of abundance. Cannabis flower, moon rocks and nug run shatter. A wax pen for concentrates and edibles from sweet to savory are what members were presented with for November.

Can of Bliss 1/8 oz.

I was excited about this Can of Bliss. The packaging and branding are nice, when you unseal the lid it has a humidifier packet in the lid (Boveda), a photo sticker of what the actual cannabis inside the sealed cannister looks like (Orange Cookies), then the vacuum-sealed pull tab. The smell was super orange when I opened that tab. The taste is lovely and definitely a heady indica from the onset, took about a full 2 minutes to settle in.

This Indica tests at 20% THC and 0% CBD. #findyourbliss

Seasonal Harvest Co. 1/2 gram

1/2 g Nug Run Shatter of WiFi smells super terpy, a hint of mint. Glad to see it was a Sativa with THC at 63.6%, CBG 2.1% & CBC 0.5%. Looks and smells fantastic. Immediate heady onset wears off about 20-30 minutes in, maintained relaxed, clear-headed, pain free effects for appx. 4 hours.

Vape N It Xtracts MoonRocks 1 g

These Moon Rocks tested at 66.34% THC and are a Sativa dominant hybrid. Moon rocks are high potency flower rolled in concentrate then rolled in kief, making it a triple high potency dosage. Inexperienced users should only consume a small, small amount of this product.

I appreciated the Sativa dominant effects for efficient daytime use. Great pain management.

Humboldt Harvest Toasted Coconut Chips 2 oz.

Cannabis infused toasted coconut chips with maple and vietnamese cinnamon, 30 mg CBD: 15 mg THC. No refined sugar, gluten free, GMO free, Paleo and Vegan edibles. We used our on top of our Saturday morning hot cereal for a special edition wake & bake. They are tasty enough to eat straight from the bag! (Also used to top parfaits of vanilla greek yogurt and baked pears)

Flourish Sativa 150

Crangerine Gummis with a total package dose of 150 mg. Serving size dosage given is just under 10 mg. Serving listed as 16, Gummis are in 4 large pieces making each of those large gummis about 40 mgs each. Make sure you quarter those large gummis if you are looking for that lower dosage! This was an uplifting, euphoric sativa we really enjoyed.

Nimbus Dark Chocolate, Pecan & Hazelnut Cluster

This 80 mg confection should be divided in the same manner as the gummis for low dose patients and consumers. I like the clear dosing instructions on the back of the package in addition to the packaging being appealing to me. Great artwork and clear font choices.

And that concludes this month’s edition of the MBox. Making #perfectmoments with HARVEST

You can get your own MBox if you live in the state of California, join now and get ready to see what December has in store for ClubM members!

Remember if you buy 3 months at a time your 4th month is FREE!


Nouveau November | CBD Works

CBD topicals & tincture

Family owned and operated small business CBD Works makes CBD infused lotion, massage oil and hemp oil tinctures. These high quality products are respectably branded and mild enough to give to your grandmother. Our focus today is on three of their current products: Lotion, Massage Oil  & Hemp Oil Tincture.

100 mg CBD Lotion

We love the smell of this lotion, the undertone from the rosemary oil really is lovely enough for daily use. We also recommend this for mild to moderate arthritis, carpel tunnel pain, or any topical pain that 100 mgs will be effective on. The tub makes it super easy to access as much or as little as you want. It absorbs well and quickly with no greasy residue. This lightweight lotion is silky and moisturizing.

100 mg CBD Massage Oil

This also smells great, a very light coconut smell but not tanning oil tropical strong. It also absorbs well but not too quickly as it worked well while using for an actual massage. A great mild pain and inflammation aid. We recommend this 4 oz. size bottle for personal use, great for self hand and foot massages, with the CBD providing added relief. Take a bottle to your next massage and ask the masseuse to substitute this oil for your massage.

100 mg CBD Hemp Oil Tincture

CBD Works is one of our favorite hemp oil tinctures because it is made from organic, cold-pressed hemp seed. It is the equivalent of a fine olive oil for a chef. Tinctures are awesome because of their versatility. Add drops directly in your mouth for PRN situations, add them to your beverage to maintain your daily CBD intake or apply directly for a mild skin irritation. (We have been known to dose a dish or two with this tincture while out to lunch.)

Well branded and well made. We applaud CBD Works on their expanding line of great products and recommend them for gift giving this holiday season!

To learn more visit their website at: CBD Works

Our “Super Seventeen” of 2017

Super Seventeen, our holiday cannabis gift guide

Starting on Friday, December 1st, through December 17th, 2017, we will share our Super Seventeen must have’s. If you are or have a cannabis loving woman (in your life) you might want to check our curated suggestions out. We spent all year looking, and testing, and listening, and here is our most favorite things in cannabis right now. As women we feel confident most women who enjoy cannabis will be as delighted with the items on this list as we are therefore, making them great gift suggestions. (Disclaimer: not all items may be accessible in all areas.)

Members get access to the list in it’s entirety December 1st, 2017. Non-members can check the website every day for the next installment of our Super Seventeen!

Week of Thanks – Friday

Shop Local

A reminder to support local and small businesses while shopping for holiday gifts. We find the best, most thoughtful gifts have come from boutiques or smaller craftsperson/artisan businesses. You’d be surprised who is making exactly what you are looking for.

Some of our favorite places are right along Coast Hwy. in the cities of Encinitas, Carlsbad & Oceanside. Treat yourself to a day of friends, exploration and fantastic cuisine by taking the coaster and make a day of it!


Bates Nut Farm will be hosting their largest Arts ‘n Crafts Fair of the year over the long Thanksgiving weekend. The Christmas Arts, Crafts & Vintage Market will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Skating by the Sea® returns to Hotel del Coronado for its 13th year from Thanksgiving Day, November 23, through January 1. This spectacular ice rink is located seaside on Windsor Lawn and features stunning views of the Pacific and Coronado beach. The Del’s iconic Victorian Building, adorned with thousands of white lights, provides a magical backdrop as holiday music fills the air and guests enjoy hot chocolate and libations.

A portion of the proceeds from The Del’s Skating by the Sea® benefits Make-A-Wish San Diego.

and to help work off any indulgences yesterday…Go Hiking North County!

Here are some great shopping links:

Who doesn’t like to get flowers, and these come with the kind you can roll up and smoke! Check out one of our FAV’S Flowers on Flowers great for any occasion! Makes for an unforgettable hostess gift for holiday parties!!!


Week of Thanks – Thanksgiving

Wishing every human we know a wonderful Thursday of Thanks!

Ahhh Thanksgiving. Whether it is with turkey or ham, a fine dining or potluck affair; May your travels be safe, your parking be plentiful and your day wonderful!

For all my meal prepping Mama’s out there, YOU CAN DO IT! (Confession: I caved and bought a honeybaked turkey breast and ditched the whole cooking a bird scene this year.)

Enjoy the extended weekend!!!

Do not dwell upon what you don’t have, instead fill your heart with gratitude for what you do.


Week of Thanks – Monday

A Week of Thanks

And as part of Nouveau November we decided to bring back a video from earlier this year, enjoy!

Many of us think of a specific effect or image, stereotype of cannabis or hemp users and /or uses. This video is to demonstrate the various applicable uses of cannabis sativa for wellness and good health. As women we are looking for healthier alternatives for ourselves and our families are we not?

Links to products mentioned: #1 – #2 – #3 – #4 – #5 – #6 –

MBox | October 2017 | Vol. 21 | Masquerade


This month we were enchanted with the MBox, MASQUERADE by ClubM, the original, luxury cannabis subscription service. Members were treated for October with plenty of goodies! Check out what $97/month or less* gets ClubM members. (*buy the 3 month subscription and save) Remember to use our link if you subscribe

3.5 G Gold Seal Exotic Indoor Flower

Sunrise Sherbert from Gold Seal San Francisco. This uplifting, indica leaning experience was a great relaxer without the couch lock. Tastes like it smells, great!

Retail $50

(2) stick.e.vape disposable vape cartridges

100% raw, organic, cannabis oil “Dirty Heads” Dance all Night SATIVA disposable vape cartridge

100% raw, organic, cannabis oil Ghost Train Haze SATIVA disposable vape cartridge.

Retail $40 each

FloraCal Indica Dominant pre-rolls

These are fabulous, my new favorite pre-roll! Great blend, beautiful, even burn, every time. Effects are euphoric and relaxing. Makes a great social smoke.

Retail $45

(2) The Art of Edibles Truffles

These are game changing in the realm of edibles, low dose, highest quality ingredients, artisanal chocolates. “Guilt free flavor alongside a smooth, calibrated edible experience”. These delights are great at 5 mgs each, we highly recommend the big box as a hostess for the mostest gift this holiday season. To learn more: To Whom It May Concern chocolates

Retail $ 15.00

Zen Potion Pumpkin Spice Tea

The teas by Zen Potion are some of our favorite infused options, they are beautifully, blended teas and medicated making them great for wake and bake weekends. This Pumpkin Spice is 15 mgs and a lovely dessert tea or before bed. With a little agave and almond milk it makes a wonderful autumn evening toddy.

Retail $12

Thanks to ClubM for another fascinating experience and the tools for creating cannabis #perfectmoments

Remember to share your MBox experience using the hashtag #perfectmoments on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook!

Nouveau November | Pura Vida Health

Pura Vida Health CBD bars!!!

100mg Blueberry Almond CBD protein bar


50mg CBD:50mg THC Peanut Butter Crunch protein bar

New CBD bars along with newly rebranded original products!

Pura Vida Health has been providing patients with healthy edible alternatives for years now. We are so excited they have expanded into CBD Protein Bars, hooray! All the same great quality ingredients and medicine only in CBD!

Where are our athletes and fitness guru’s at, check these out!!!

Follow them on:




Read more about them HERE


Nouveau November | Space Gem Candy

We are so excited to share this awesome brand with you all!!!

Are you familiar with Space Gem Candy???

If you are one of the fortunate ones your answer will be , “Yes.” If not we highly recommend you get you hands on some. These pioneers of edibles make medicine that come straight from the heartland of NorCal and have been a staple in the edibles market for longer than anybody I know. Space Gem Candy’s delectable delights have been helping patients manage in situations where smoking isn’t an option for YEARS. Need to ride a plane? We have Space Gem Candy for that! Need to manage that major physical pain while visiting the family? We have Space Gem Candy for that! HUGE thanks to the WHOLE Space Gem Candy family, we appreciate your commitment to high quality, potent edibles and recognize your position as a forerunner in the industry. Congratulations on the new packaging and we look forward to your continued success in 2018 and beyond!

Learn more about Space Gem Candy HERE

Make sure and grab some for your next edible excursion or adventure!!!

Nouveau November | Green Rush Consulting

Featured Service

Our first featured service for Nouveau November is , Green Rush Consulting®, who offer regulatory and business solutions by assisting entrepreneurs navigate the legal cannabis industry.

Learn more by clicking the image above or HERE

Nouveau November | Dank Tank

Featured product.

Our first featured brand for Nouveau November is Dank Tank, makers of WeedSap. These sweet tasting, high quality, potent cartridges are great for discreet medicating. The concentrates are of the same caliber quality and potency.

From the website:

“Founded in 2011, Dank Tank is the exclusive manufacturer of SAP, clean and quality vaporizable cannabis oil. Our mission is to provide safe, affordable, and discreet access to the highest quality cannabis extracts on the market.

Dank Tank SAP is designed to offer a craft, artisan approach to consuming cannabis. Dank Tank works with master cannabis growers throughout the Emerald Triangle to find the best flowers and concentrates available. Dank Tank converts these cannabis products into SAP, utilizing a solvent-free process, which eliminates all residual plant matter while preserving the native cannabinoids. Our aim is to produce a product that allows the patient to achieve the feeling of smoking top-shelf flowers without the tar, smoke, and ash caused by burning lumber.

Committed to patient safety, Dank Tank SAP is strain-specific and contains no artificial flavors, nor added/infused terpenes. It’s an important product for working professionals, busy moms, travelers, seniors (ages 65+), and for medicating in public places.”

Click on the image below to find their products near you!


Cannabis Events | November

November Notable Events

11/02/2017 | District Four County Supervisor candidate forum

11/03/2017 | Elevated Shabbat

11/04/2017 | Breeder’s Cup After-Party by SoKO

11/04/2017 | Moonlit Movable Feast

11/06/2017 | Functional Forum, Medical Cannabis

11/08/2017 | Jetty Sushi 1st Annual Sushi Celebration

11/07/2017 | Pioneer of Hemp Awards

11/09/2017 | Rise Together

11/10/2017 | Puff, Pass & Paint, Los Angeles

11/11/2017 | North County NormL meeting

11/11/2017 | Femme Nuri Meeting

11/11/2017 | High Times Harvest Cup – So Cal (2 day event, 11/11-12)

11/12/2017 | Urbn Market

11/13/2017 | Elevation VIP Pop-Up Dinner, Ethiopian Infusion

11/15/2017 | MJ BizCon (Pre-Con Workshops are on the 14th & Conference days are the 15th-17th)

11/16/2017 | Puff, Pass & Paint, Orange County

11/18/2017 | Herbally Enhanced Yoga & Pints

11/18/2017 | GrassFed Virtual Reality Elevated

11/18/2017 | Humboldt County Cup

11/18/2017 | The Golden Tarp Awards

11/19/2017 | Re-Leaf Benefit

11/30/2017 | CalCannabis Application Training





Progress is as progress does.

We are shaking things up with some changes with the launch of membership November 1st!

A lot more content will be directed towards membership so we encourage you to inquire into how you can join!

We have a few surprises left to wrap 2017, you ladies won’t want to miss out on all the fun!


For our followers who do not wish to join Femme Nuri, we will continue to provide content as regularly as we can manage.

As always, thank you all for your ongoing support!

“This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.” -Douglas Adams

Thoughtful Thursday, October 19th


Pay It Forward

It’s a little thing really, but is it? Pay attention today, hold that door when you see the next person won’t make it, reach that higher shelf for the elderly, pick up those keys that Mom busy with 3 toddlers didn’t notice she dropped. All little gestures that mean a lot. Pay it forward doesn’t always mean paying for the latte for the car behind you in line, being kind and mindful to others does it every time and doesn’t cost a thing but your time.

Happy Thursday!



Check out our blog post from October 2016:

Oh my is that McLovin Munchies pumpkin pie?


Guess what day it is???

Wednesday, October 18th



Our #WCW this week is the amazing Rhonda Olson!!! Founder and creator of Hemp Angel Products!!! We love Rhonda for her tenacity and hard work in the industry as well as patient advocacy. She is knowledgeable on all things hemp and brought a wonderful product to market with her brand Hemp Angel products. Thank you Rhonda for your friendship, strength and support! You are a warrior and we love you!!!


Wear It | Wore It | Adore It

*featured product this week is a members only item

Grab this windbreaker before you head out for your morning or evening jog to keep yourself warm against that chilly breeze. The lightweight material makes it easy to carry around and the smooth material makes the print exceptionally vibrant as well.

This lightweight windbreaker is a members only item (we LOVE the pun here, who remembers “Members Only”???) Loaded up with logos and our mission statement we are taking things to the next level. Front panels are white with black accent zippers. Bonus inner pockets.


Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!

Is it Topic Tuesday III???

Topic Tuesday – Unmasking Concentrates


This week we wanted to discuss cannabis concentrates made via chemical & mechanical extraction. Last week we covered natural and raw processes. Didn’t we? It has come to our attention that despite our hard work and efforts unfortunately no one seems to be reading these. Which poses the question, why are we working so hard to write educational and interesting content on cannabis if there isn’t anyone benefiting from it. The answer, there isn’t. Oh sure we can post it here in the hopes some random search will direct the person looking to our little blog. But ultimately we feel our time is better spent on quantifiable activities.

We had a little experiment last week, we purposefully did not post our blog article on raw processes, to gauge the response. No one said a word, this leads us to believe no one is reading these. That being said, if you are reading this and you do want to read the articles please contact us and we will add you to an email list for these topics.

As always thank you for your time and continued support. Happy Tuesday!


Featured Brand


Have you tried Deviant Dabs concentrates? I have and they have been amazing each time, from shatter, to wax, to rosin these delightful dabs have yet to disappoint. I often tell patients they taste “pink”. Sometimes floral, sometimes sweet but always smooth. This is a women-owned, women-run company. Not that fellas don’t help out and not that they don’t love ’em. We do love the level of women focused marketing that could only be achieved by women. Please support our women in business and check out this potent medicine if you are in the market. They are readily found at most dispensaries. Cheers!


Guess what? It is Monday, again.

Motivate Monday!

What’s happening?


Strategy Meeting & Industry Update

Today at 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Giovanni’s Restaurant
9353 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, Ste A, San Diego, California 92123


A Networking and strategy event to forge a clear path to licensure.

At the last city council meeting, the San Diego Cannabis Delivery Alliance (SDCDA) organized a press conference, rally and peaceful acts of civil support (within council chambers) to press upon the city council the urgent need for independent cannabis delivery services. Many members joined us in solidarity. As a direct result of our persistence and hard work, we scored a small but significant victory. The Public Safety and Livable Housing Committee will continue to discuss cannabis delivery services and whether or not they should be granted a path towards licensure & compliance.

For the SDCDA, the fight has really just begun!

We need your help to…

• keep momentum going

• remind city officials we are the backbone of safe access

• be persistent with our message

• organize with the help of lobbyists & allies

Any future victory will be nearly impossible without the participation of our members. Join the SDCDA at our October Membership Meeting – we will be discussing and outlining our next move as an organization and also receiving important input and direction from our membership base.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Brass Monkey!!!!!!!

Brass Monkey will be providing all in attendance at the October Membership Meeting with Brass Monkey swag bags.

Current members, please bring your October membership dues to the event.


We have been developing membership, building relationships, collaborating, to bring our members the best possible membership opportunity and we are excited with our acheived structure and format so far. We recognize even once membership begins, our organization will continue to develop and evolve. We would love to here your feedback on what you DO want from a membership such as ours? Share your thoughts at with subject “what I want”.
Thank you!!!

Femme Nuri Seasonal Saturday’s 2 of 12

Seasonal Saturday, Enchanting October 14th, 2017

Fun Eats


“Calling all candy lovers — this one is for you! Our best selling October flavor is back and yummier than ever. Blended inside our Original Dough are M&Ms, Semisweet Chocolate Chips, Peeps, Milk Chocolate Caramel Cups and pieces of Milk Way. Nothing says Halloween more than our Trick or Treat cookie!”

A new twist on an old tradition

Again, the amazing Keena Moffett has blessed us with the methods to re-create our favorite seasonal classics infused at home! We give you, the infused caramel apple!!! Give these delicious medicated treats a try, post your photos, tag @FemmeNuri and use hashtag #cannabiscreations.

Get your copy of Cannabis Creations, Beyond the Brownie by Keena Moffett now via AMAZON!!!!

Thank you Keena! xo


October 13-15, 2017 – New West Summit 3.0, Oakland Marriott get your 50% off tickets if you want to catch the last couple days HERE

October 14, 2017 | 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. – KushStock Festival, San Bernadino NOS, grab your upgraded tickets HERE

Parents: Check out La Jolla Mom’s List for Halloween “To-Do’s” HERE

Seasonal Product Spotlight

This week we selected Madame Munchie Macarons as our seasonal feature. These delectable macarons come in Special Edition Halloween flavors and decorations! How awesome is that? They make fantastic hostess gifts and fun party favors as well. Please make sure anyone participating knows they are MEDICATED.

Pumpkin patch – white chocolate pumpkin ganache – two per box – 20mg THC each

Blooo Berry ghosts – white chocolate blueberry ganache – 20mg THC each

Frankenstoned – salted caramel and apple – 20mg THC

Madame Muncie Luxury Edible

“Our mission is to provide wellness, relief and a delicious smoke free alternative for our patients. Our carefully handcrafted edibles use only the best local ingredients available and are lab tested to ensure potency, purity and consistent dosage levels. We use a natural infusion process to create the most delicious edibles, meticulously weighing out every single product for perfect accuracy.”


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October the 13th and it’s Freaky Friday!

Friday, October 13th

Femme Nuri SpotLight

Looking for strain reviews and a good laugh? Check out Strain Kind of Love, for a funny perspective on cannabis strains. With her amusing LEGO dioramas and witty reviews you are sure to get a laugh while perusing her experiences.

“Erin Lumley has been writing since she can remember so when she was able to combine her love of writing, smoking pot and some cool LEGO pictures, she said “oh hell yes”. If you have strains that you’d like her to review or just want to talk please email” (from the website)

Seasonal Treats!


Little Cakes Cupcake Kitchen

30 Main Street, Suite #180, Vista, CA 92083

Tel: 760-842-5138



Drunken Pumpkin: rum and chocolate chips to pumpkin cake and finished it off with cinnamon buttercream, caramel drizzle and crispy chocolate pearls. Mmmm…

Pay It Forward and #TBT with Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday, October 12th

Pay It Forward

Next time you have acquired a significant amount of plastic bottles & aluminum cans, consider driving them over to your closest recycling center. Maybe put the cash in an envelope and take it to your favorite local charity. With the holidays coming and weather turning colder as the year progresses your contributions can add up to changing a life for the better. 

If your workplace allows for a kitchen or lounge, ask management if you can place a recycling can there for an even bigger impact on the community. Recycling and paying it forward. It is time to start the season of goodwill, will you join us? Send us your story of “Pay It Forward” and we will feature it on the website and our social media.


Here is a photo from last year’s New West Summit in San Francisco for our #TBT. This panel was moderated by Ophelia Chong. Panelists included Debby GoldsberryIlana “Sugar” Bull, Amber Senter, and Karen Freese. Make sure and check out this year’s New West Summit 3.0!!!

Wednesday means “The Question”, #WCW and Wear It | Wore It | Adore It

Wednesday, October 11th

Share YOUR answer in the comments!

Our #WomanCrushWednesday

Wendy Kornberg

Catch Wendy speaking at this year’s

New West Summit in Oakland, October 13-15th, 2017!!!

“The Quick And Dirty: Trends in Sustainability And Carbon Footprinting In The Cannabis Industry” | FRIDAY OCT 13 EAST HALL Room B @ 4:15 PM. Our favorite lady cultivator and Mama also happens to have a fantastic instagram account, give her a follow and learn something new! @humboldtfullsunfarms

Get 50% off your tickets HERE

Wear It | Wore It | Adore It

Femme Nuri Fashion

This week’s featured product, our branded large logo yoga pants in black & white. Medium weight fabric is sturdy, yet breathable, stretches to fit your body, hugs in all the right places and bounces back after washing. You can wear your leggings over and over and they won’t lose their shape. Get comfy and look cool with your own pair!

Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL

$80.00 Donation



Topic Tuesday II & Featured Brand!!!

Enchanting October, Topic Tuesday, 10/10

Check back at 12:30 p.m. for this week’s blog post on Concentrates!

Our first piece will be covering raw & natural processes. Focusing on hash and ice water/ hand processes as well. Learn more about how these products are made and why the producers prefer this method.

Unmasking Concentrates Featured Brand

We are thrilled to share more about raw & natural processes with a focus on the BEST. Frenchy Cannoli is a world renowned Hashish Master and we have selected his line of products for our featured brand this week. He has been an inspiration to newer hashish brands such as Biscotti and Nasha.


More Monday insight from Cynthia Rowley, Set the Tone and “What to DO?”!

Motivate Monday, October 9

Set the Tone

“The truth isn’t always beauty, but the hunger for it is.” 
― Nadine Gordimer

What to DO???

Carlsbad CrossFit – BARBELLS FOR BOOBS

5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

On Oct 9th, we’ll be performing the WOD: Elizabeth (21-15-9 Cleans & Ring Dips) to honor those who are battling or have battled breast cancer, and to remember those who have lost the fight to this ugly illness. By bringing our community together on this day, we are asking for a donation from each of you of $21, $15, or $9 dollars for Barbells for Boobs.

On this date, just one year ago, our member Khrys experienced the loss of his wife, Elizabeth to breast cancer. Before she was diagnosed in 2013, he never understood the physical, emotional, and economic impact that cancer had on the patient as well as their family and friends.

HOCF and the Crossfit community has helped in his journey and we appreciate what Barbells for Boobs is doing. This fundraising WOD is one of the ways that we are helping to give back. Khrys will be doing this WOD at each class so we look forward to seeing all of you!


We’ll be having a Fundraiser Dine-Out at our local Bressi Ranch Pizza Port starting at 6pm. Join us for tasty grog and grub to fuel your post-workout and fundraising efforts.

On behalf of Khrys Maxwell, the HOCF Community and Barbells for Boobs, thank you for your participation!

Encinitas The Soul of Yoga – Mindful Mothers with Cristina Trette

9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Many parents, who are dedicated to a path of personal and spiritual growth, find themselves stumped when it comes to raising children. It is easy to be at peace in the yoga studio as we bask in the inner joy that comes with the integration of mind, body, spirit. Yet, it is challenging to maintain a sense of harmony when scrambling to get small children to school on time or maintaining composure when a child tantrums in the grocery store. If you would like to see your yoga and meditation practice transfer to your parenting practice, join Cristina Trette as she leads a group of parents through numerous experiences designed to deepen the connection to self, children, and partner using mindfulness as a guide.

This is an 8 week series. Attend all or any week that you are interested in.

Cost: Soul of Yoga monthly memberships and class packages can be used for this class. Or $10 pre-registration/$15 at the door for all other visitors. First time visitors to the Soul of Yoga get their first class free (San Diego residents only).

To sign up please visit our yoga schedule and search for the date you are interested in.

Topics for October:
Week 5 (10/9): Transforming Patterns
-What did your parents teach you about parenting? What patterns are you bringing into your family today? Learn how to identify negative cycles, externalize them, and interrupt them to bring about more harmony, connection, and grace.

Oceanside The Privateer Marketplace & Wine bar – OWS Ancient Peaks Guided Tasting

6 – 8 p.m.

oin us at Privateer Marketplace and Wine Bar this Monday, Oct 9th.
When we’ll be featuring don’t miss, all estate wines, from Ancient Peaks Winery. Along the southernmost reaches of Paso Robles lies Margarita Vineyard, cradled by the Santa Lucia mountains just 14 miles from the Pacific Ocean.There are no other vineyards in the vicinity, so Margarita Vineyard stands alone in benefiting from the remarkable growing conditions of the surrounding Santa Margarita Ranch AVA.Here, the vines unfold along a rare diversity of five soil types—ancient sea bed, shale, rocky alluvium, granitic and volcanic—amid one of Paso Robles’ coolest growing environments. The sense of place here is vivid, and we are dedicated to expressing it in our wines. event is $20.00 per person and includes a light buffett. RSVP to 760-453-2254 or email
**They’re also be giveaways for attendees**

Vista Babies in Bloom – World of Warcraft x Ju-Ju-Be Trunk Show!

7 – 8 p.m.

Don’t let their cute looks fool you! The cute but deadly print is the perfect accessory for any World of War Craft or Ju-Ju-Be fan! Join us Monday night for the limited release.

Femme Nuri Seasonal Saturday’s 1 of 12

Saturday’s are for Seasonal fun!

We will be posting seasonal projects, events and information in lieu of SelfCare Saturdays. These posts will allow us to help promote local seasonal fun for our viewers & followers, we hope you enjoy them! As always please participate in our survey to help us better provide what YOU are looking for, thank you!

Fun Eats

Have you tried everbowl craft superfood restaurant? Check out their adorable advertising for October, Eat Spooky!

Locations in Poway, San Marcos, Rancho Penasquitos, and COMING SOON to Escondido!

Follow them on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest

A new twist on an old tradition

So Cal Pineapple Jack-O’-Lantern

as found in REAL SIMPLE October 2017 pg. 63



We found this adorable & PUNNY!

Click on link or image for instructions on how to create your own.

Please post YOUR So Cal Jack-O’-Lantern photos to INSTAGRAM with hashtag #SoCalPineappleJack and tag @femmenuri


Tonight!!! INDIGO FESTIVAL in Encinitas 9 p.m. – Midnight

Enjoy Music, Art, Yoga, Market, Mini-Doc, Give & Surf

Seasonal Product Spotlight

We selected the bottled “Baked” Spiced Apple Cider by Ganja Grindz as our product for this Saturday. It is a traditional taste with a medicated upgrade. Click on the image to find your nearest retailer and try some for yourself!


Ganja Grindz 100% natural Apple Cider is freshly pressed from locally harvested apples in Southern California then infused with the perfect blend of mulling spices.  For that warm and cozy feeling all year long, enjoy this award winning cider hot or over ice.



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It’s Freaky Friday, Who’s going to an Oktoberfest this weekend???

Enchanting October brings Freaky Fridays!

October 6th, 2017

It’s October and that means OKTOBERFEST!!!

Oktoberfest Celebrations Around San Diego


When: Friday-Sunday, September 29-October 8, 2017
Traditionally held on the first two weekends in October, dance to the sounds of an honest-to-goodness Bavarian band at the two-weekend Oktoberfest in El Cajon.



When: October 6-7, 2017
San Diego’s annual Oktoberfest takes to the streets of Ocean Beach once again in this uniquely Southern California salute to the celebration of German culture and fun.


When: October 7, 2017
The Carlsbad Rotary Oktoberfest, a fall tradition, will bring thousands of people to enjoy German food (and beer!), live music, and entertainment for children.

Check out these special edition October favorites, try them while you can!

From Pumpkin Pie Spice whipped peanut butter to maple flavored bacon jerky.

Check out the article by OOLA! here.

Thoughtful Thursday with recommended reading

Thursday, October 5th


Recommended Reading

for Thoughtful Thursday

In this time of turmoil and chaos we selected “Among Giants” to remind us all of the bigger picture. Please enjoy Flip’s amazing body of work, he worked with National Geographic for many years and is an individual our founder admires and was inspired by as a much younger relative. He began his life underwater learning from his family right here in San Diego, Ca. Click on the image to be directed to purchase a copy.

Product Spotlight


We would like to introduce Biscotti Brands Cannabis Hash as one of the featured products for ‘Unmasking Concentrates’ this month. We will discuss more about hash in next week’s blog article. This is a Sour Tangie, a delightfully euphoric strain that relieved our muscle pain. (Nerve pain proved more persistent.) Available via ClubM online storefront.

“The Question”, our #WCW & 50% off New West Summit 3.0!

Wednesday, October 4th

The Question.

Share in the comments below!

Our #WomanCrushWednesday

Ophelia Chong!

Our #WCW will be speaking at this year’s New West Summit, don’t miss this opportunity to catch her witty observations!

Click on the image above for 50% off your tickets to this year’s


October 13th-15th | Oakland Marriott

The premiere cannabis BIZ, TECH & MEDIA Conference

Femme Nuri NEW Merchandise update!

We believe in subtle style and promote our support of cannabis with our original designs.

This satin body suit (aka leotard) comes in Carnation Pink with white detail.

Retail $40.00

Sizes XS-2XL

Kicking off ‘Unmasking Concentrates’ with The Legion of Bloom!

Topic Tuesday continues Unmasking Concentrates

Today we enjoyed some product information & education from Troy of The Legion of Bloom. (See Videos)

Topic Tuesday and this week’s featured brand!

October 3rd, Tuesday

This month we will be unmasking cannabis concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are much as they sound, along the same lines as any concentrate. We will delve further into the processes, what products come from those processes, how to use those products and who is treating successfully with concentrates. We hope you enjoy the BLOG article that goes live at 5:30 p.m. today

Our Featured Brand

We are excited to share more product information and education on the Legion of Bloom line of products later in the week…

October 2017. New Month. New Theme. Are you ready?

Motivate Monday, October 2nd

It is a brand new month and we are excited to launch Enchanting October

to include some NEW MERCHANDISE like Home Decor items and more!

This addition to the Femme Nuri Alluring Autumn line-up will delve into the various processes and products from those processes.

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” – Marie Curie

09/26/2017 BLOG – When & Where to improve intimacy with cannabis

Improving Intimacy with cannabis; When & Where

Last week we discussed the “How” to improve intimacy with cannabis by covering the methods of consumption available to try. This week we will cover the “When & Where’ being equally important for responsible use. Not every situation is right for cannabis, this post will introduce ideas or inspiration to create your best “When & Where”.

As with deciding on how to consume cannabis will will begin with the same advice, “What is your desired outcome?” In this post we will cover what we have found to be the most common issues remedied by the addition of cannabis and our suggestions for implementation.

  • Pain.

Many women suffer from a variety of conditions that cause them pain. From perineal pain, to scarring, to endometriosis, to other causes of discomfort. Depending on the pain being treated a topical spray such as, Foria Pleasure, or a balm such as Sensual by Next Level Medicinals can provide the relief needed in order to participate in an enjoyable intimate experience.

Pain; When & Where

When using something like Foria pleasure mist, it recommends a lead time of 10-20 minutes. The great thing about that is you can use that time to indulge in foreplay or to build the excitement knowing you have used it and will be initiating a spontaneous moment in the next 20 minutes. Being the spray is small and discreet it can be taken anywhere, therefore opening a number of possibilities for where. We do want to remind folks sex in public is illegal. As for including a balm like Sensual, we recommend incorporating that into foreplay, start low and slow. Balms and items that require more clean-up are best used in an environment of comfort and privacy. Take the pressure off and try it at home the first time, and ladies, try it alone first. Nothing worse than finding out you have an odd reaction to a product than in the middle of the moment!

  • Stress/Anxiety.

Two of the biggest thieves of pleasure and joy. From typical every day stressors to dealing with full fledged anxiety, these issues have often robbed those individuals who suffer from even engaging in intimacy at times. Our recommendation for managing these is preventative. Try a fast-acting tincture like “Relax” by Whoopi & Maya or any formula or product you normally use to manage your stress. Another great anxiety management product is the “Limonene” tincture by Therapy Tonics. These may not seem like sexy products but the goal is to make one feel like engaging in intimacy by treating the condition preventing one from being intimate.

Stress/Anxiety; When & Where

Being the issue needing attention is stress/anxiety we recommend safe space like your home for experimentation with cannabis products. Thus the recommendation of quick acting tinctures, you will know how well it is working for you immediately and staying in your comfort zone will alleviate additional problematic triggers. Please beware of over-medicating, it has been known to happen, in some cases causing a numbing of genitalia. We don’t want to create new issues.

  • Excitement/Arousal

There is no shortage of women looking for ways to add some excitement to the bedroom, have fun experimenting or looking for a nudge in the arousal department. For this there are so many products we will only name a couple here. We recommend a tea by Kikiko called Sensuali-TEA to help inspire desire. Or perhaps an infused edible body butter or better yet some body painting with infused cacao by Whoopi & Maya.

Excitement/Arousal; When & Where

This is really dependant on you and your comfort zone, again we recommend sampling before implementing. In addition if you do plan to use an edible bear in mind the length of time to take effect. The ideal situation maybe to enjoy some Kikiko Sensuali-Tea and then a romantic movie or meal, within an hour or two you should feel amorous. In the case of body painting, get creative and choose a location with clean-up in mind. (You don’t want to have to explain brown stains on your sheets to the hotel.)

There are many opportunities to include cannabis with intimacy, the fun is deciding what works for you. It could be at simple as smoking a joint and enjoying a movie, or enjoying an edible and taking a beach walk at sunset. It can be inventive like hiring a cannabis chef for a romantic rooftop meal or attending a couples cannasutra class. The point is to reach that state, or place, where you feel open to being intimate with someone. In addition to making sure the experience is enjoyable, and notably pain-free.

In conclusion we recommend you all practice safe sex with your partners and would be remiss to not direct you to two additional, valuable resources for Cannabis and Intimacy. The first being Highly Devoted, a service for helping connect & counsel cannabis singles. The second being our own Ashley Manta, the CannaSexual, of North County San Diego. Ashley’s insight, knowledge and network has helped many with improving their intimacy. She hosts pleasure parties in addition to providing a plethora of product education in the adult and cannabis industries. She is THE expert!

As always thank you for your time, enjoy the remainder of your #SensualSeptember ladies!


09/23/2017 – Sensual Saturday

September 23, 2017


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Thank you!

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Did you catch this week’s topic blog? 


If you didn’t you can here: #2 Topic Tuesday post for Sensual September


We met the purveyors of Biscotti at the Emerald Exchange 4 last August and immediately fell in love with their story. These beautiful products are not found everywhere, so if you happen across them be sure to indulge in the experience. Rumor has it that Urbn Leaf dispensary may carry them, and ClubM may provide access to the 2 gram vials of hash. That is some sexy branding! Bellissimo!




Sensual September leotard


We are trying out one of our Sensual September designs with this bodysuit.

Show your FireWoman style; Cute paired with jeans & a cardigan! (members only item, not in storefront)


Femme Nuri mandala stickers are in!!!!

Femme Nuri mandala sticker, only $3 each!

Click on the image above to be directed to purchase.

These pretty, vinyl slaps are great for brightening up your day, stick it somewhere you will see it daily!

Thank you all for your continued support, we are listening and more items are coming.

Voting on Yoga mat designs coming soon!!!!

09/21/2017 – Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday, September 20th

We are donating a bevy of toddler toys to Passion 4 K.I.D.S., please join us in donating your old toys pre-holiday abundance to those in need of some joy. Thank you!

Passion 4 K.I.D.S. (Kids In Desperate Situations)
Passion 4 K.I.D.S. is a non-profit dedicated to helping underprivileged, handicapped and abused kids in the United States. Located in Encinitas, they are always looking for toys, books, clothes, groceries and more to help these kids and families in emergency situations. To donate, give them a call or send them an email.

1345 Encinitas Blvd., #736
Encinitas, CA


09/19/2017 BLOG: How to improve intimacy with cannabis

Improving intimacy with Cannabis; The “How?”.

Smoking is one of the obvious choices, but fear not, cannabis has multitudes of alternatives now! Photo credit: © Cara L. Luhring

In this time of expansion and innovation in cannabis there are a variety of options to entertain when looking to improve intimacy.

Cannabis and intimacy

Smoking it

I can recall tales from our more “experienced” community members of coming across cannabis that got them, “Hot to Trot!” and old school street dealers sharing stories of desperate boyfriends and husbands looking for, “That stuff you gave me last time! She went wild!”. These anecdotal experiences support what we know to be true from personal experience, cannabis has been improving intimacy between partners for a long time, but how to find that “sexy” strain. Now there are folks out there that claim fame with strains specifically formulate for arousal, for example SexxPoT, this brand makes no specific claims (SMART!) but advertises as a strain that will “sweep her off her feet.”. I have not sampled SexxPot personally so I cannot support or deny their claim, BUT I do know cannabis effects each of our individual systems differently. So, in other words, if you do try this and it doesn’t work don’t fret, there may be an entirely different strain that may work wonderfully for your improved intimacy. My suggestion is this, record the strains profiles you have tried. Look at why you are struggling with intimacy and then address that issue with cannabis treatment. Do you need to mentally let go and relax? Look for a euphoric hybrid strain with an uplifting terpene profile.

Vaping oil 

This is similar to smoking without the odor and a great potential for sexy formulations with cannabinoid ratios and terpene profiles. These suggest remedies to inspire intimacy as well. The best example of this are the HMBLDT formula dose pens, in my opinion. They offer two formulas that fit our topic, Arouse and Passion. Now what I love best about these particular pens are, you guessed it, the PROFILES!!! Listed conveniently on the box, you now know what is IN the oil and what works (or doesn’t) for you in regards to these combinations. In addition to that, these specific pens provide measured dosing with every inhale, a great tool for beginners. micro-doser’s and for low tolerance consumers. Brilliant right? When it works always pay attention to what is in it. You can find all the HMBLDT pens at ClubM.


The abundance of cannabis topicals for pleasure is a sure sign of filling a need in the market. The appeal of cannabis topicals goes beyond the average cannabis patient or recreational consumer. Women who may not consider cannabis for their lifestyle are more apt to engage in topical use, especially in the name of improved intimacy or sexual pleasure in our experience. And the options available reflect that, from CBD only topicals, to formulated ratios for condition management, to plain pain relief these products are in demand by women everywhere. Again when making your selection I would remind you to consider what you are treating. Are you looking to spice things up or relieve some perineal soreness in order to enjoy intercourse pain-free again. Foria has a great line of products for pleasure but by all means do not limit yourself! Find an application you are comfortable with, some come as balms or salves, others are oils in pump bottles. We like the Foria spray bottle for less mess but we also recognize the potential for using a balm or salve if incorporated into the methodology. We are looking into obtaining a certain bath bomb from an awesome Southern California Woman Business owner. If you get your hands on a Queenie ‘Sex Pot’ bath bomb please let us know how you enjoyed it!!!


My personal experience with cannabis edibles designed for intimacy is limited. In looking to expand our horizons I have chosen to go with more of a, “recommended adventure list”. Remember, start low and slow. First up, 1906 has these sexy-as-all-get-out chocolates!!! What is better than sexy chocolates??? A sensual combination to be sure. Check out High Love ladies, these exquisitely presented confections are a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio with exotic botanical blends to inspire! A must-try in my book! (read more in Cosmopolitan ) Next, the adorable Love Potion #420 by Yummi Karma. We love it’s campy Bonnie Bell designs and branding. I love that it is an MCT oil making it fast acting, versus your typical edible needing to process through the liver before any effects are yielded. Did you know Yummi Karma is a women-owned, women-run business? Learn more here. We can imagine the sexy cocktail combinations or an immediate dose for spontaneity! Oh the possibilities…


Mindful practice is important to utilizing cannabis benefits. Communication is key, talk to your partner about incorporation of cannabis and comfort levels to ensure a safe and responsible experience. Want a daily reminder of the sexy and empowered woman you are??? Our 15 oz. “FireWoman” coffee mug is available now in the storefront! Grab yours today, they are only available for the month of September 2017!!!

(NOTE: Keep a CBD MCT tincture on hand to help ease any feelings of over-consumption and remember to relax, the feeling will pass.)