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“This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.” -Douglas Adams

Thoughtful Thursday, October 19th


Pay It Forward

It’s a little thing really, but is it? Pay attention today, hold that door when you see the next person won’t make it, reach that higher shelf for the elderly, pick up those keys that Mom busy with 3 toddlers didn’t notice she dropped. All little gestures that mean a lot. Pay it forward doesn’t always mean paying for the latte for the car behind you in line, being kind and mindful to others does it every time and doesn’t cost a thing but your time.

Happy Thursday!



Check out our blog post from October 2016:

Oh my is that McLovin Munchies pumpkin pie?


Guess what day it is???

Wednesday, October 18th



Our #WCW this week is the amazing Rhonda Olson!!! Founder and creator of Hemp Angel Products!!! We love Rhonda for her tenacity and hard work in the industry as well as patient advocacy. She is knowledgeable on all things hemp and brought a wonderful product to market with her brand Hemp Angel products. Thank you Rhonda for your friendship, strength and support! You are a warrior and we love you!!!


Wear It | Wore It | Adore It

*featured product this week is a members only item

Grab this windbreaker before you head out for your morning or evening jog to keep yourself warm against that chilly breeze. The lightweight material makes it easy to carry around and the smooth material makes the print exceptionally vibrant as well.

This lightweight windbreaker is a members only item (we LOVE the pun here, who remembers “Members Only”???) Loaded up with logos and our mission statement we are taking things to the next level. Front panels are white with black accent zippers. Bonus inner pockets.


Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!

Is it Topic Tuesday III???

Topic Tuesday – Unmasking Concentrates


This week we wanted to discuss cannabis concentrates made via chemical & mechanical extraction. Last week we covered natural and raw processes. Didn’t we? It has come to our attention that despite our hard work and efforts unfortunately no one seems to be reading these. Which poses the question, why are we working so hard to write educational and interesting content on cannabis if there isn’t anyone benefiting from it. The answer, there isn’t. Oh sure we can post it here in the hopes some random search will direct the person looking to our little blog. But ultimately we feel our time is better spent on quantifiable activities.

We had a little experiment last week, we purposefully did not post our blog article on raw processes, to gauge the response. No one said a word, this leads us to believe no one is reading these. That being said, if you are reading this and you do want to read the articles please contact us and we will add you to an email list for these topics.

As always thank you for your time and continued support. Happy Tuesday!


Featured Brand


Have you tried Deviant Dabs concentrates? I have and they have been amazing each time, from shatter, to wax, to rosin these delightful dabs have yet to disappoint. I often tell patients they taste “pink”. Sometimes floral, sometimes sweet but always smooth. This is a women-owned, women-run company. Not that fellas don’t help out and not that they don’t love ’em. We do love the level of women focused marketing that could only be achieved by women. Please support our women in business and check out this potent medicine if you are in the market. They are readily found at most dispensaries. Cheers!


Guess what? It is Monday, again.

Motivate Monday!

What’s happening?


Strategy Meeting & Industry Update

Today at 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Giovanni’s Restaurant
9353 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, Ste A, San Diego, California 92123


A Networking and strategy event to forge a clear path to licensure.

At the last city council meeting, the San Diego Cannabis Delivery Alliance (SDCDA) organized a press conference, rally and peaceful acts of civil support (within council chambers) to press upon the city council the urgent need for independent cannabis delivery services. Many members joined us in solidarity. As a direct result of our persistence and hard work, we scored a small but significant victory. The Public Safety and Livable Housing Committee will continue to discuss cannabis delivery services and whether or not they should be granted a path towards licensure & compliance.

For the SDCDA, the fight has really just begun!

We need your help to…

• keep momentum going

• remind city officials we are the backbone of safe access

• be persistent with our message

• organize with the help of lobbyists & allies

Any future victory will be nearly impossible without the participation of our members. Join the SDCDA at our October Membership Meeting – we will be discussing and outlining our next move as an organization and also receiving important input and direction from our membership base.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Brass Monkey!!!!!!!

Brass Monkey will be providing all in attendance at the October Membership Meeting with Brass Monkey swag bags.

Current members, please bring your October membership dues to the event.


We have been developing membership, building relationships, collaborating, to bring our members the best possible membership opportunity and we are excited with our acheived structure and format so far. We recognize even once membership begins, our organization will continue to develop and evolve. We would love to here your feedback on what you DO want from a membership such as ours? Share your thoughts at info@femmenuri.com with subject “what I want”.
Thank you!!!

Femme Nuri Seasonal Saturday’s 2 of 12

Seasonal Saturday, Enchanting October 14th, 2017

Fun Eats


“Calling all candy lovers — this one is for you! Our best selling October flavor is back and yummier than ever. Blended inside our Original Dough are M&Ms, Semisweet Chocolate Chips, Peeps, Milk Chocolate Caramel Cups and pieces of Milk Way. Nothing says Halloween more than our Trick or Treat cookie!”

A new twist on an old tradition

Again, the amazing Keena Moffett has blessed us with the methods to re-create our favorite seasonal classics infused at home! We give you, the infused caramel apple!!! Give these delicious medicated treats a try, post your photos, tag @FemmeNuri and use hashtag #cannabiscreations.

Get your copy of Cannabis Creations, Beyond the Brownie by Keena Moffett now via AMAZON!!!!

Thank you Keena! xo


October 13-15, 2017 – New West Summit 3.0, Oakland Marriott get your 50% off tickets if you want to catch the last couple days HERE

October 14, 2017 | 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. – KushStock Festival, San Bernadino NOS, grab your upgraded tickets HERE

Parents: Check out La Jolla Mom’s List for Halloween “To-Do’s” HERE

Seasonal Product Spotlight

This week we selected Madame Munchie Macarons as our seasonal feature. These delectable macarons come in Special Edition Halloween flavors and decorations! How awesome is that? They make fantastic hostess gifts and fun party favors as well. Please make sure anyone participating knows they are MEDICATED.

Pumpkin patch – white chocolate pumpkin ganache – two per box – 20mg THC each

Blooo Berry ghosts – white chocolate blueberry ganache – 20mg THC each

Frankenstoned – salted caramel and apple – 20mg THC

Madame Muncie Luxury Edible

“Our mission is to provide wellness, relief and a delicious smoke free alternative for our patients. Our carefully handcrafted edibles use only the best local ingredients available and are lab tested to ensure potency, purity and consistent dosage levels. We use a natural infusion process to create the most delicious edibles, meticulously weighing out every single product for perfect accuracy.”


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October the 13th and it’s Freaky Friday!

Friday, October 13th

Femme Nuri SpotLight

Looking for strain reviews and a good laugh? Check out Strain Kind of Love, for a funny perspective on cannabis strains. With her amusing LEGO dioramas and witty reviews you are sure to get a laugh while perusing her experiences.

“Erin Lumley has been writing since she can remember so when she was able to combine her love of writing, smoking pot and some cool LEGO pictures, she said “oh hell yes”. If you have strains that you’d like her to review or just want to talk please email erin@strainkindoflove.com.” (from the website)

Seasonal Treats!


Little Cakes Cupcake Kitchen

30 Main Street, Suite #180, Vista, CA 92083

Tel: 760-842-5138



Drunken Pumpkin: rum and chocolate chips to pumpkin cake and finished it off with cinnamon buttercream, caramel drizzle and crispy chocolate pearls. Mmmm…

Pay It Forward and #TBT with Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday, October 12th

Pay It Forward

Next time you have acquired a significant amount of plastic bottles & aluminum cans, consider driving them over to your closest recycling center. Maybe put the cash in an envelope and take it to your favorite local charity. With the holidays coming and weather turning colder as the year progresses your contributions can add up to changing a life for the better. 

If your workplace allows for a kitchen or lounge, ask management if you can place a recycling can there for an even bigger impact on the community. Recycling and paying it forward. It is time to start the season of goodwill, will you join us? Send us your story of “Pay It Forward” and we will feature it on the website and our social media.


Here is a photo from last year’s New West Summit in San Francisco for our #TBT. This panel was moderated by Ophelia Chong. Panelists included Debby GoldsberryIlana “Sugar” Bull, Amber Senter, and Karen Freese. Make sure and check out this year’s New West Summit 3.0!!!

Wednesday means “The Question”, #WCW and Wear It | Wore It | Adore It

Wednesday, October 11th

Share YOUR answer in the comments!

Our #WomanCrushWednesday

Wendy Kornberg

Catch Wendy speaking at this year’s

New West Summit in Oakland, October 13-15th, 2017!!!

“The Quick And Dirty: Trends in Sustainability And Carbon Footprinting In The Cannabis Industry” | FRIDAY OCT 13 EAST HALL Room B @ 4:15 PM. Our favorite lady cultivator and Mama also happens to have a fantastic instagram account, give her a follow and learn something new! @humboldtfullsunfarms

Get 50% off your tickets HERE

Wear It | Wore It | Adore It

Femme Nuri Fashion

This week’s featured product, our branded large logo yoga pants in black & white. Medium weight fabric is sturdy, yet breathable, stretches to fit your body, hugs in all the right places and bounces back after washing. You can wear your leggings over and over and they won’t lose their shape. Get comfy and look cool with your own pair!

Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL

$80.00 Donation



Topic Tuesday II & Featured Brand!!!

Enchanting October, Topic Tuesday, 10/10

Check back at 12:30 p.m. for this week’s blog post on Concentrates!

Our first piece will be covering raw & natural processes. Focusing on hash and ice water/ hand processes as well. Learn more about how these products are made and why the producers prefer this method.

Unmasking Concentrates Featured Brand

We are thrilled to share more about raw & natural processes with a focus on the BEST. Frenchy Cannoli is a world renowned Hashish Master and we have selected his line of products for our featured brand this week. He has been an inspiration to newer hashish brands such as Biscotti and Nasha.


More Monday insight from Cynthia Rowley, Set the Tone and “What to DO?”!

Motivate Monday, October 9

Set the Tone

“The truth isn’t always beauty, but the hunger for it is.” 
― Nadine Gordimer

What to DO???

Carlsbad CrossFit – BARBELLS FOR BOOBS

5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

On Oct 9th, we’ll be performing the WOD: Elizabeth (21-15-9 Cleans & Ring Dips) to honor those who are battling or have battled breast cancer, and to remember those who have lost the fight to this ugly illness. By bringing our community together on this day, we are asking for a donation from each of you of $21, $15, or $9 dollars for Barbells for Boobs.

On this date, just one year ago, our member Khrys experienced the loss of his wife, Elizabeth to breast cancer. Before she was diagnosed in 2013, he never understood the physical, emotional, and economic impact that cancer had on the patient as well as their family and friends.

HOCF and the Crossfit community has helped in his journey and we appreciate what Barbells for Boobs is doing. This fundraising WOD is one of the ways that we are helping to give back. Khrys will be doing this WOD at each class so we look forward to seeing all of you!


We’ll be having a Fundraiser Dine-Out at our local Bressi Ranch Pizza Port starting at 6pm. Join us for tasty grog and grub to fuel your post-workout and fundraising efforts.

On behalf of Khrys Maxwell, the HOCF Community and Barbells for Boobs, thank you for your participation!

Encinitas The Soul of Yoga – Mindful Mothers with Cristina Trette

9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Many parents, who are dedicated to a path of personal and spiritual growth, find themselves stumped when it comes to raising children. It is easy to be at peace in the yoga studio as we bask in the inner joy that comes with the integration of mind, body, spirit. Yet, it is challenging to maintain a sense of harmony when scrambling to get small children to school on time or maintaining composure when a child tantrums in the grocery store. If you would like to see your yoga and meditation practice transfer to your parenting practice, join Cristina Trette as she leads a group of parents through numerous experiences designed to deepen the connection to self, children, and partner using mindfulness as a guide.

This is an 8 week series. Attend all or any week that you are interested in.

Cost: Soul of Yoga monthly memberships and class packages can be used for this class. Or $10 pre-registration/$15 at the door for all other visitors. First time visitors to the Soul of Yoga get their first class free (San Diego residents only).

To sign up please visit our yoga schedule and search for the date you are interested in.

Topics for October:
Week 5 (10/9): Transforming Patterns
-What did your parents teach you about parenting? What patterns are you bringing into your family today? Learn how to identify negative cycles, externalize them, and interrupt them to bring about more harmony, connection, and grace.

Oceanside The Privateer Marketplace & Wine bar – OWS Ancient Peaks Guided Tasting

6 – 8 p.m.

oin us at Privateer Marketplace and Wine Bar this Monday, Oct 9th.
When we’ll be featuring don’t miss, all estate wines, from Ancient Peaks Winery. Along the southernmost reaches of Paso Robles lies Margarita Vineyard, cradled by the Santa Lucia mountains just 14 miles from the Pacific Ocean.There are no other vineyards in the vicinity, so Margarita Vineyard stands alone in benefiting from the remarkable growing conditions of the surrounding Santa Margarita Ranch AVA.Here, the vines unfold along a rare diversity of five soil types—ancient sea bed, shale, rocky alluvium, granitic and volcanic—amid one of Paso Robles’ coolest growing environments. The sense of place here is vivid, and we are dedicated to expressing it in our wines.
http://www.ancientpeaks.com/This event is $20.00 per person and includes a light buffett. RSVP to 760-453-2254 or email privateerows@gmail.com
**They’re also be giveaways for attendees**

Vista Babies in Bloom – World of Warcraft x Ju-Ju-Be Trunk Show!

7 – 8 p.m.

Don’t let their cute looks fool you! The cute but deadly print is the perfect accessory for any World of War Craft or Ju-Ju-Be fan! Join us Monday night for the limited release.

Femme Nuri Seasonal Saturday’s 1 of 12

Saturday’s are for Seasonal fun!

We will be posting seasonal projects, events and information in lieu of SelfCare Saturdays. These posts will allow us to help promote local seasonal fun for our viewers & followers, we hope you enjoy them! As always please participate in our survey to help us better provide what YOU are looking for, thank you!

Fun Eats

Have you tried everbowl craft superfood restaurant? Check out their adorable advertising for October, Eat Spooky!

Locations in Poway, San Marcos, Rancho Penasquitos, and COMING SOON to Escondido!

Follow them on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest

A new twist on an old tradition

So Cal Pineapple Jack-O’-Lantern

as found in REAL SIMPLE October 2017 pg. 63



We found this adorable & PUNNY!

Click on link or image for instructions on how to create your own.

Please post YOUR So Cal Jack-O’-Lantern photos to INSTAGRAM with hashtag #SoCalPineappleJack and tag @femmenuri


Tonight!!! INDIGO FESTIVAL in Encinitas 9 p.m. – Midnight

Enjoy Music, Art, Yoga, Market, Mini-Doc, Give & Surf

Seasonal Product Spotlight

We selected the bottled “Baked” Spiced Apple Cider by Ganja Grindz as our product for this Saturday. It is a traditional taste with a medicated upgrade. Click on the image to find your nearest retailer and try some for yourself!


Ganja Grindz 100% natural Apple Cider is freshly pressed from locally harvested apples in Southern California then infused with the perfect blend of mulling spices.  For that warm and cozy feeling all year long, enjoy this award winning cider hot or over ice.



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It’s Freaky Friday, Who’s going to an Oktoberfest this weekend???

Enchanting October brings Freaky Fridays!

October 6th, 2017

It’s October and that means OKTOBERFEST!!!

Oktoberfest Celebrations Around San Diego


When: Friday-Sunday, September 29-October 8, 2017
Traditionally held on the first two weekends in October, dance to the sounds of an honest-to-goodness Bavarian band at the two-weekend Oktoberfest in El Cajon.



When: October 6-7, 2017
San Diego’s annual Oktoberfest takes to the streets of Ocean Beach once again in this uniquely Southern California salute to the celebration of German culture and fun.


When: October 7, 2017
The Carlsbad Rotary Oktoberfest, a fall tradition, will bring thousands of people to enjoy German food (and beer!), live music, and entertainment for children.

Check out these special edition October favorites, try them while you can!

From Pumpkin Pie Spice whipped peanut butter to maple flavored bacon jerky.

Check out the article by OOLA! here.

Thoughtful Thursday with recommended reading

Thursday, October 5th


Recommended Reading

for Thoughtful Thursday

In this time of turmoil and chaos we selected “Among Giants” to remind us all of the bigger picture. Please enjoy Flip’s amazing body of work, he worked with National Geographic for many years and is an individual our founder admires and was inspired by as a much younger relative. He began his life underwater learning from his family right here in San Diego, Ca. Click on the image to be directed to purchase a copy.

Product Spotlight


We would like to introduce Biscotti Brands Cannabis Hash as one of the featured products for ‘Unmasking Concentrates’ this month. We will discuss more about hash in next week’s blog article. This is a Sour Tangie, a delightfully euphoric strain that relieved our muscle pain. (Nerve pain proved more persistent.) Available via ClubM online storefront.

“The Question”, our #WCW & 50% off New West Summit 3.0!

Wednesday, October 4th

The Question.

Share in the comments below!

Our #WomanCrushWednesday

Ophelia Chong!

Our #WCW will be speaking at this year’s New West Summit, don’t miss this opportunity to catch her witty observations!

Click on the image above for 50% off your tickets to this year’s


October 13th-15th | Oakland Marriott

The premiere cannabis BIZ, TECH & MEDIA Conference

Femme Nuri NEW Merchandise update!

We believe in subtle style and promote our support of cannabis with our original designs.

This satin body suit (aka leotard) comes in Carnation Pink with white detail.

Retail $40.00

Sizes XS-2XL

Kicking off ‘Unmasking Concentrates’ with The Legion of Bloom!

Topic Tuesday continues Unmasking Concentrates

Today we enjoyed some product information & education from Troy of The Legion of Bloom. (See Videos)

Topic Tuesday and this week’s featured brand!

October 3rd, Tuesday

This month we will be unmasking cannabis concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are much as they sound, along the same lines as any concentrate. We will delve further into the processes, what products come from those processes, how to use those products and who is treating successfully with concentrates. We hope you enjoy the BLOG article that goes live at 5:30 p.m. today

Our Featured Brand

We are excited to share more product information and education on the Legion of Bloom line of products later in the week…

October 2017. New Month. New Theme. Are you ready?

Motivate Monday, October 2nd

It is a brand new month and we are excited to launch Enchanting October

to include some NEW MERCHANDISE like Home Decor items and more!

This addition to the Femme Nuri Alluring Autumn line-up will delve into the various processes and products from those processes.

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” – Marie Curie

09/26/2017 BLOG – When & Where to improve intimacy with cannabis

Improving Intimacy with cannabis; When & Where

Last week we discussed the “How” to improve intimacy with cannabis by covering the methods of consumption available to try. This week we will cover the “When & Where’ being equally important for responsible use. Not every situation is right for cannabis, this post will introduce ideas or inspiration to create your best “When & Where”.

As with deciding on how to consume cannabis will will begin with the same advice, “What is your desired outcome?” In this post we will cover what we have found to be the most common issues remedied by the addition of cannabis and our suggestions for implementation.

  • Pain.

Many women suffer from a variety of conditions that cause them pain. From perineal pain, to scarring, to endometriosis, to other causes of discomfort. Depending on the pain being treated a topical spray such as, Foria Pleasure, or a balm such as Sensual by Next Level Medicinals can provide the relief needed in order to participate in an enjoyable intimate experience.

Pain; When & Where

When using something like Foria pleasure mist, it recommends a lead time of 10-20 minutes. The great thing about that is you can use that time to indulge in foreplay or to build the excitement knowing you have used it and will be initiating a spontaneous moment in the next 20 minutes. Being the spray is small and discreet it can be taken anywhere, therefore opening a number of possibilities for where. We do want to remind folks sex in public is illegal. As for including a balm like Sensual, we recommend incorporating that into foreplay, start low and slow. Balms and items that require more clean-up are best used in an environment of comfort and privacy. Take the pressure off and try it at home the first time, and ladies, try it alone first. Nothing worse than finding out you have an odd reaction to a product than in the middle of the moment!

  • Stress/Anxiety.

Two of the biggest thieves of pleasure and joy. From typical every day stressors to dealing with full fledged anxiety, these issues have often robbed those individuals who suffer from even engaging in intimacy at times. Our recommendation for managing these is preventative. Try a fast-acting tincture like “Relax” by Whoopi & Maya or any formula or product you normally use to manage your stress. Another great anxiety management product is the “Limonene” tincture by Therapy Tonics. These may not seem like sexy products but the goal is to make one feel like engaging in intimacy by treating the condition preventing one from being intimate.

Stress/Anxiety; When & Where

Being the issue needing attention is stress/anxiety we recommend safe space like your home for experimentation with cannabis products. Thus the recommendation of quick acting tinctures, you will know how well it is working for you immediately and staying in your comfort zone will alleviate additional problematic triggers. Please beware of over-medicating, it has been known to happen, in some cases causing a numbing of genitalia. We don’t want to create new issues.

  • Excitement/Arousal

There is no shortage of women looking for ways to add some excitement to the bedroom, have fun experimenting or looking for a nudge in the arousal department. For this there are so many products we will only name a couple here. We recommend a tea by Kikiko called Sensuali-TEA to help inspire desire. Or perhaps an infused edible body butter or better yet some body painting with infused cacao by Whoopi & Maya.

Excitement/Arousal; When & Where

This is really dependant on you and your comfort zone, again we recommend sampling before implementing. In addition if you do plan to use an edible bear in mind the length of time to take effect. The ideal situation maybe to enjoy some Kikiko Sensuali-Tea and then a romantic movie or meal, within an hour or two you should feel amorous. In the case of body painting, get creative and choose a location with clean-up in mind. (You don’t want to have to explain brown stains on your sheets to the hotel.)

There are many opportunities to include cannabis with intimacy, the fun is deciding what works for you. It could be at simple as smoking a joint and enjoying a movie, or enjoying an edible and taking a beach walk at sunset. It can be inventive like hiring a cannabis chef for a romantic rooftop meal or attending a couples cannasutra class. The point is to reach that state, or place, where you feel open to being intimate with someone. In addition to making sure the experience is enjoyable, and notably pain-free.

In conclusion we recommend you all practice safe sex with your partners and would be remiss to not direct you to two additional, valuable resources for Cannabis and Intimacy. The first being Highly Devoted, a service for helping connect & counsel cannabis singles. The second being our own Ashley Manta, the CannaSexual, of North County San Diego. Ashley’s insight, knowledge and network has helped many with improving their intimacy. She hosts pleasure parties in addition to providing a plethora of product education in the adult and cannabis industries. She is THE expert!

As always thank you for your time, enjoy the remainder of your #SensualSeptember ladies!


09/23/2017 – Sensual Saturday

September 23, 2017


Help us provide relevant content, tell us about yourself with each weekly survey!

Thank you!

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Did you catch this week’s topic blog? 


If you didn’t you can here: #2 Topic Tuesday post for Sensual September


We met the purveyors of Biscotti at the Emerald Exchange 4 last August and immediately fell in love with their story. These beautiful products are not found everywhere, so if you happen across them be sure to indulge in the experience. Rumor has it that Urbn Leaf dispensary may carry them, and ClubM may provide access to the 2 gram vials of hash. That is some sexy branding! Bellissimo!




Sensual September leotard


We are trying out one of our Sensual September designs with this bodysuit.

Show your FireWoman style; Cute paired with jeans & a cardigan! (members only item, not in storefront)


Femme Nuri mandala stickers are in!!!!

Femme Nuri mandala sticker, only $3 each!

Click on the image above to be directed to purchase.

These pretty, vinyl slaps are great for brightening up your day, stick it somewhere you will see it daily!

Thank you all for your continued support, we are listening and more items are coming.

Voting on Yoga mat designs coming soon!!!!

09/21/2017 – Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday, September 20th

We are donating a bevy of toddler toys to Passion 4 K.I.D.S., please join us in donating your old toys pre-holiday abundance to those in need of some joy. Thank you!

Passion 4 K.I.D.S. (Kids In Desperate Situations)
Passion 4 K.I.D.S. is a non-profit dedicated to helping underprivileged, handicapped and abused kids in the United States. Located in Encinitas, they are always looking for toys, books, clothes, groceries and more to help these kids and families in emergency situations. To donate, give them a call or send them an email.

1345 Encinitas Blvd., #736
Encinitas, CA
Online: passionforkids.org


09/19/2017 BLOG: How to improve intimacy with cannabis

Improving intimacy with Cannabis; The “How?”.

Smoking is one of the obvious choices, but fear not, cannabis has multitudes of alternatives now! Photo credit: © Cara L. Luhring

In this time of expansion and innovation in cannabis there are a variety of options to entertain when looking to improve intimacy.

Cannabis and intimacy

Smoking it

I can recall tales from our more “experienced” community members of coming across cannabis that got them, “Hot to Trot!” and old school street dealers sharing stories of desperate boyfriends and husbands looking for, “That stuff you gave me last time! She went wild!”. These anecdotal experiences support what we know to be true from personal experience, cannabis has been improving intimacy between partners for a long time, but how to find that “sexy” strain. Now there are folks out there that claim fame with strains specifically formulate for arousal, for example SexxPoT, this brand makes no specific claims (SMART!) but advertises as a strain that will “sweep her off her feet.”. I have not sampled SexxPot personally so I cannot support or deny their claim, BUT I do know cannabis effects each of our individual systems differently. So, in other words, if you do try this and it doesn’t work don’t fret, there may be an entirely different strain that may work wonderfully for your improved intimacy. My suggestion is this, record the strains profiles you have tried. Look at why you are struggling with intimacy and then address that issue with cannabis treatment. Do you need to mentally let go and relax? Look for a euphoric hybrid strain with an uplifting terpene profile.

Vaping oil 

This is similar to smoking without the odor and a great potential for sexy formulations with cannabinoid ratios and terpene profiles. These suggest remedies to inspire intimacy as well. The best example of this are the HMBLDT formula dose pens, in my opinion. They offer two formulas that fit our topic, Arouse and Passion. Now what I love best about these particular pens are, you guessed it, the PROFILES!!! Listed conveniently on the box, you now know what is IN the oil and what works (or doesn’t) for you in regards to these combinations. In addition to that, these specific pens provide measured dosing with every inhale, a great tool for beginners. micro-doser’s and for low tolerance consumers. Brilliant right? When it works always pay attention to what is in it. You can find all the HMBLDT pens at ClubM.


The abundance of cannabis topicals for pleasure is a sure sign of filling a need in the market. The appeal of cannabis topicals goes beyond the average cannabis patient or recreational consumer. Women who may not consider cannabis for their lifestyle are more apt to engage in topical use, especially in the name of improved intimacy or sexual pleasure in our experience. And the options available reflect that, from CBD only topicals, to formulated ratios for condition management, to plain pain relief these products are in demand by women everywhere. Again when making your selection I would remind you to consider what you are treating. Are you looking to spice things up or relieve some perineal soreness in order to enjoy intercourse pain-free again. Foria has a great line of products for pleasure but by all means do not limit yourself! Find an application you are comfortable with, some come as balms or salves, others are oils in pump bottles. We like the Foria spray bottle for less mess but we also recognize the potential for using a balm or salve if incorporated into the methodology. We are looking into obtaining a certain bath bomb from an awesome Southern California Woman Business owner. If you get your hands on a Queenie ‘Sex Pot’ bath bomb please let us know how you enjoyed it!!!


My personal experience with cannabis edibles designed for intimacy is limited. In looking to expand our horizons I have chosen to go with more of a, “recommended adventure list”. Remember, start low and slow. First up, 1906 has these sexy-as-all-get-out chocolates!!! What is better than sexy chocolates??? A sensual combination to be sure. Check out High Love ladies, these exquisitely presented confections are a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio with exotic botanical blends to inspire! A must-try in my book! (read more in Cosmopolitan ) Next, the adorable Love Potion #420 by Yummi Karma. We love it’s campy Bonnie Bell designs and branding. I love that it is an MCT oil making it fast acting, versus your typical edible needing to process through the liver before any effects are yielded. Did you know Yummi Karma is a women-owned, women-run business? Learn more here. We can imagine the sexy cocktail combinations or an immediate dose for spontaneity! Oh the possibilities…


Mindful practice is important to utilizing cannabis benefits. Communication is key, talk to your partner about incorporation of cannabis and comfort levels to ensure a safe and responsible experience. Want a daily reminder of the sexy and empowered woman you are??? Our 15 oz. “FireWoman” coffee mug is available now in the storefront! Grab yours today, they are only available for the month of September 2017!!!

(NOTE: Keep a CBD MCT tincture on hand to help ease any feelings of over-consumption and remember to relax, the feeling will pass.)



09/16/2017 – Selfcare Saturday

September 16, 2017

This Saturday you will find us walking the Vista Farmers Market

The oldest farmers market in San Diego County

Open rain or shine – every Saturday – 8am to 1pm

Meeting Today!

September Meeting

Lush Lounge | 324 Main Street | Vista, CA 92084

Saturday, September 16, 2017 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM (PDT)

Bloom Farms Highlighter

Rose Gold

Hybrid 500 mg

Lab Tested

100% Pure Cannabis Oil

No Additives

THC: 67%      CBD: 0.1%

We love this potent Rose Gold Hybrid from Bloom Farm, with its beautiful finish and weighty feel in your hand it is a perfect ladies vape for a relaxing time.


New FIREWOMAN mug (art by The Peculiar Ink)

Now in the Store! Get yours quick, only available September 2017!!!


Create your survey with SurveyMonkey


Thanks to Keena Moffett for the share!

“Please share with anyone who may be interested in coming; 2 days left to save $100 off regular price.”

09/13/2017 – WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday, September 13th


Definitely my shoes and knowing my value.


A good playlist, breathing in the ocean air makes me feels powerful.”


Manifesting empowerment by doing things that challenge me daily. And my torch.


Loving myself first makes me feel like an empowered woman.

Blog: Why my intimate relationship includes cannabis.

I brought cannabis into the bedroom and got my sexual empowerment back on track.


I am a 42 year old mother of four and have always been sexually active. I had our third child 13 years after our 2nd child was born. As some of you may know there is a significant difference in having children in your 20’s versus your mid to late 30’s. I will be honest in telling you, I wasn’t prepared for those differences.


After my son was born, I was 37, I not only experienced almost debilitating insecurity about my body but virtually a complete loss of interest in sex. It had been a traumatic birth experience with complications. Everything turned out all right in the end but the psychological impact it had on me couldn’t be denied. I had been an on again off again cannabis user for years; but after my son was weaned I began using cannabis again, as suggested by my husband, to potentially loosen up enough to get some sexual relief. It worked, it was amazing. At that time we weren’t focused on strains or any real technical details because, hey it worked! Our attitude was one of, “don’t rock the boat”.


I became pregnant with our 4th child very quickly, haha, at age 39 and again experienced a difficult pregnancy but a wonderful birth experience and was able to deliver my last little angel myself. Imagine my surprise when I not only experienced the same effects as after my son but add to that vaginal dryness and an even bigger mental block causing me to not be able to orgasm! YIKES! Now I know there are bigger problems out there, bigger health issues, but I was devastated. I was using cannabis with minimal to no, as in zero, positive effect at all in that arena. I was depressed. I hated my body, I was worried my husband would look for alternatives and good gawds above did I need an orgasm. Just to be clear I was unable to bring myself to climax either. Dark days for me as a sexually active woman in a healthy relationship, sex was and is part of my being.


The tipping point for me, being I had embraced the cannabis community by this juncture, was the availability of information on the topic of strains and the chemistry of cannabis a little more accessible. I began experimenting with strains available to me through dispensaries, basically trial by fire, and this is what I found works for me. I qualify that, being I know not all strains affect people the same way. The Kush family of strains seems to do the trick for me. I experience a wonderful euphoric and blissful mental state which allowed me to break down my other barriers and achieve not only orgasm but a whole new attitude and experience to our sex life. Again, in the interest of full disclosure I did practice a lot of positive self thought therapy and determination at times (there was a lot of “shut it” and “don’t think about that!” going on in my head during those difficult days). Overall the absolutely biggest impact was the addition of cannabis and the narrowing of the field regarding specific strains. I have had luck with other strains such as Skywalker and Fire but when those are scarce or inaccessible I am glad to have worked out that any decent Kush will work.


If you would have told me, even as early as 5 years ago that I would be utilizing cannabis to sustain my healthy sex life I would have laughed you right out of the room. So to any disbelievers or skeptics I am here to tell you, Give Cannabis A Chance. What do you have to lose? Great Sex? A deeper intimacy with your partner? I have zero regrets and am a happier person for it.

(updated version from September 2015)

09/09/2017 – Self Care Saturday

September 9th, 2017


Click on image to order

In our journey to understand cannabis and its beneficial uses we are always researching and sourcing literature and research, this choice is a great addition to any cannabis library. Products shown in photo: Lemon Haze Cannabis flower, Zen Potion cannabis infused instant coffee in the Cerebral blend and Giggles Therapeutics THCa frosting.


Indulge in the soothing line of products from Whoopi & Maya.

Decadent infused raw cacao, luxurious pain relieving rub, calming tincture and relaxing bath soak.

All available now via ClubM

RE: The Experiment

Products: Whoopi & Maya Relax tincture + Prism Farms Indica/CBD pre-roll


A wonderfully relaxing night’s sleep, woke up pain free, relaxed, no groggy feelings.



$35.00 donation


Send an email with size & shipping address to: info@femmenuri.com

Subject: Order


Click on the image to Register!


09/08/2017 – Friday Funnies

Friday Funnies, September 8th

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”

– Linda Grayson

Savor your Friday with some Whoopi & Maya Medical Cannabis Raw Cacao infused with THC. Make yourself an adult hot chocolate or add to your morning coffee, TGIF!

Hey un-medicated chocolate lovers of North County!

chocolate factory tours

Experience the JOY of Chuao Chocolatier

Our delicious chocolates don’t make themselves – take a tour of our joy factory and see how it’s done! Learn all about Chuao and where we came from, see delicious chocolates being crafted before your eyes and enjoy a guided tasting of a few of our favorite confections.

Join us at 11 a.m. or 12:30 p.m. on Fridays at 2350 Camino Vida Roble in Carlsbad to witness our creation process firsthand. Our tours are almost as popular as our chocolate bars so space is limited. Scroll down to purchase your tickets.

Any questions, let us know! Call 760-476-0197 Email: info@chuaochocolatier.com. Summer Hours for Customer Service are 8:00am – 2:00pm.

 Sensual September “FireWoman” graphic,

The Femme Nuri definition of FireWoman: (noun) a cannabis consuming adult human female.

Thanks to The Peculiar Ink for the fabulous “FireWoman” design!!! Do you need hand lettering for your next event or project, a fresh new logo look? Give Claire a call and tell her you saw her awesome artwork for Femme Nuri!!! Please support our women-owned, women-run businesses!!! #shopsmallbusiness

09/07/2017 – Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday, September 7th

You never know how far a kind word will go…

Do you have a story or experience that occurred as direct result of a #thoughtfulthursday post?

Please share it with us! Send to info@femmenuri.com

We love to hear from followers!!!

09/06/2017 – WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday, September 6th

Leave your answer in the comments!

Encourage your creative side, try journaling, sketching, crosswords or simply drawing your name with your non-dominant hand.

Add cannabis to the routine and take note of the differences.

09/05/2017 – Topic Tuesday

Topic Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Sensual September; Improving Intimacy

‘Sexy’ is being independent, being confident and having fun. -Mollie King

Product Spotlight: Sensual by Next Level Medicinals


Welcome the Femme Nuri Alluring Autumn campaign!!!

Alluring Autumn is a season of intrigue and creativity, we begin with

Sensual September.

This month will bring information on products to improve intimacy with cannabis, as well as articles and shared experiences from women patients who have benefited from the addition of cannabis to their sexual wellness.

Special edition gear will be available for prizes and contests!

September 16th you will find us at Lush Coffee & Tea in Vista for our monthly meeting from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

(we recommend the Honey Turmeric Latte with a shot of CBD)

Let’s make the most of this Fall 2017!

08/26/2017 – Selfcare Saturday

August 26th, 2017

Aesthetics: Our SelfCare visualization Space

photo by Cara L Luhring

Recommended Recipe


Sparkling Cherry Limeade

Source: Martha Stewart Living July/August 2017



  • 10 ounces fresh sweet cherries, such as Bing, pitted (2 cups)
  • 10 ounces fresh or thawed frozen sour cherries, pitted (1 1/2 cups)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon grated lime zest, plus 1 1/2 cups fresh juice (from about 12 limes), and thinly sliced lime wheels for serving
  • 6 cups chilled seltzer (48 ounces)


  1. Combine cherries, sugar, zest, and juice. Let stand, stirring occasionally, until sugar is dissolved and flavors are melded, at least 1 hour or, refrigerated in an airtight container, up to 2 days. Combine cherry mixture and seltzer in a large pitcher. Serve over ice, garnished with lime wheels.

Movie recommendation by mermaid4cannabis


Fabulous Fashion Selection

What a gorgeous idea to spruce up an otherwise ordinary set! Add your own lovely sheer wrap, eye catching heels and accent clutch to create your own unique look for summer. We love the versatility of this ensemble!!!

Product Spotlight

This week I am featuring the Papa & Barkley massage oil. A.) Because it works everytime for me, for a duration of 18-48 hrs. Not everyone has the same experience as I do, for example, my husband says it helps take the edge off his shoulder pain but doesn’t not cause him to feel pain-free as I do. And B.) because we are trying to coordinate our “Totally Topicals’ event for September!!!

Who wants to come learn about cannabis & topicals????

Today you will find us in Long Beach at:

Please submit your weekly favorites to info@femmenuri.com with subject “self care saturday submission” and we will notify you if selected and give you credit when we post your recommendation! Sharing is caring!

08/20/2017 – Sunday | Blog: The Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid System. Have you heard of it? In 1988 we discovered our first cannabinoid receptor in a rat’s brain. Then in 1993 another type of cannabinoid receptor was found as part of the immune and nervous system. Thus making the 1992 discovery of anandamide the endocannabinoid, a naturally occurring endogenous cannabinoid, all the more interesting.


But what is a cannabinoid?


Cannabinoid (noun): Any of a group of closely related compounds that include cannabinol and the active constituents of cannabis.


Wikipedia says, “A cannabinoid is one of a class of diverse chemical compounds that acts on cannabinoid receptors in cells that alter neurotransmitter release in the brain. Ligands for these receptor proteins include the endocannabinoids (produced naturally in the body by animals), the phytocannabinoids (found in cannabis and some other plants), and synthetic cannabinoids (manufactured artificially). The most notable cannabinoid is the phytocannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. Cannabidiol (CBD) is another major constituent of the plant. There are at least 113 different cannabinoids isolated from cannabis, exhibiting varied effects.”


Well isn’t that interesting, cannabis is full of cannabinoids, our bodies naturally produce endocannabinoids. No wonder so many people have found relief or improved their health with cannabis, the compounds found in the the plant are synergistic with our own bodies! Let’s talk about what cannabinoids do.


What is a cannabinoids job?


To interact with cells in your body to produce health benefits. After the receptor is engaged, multiple pathways are activated. It was thought that cannabinoid receptors mainly inhibited the adenylate cyclase, and positively influenced inwardly rectifying some channels. However, a much more complex picture has appeared in different cell types, implicating many more other channels.

As a frame of reference we are learning the following benefits:


Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer, Crohn’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathic pain, Parkinson’s Disease, PTSD


Anxiety, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Depression, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Psychotic Disorders


Anti-Depressant, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Tumor, Encourages Brain Growth


Anti-Asthmatic, Antibiotic, Appetite Stimulant, Pain reliever, Potential Medication for ALS Patients, Potential Medication for Glaucoma, Sedative


Antibiotic, Antidepressant & Mood-Stabilizer, Anti-Tumor, Pain Reliever, Possible Treatment for Psoriasis


Anticonvulsant, Neuroprotective, Promotes Weight Loss


Anti-Epileptic, Anti-Nausea


Anti-Nausea, Appetite Stimulator

THCa and CBDa

Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Improved intestinal function, Improved neural function


Intriguing information right? I mean look at all of those conditions! How many of you or people you know suffer from a variety of the listed ailments? Some people are using very expensive and harmful pharmaceutical drugs to aid in the battle against many of those symptoms. Many will suffer from side effects from those pharmaceutical drugs while trying to treat themselves, ironically creating a whole new problem or host of problems. If only they had a naturally occurring system in their bodies that could aid them in relief with a simple plant-based compatible medicine!!! Oh wait, they do. (This is also why full lab testing profiles are so important ladies, know what cannabinoids and terpenoids at what concentrations are in your medicine!)


It is time to embrace the reality of Cannabis. It is no longer the boogieman but a saving grace. Cannabis is providing children suffering from seizures and cancers with a better quality of life, enabling our seniors to battle parkinson’s, alzheimer’s and dementia, assisting the mentally ill with an alternative and partner in achieving quality mental health. Let us not overlook the importance of easing anxiety and depression that is so widespread among women. How many of us are cannabinoid deficient? Well, that’s a whole new blog post in itself ladies.

So that is our summary The Endocannabinoid System, and with that we wrap our Summer of Truth campaign. We hope you enjoyed the last 3 months worth of content and you learned something new! Be sure to buy YOUR Summer of Truth merchandise for August with “The Endocannabinoid System” messaging, remember 50% of proceeds go directly to the ASPCA!!! Last day to purchase is TUESDAY, August 22ND!!!


If you would like to continue to increase awareness about the endocannabinoid system in one of our stylish Femme Nuri designs please view our Instagram account for our “Entourage Anchor” designs and merchandise. Also available as framed prints!!!

To make an ‘Entourage Anchor” merchandise purchase:

1.) Send an email to: info@femmenuri.com

  • Include shipping address
  • Include color & size (if applicable)

2.) Pay purchase invoice via PayPal

You will receive your purchase in approximately 7-10 days.






08/19/2017 – Selfcare Saturday

August 19th, 2017

Aesthetics: Our Self Care visualization space

Recipe of the Week:


Serves 4


1 head cauliflower, cut into florets

1 whole leek, cleaned and cut into ¼-in.- thick strips

2 tbsp. olive oil

1⁄4  tsp. ground cumin

2 1⁄2 tsp. kosher salt

1 1⁄4 tsp. freshly ground black pepper, divided

4 (5-oz.) salmon fillets

2 tbsp. coconut oil

1 bunch kale, stemmed,

leaves thinly sliced

1 garlic clove, minced

3 cups hot cooked long-grain brown rice 1 avocado, sliced


  1. Preheat oven to 375°. Cut cauliflower florets into 1 1⁄2-inch pieces, and place with leeks in a roasting pan. Drizzle with olive oil; sprinkle with cumin, 1⁄2 teaspoon salt and 1⁄4 teaspoon pepper. Toss to coat, and spread in a single layer.
  1. Bake until lightly browned, about 40 minutes, loosening cauliflower with a wooden spoon halfway through cooking to prevent sticking.
  2. Meanwhile, sprinkle salmon with remaining 2 teaspoons salt and 1 teaspoon pepper. Melt coconut oil in a large skillet over medium-high; add salmon, and cook until fish is done and flakes with a fork, about 3 minutes per side. Remove from skillet.
  3. Add kale and garlic to skillet, and cook, stirring often, until kale is slightly wilted, about 2 minutes. Divide brown rice evenly among 4 serving bowls; top with cauliflower mixture, kale, salmon, and avocado.

Thank you to @mermaid4cannabis for this week’s recipe recommendation!

Book Recommendation by @Mermaid4Cannabis

Awaken the Spirit Within by: Rebecca Rosen

Product of the Week

Madrone California | Primo Rolls

Five precise packed pre-rolls by Madrone California. Packing a mighty relaxant punch this blend also keeps you clear headed. This was a fascinating experience. Each pre-roll is compact and enough to share between 2-3 people/smokes. The burn was nice and slow, almost cigar like vs. typical pre-roll.

In addition to using high quality cannabis the packaging of these are beautiful. Minimalist while maintaining that luxury brand feel with foil embossing and elegant sleeve design. Look for these soon in the ClubM store!

Local Events for the week of 8/19-08/25

Saturday – Aug 19

Reggae SummerSplash 2017

Sunday – Aug 20

Yoga with DTO & Michael Fukumura

Monday – Aug 21

Great American Eclipse Viewing – Fleet Space Center

Tuesday – Aug 22

Free Hot Pilates class in Oceanside

Wednesday – Aug 23

State Street Farmers Market in Carlsbad

Thursday – 24

Sunset SUP Yoga in Carlsbad

Friday – Aug 25

Carlsbad Music Festival

Come see us next Saturday August 26th in Long Beach!!!

Please submit your weekly favorites to info@femmenuri.com with subject “self care saturday submission” and we will notify you if selected and give you credit when we post your recommendation! Sharing is caring!

Femme Nuri July: Empowering your health with CBD

Femme Nuri presents, Empowering your health with CBD

Saturday, July 29th, 2017 | 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

We had a great time at Eve Encinitas with Christy Thiel of Elixinol, Katina Morales of Betty Khronic, Cindy Pinzon & Leone Posod of Treat Yourself, and Melissa Stapley of MJ Hybrid Solutions. Giant thanks again to our awesome sponsor Elixinol!

Please enjoy the following by our friends at Direct Cannabis Network:

DCNTV: Femme Nuri’s CBD Education Event – Sponsored by Elixinol from Direct Cannabis Network on Vimeo.

Product Spotlight- Giggle Therapeutics

Have you heard about THCa?

We want to talk to you about Giggle Therapeutics!

Pictured above you see Giggle Therapeutics Vita-Mini Giggle tablets. The THCa chewables with Vitamin C, Rosehips & Cordyceps will usher in a whole new level of relief for patients suffering from pain & inflammation without a “high”.

They also make a THCa frosting that is edible and combustible! Just remember once you add heat to THCa the psychotropic effects will become activated.

Why THCa?

“Studies have found THCA to have anti-inflammatory, neuro-protective, anti-emetic, and anti-proliferative properties, all which could make it medically beneficial for a range of conditions. This variety of potential medicinal benefits could make THCA an important cannabinoid for patients with a variety of medical conditions that already benefit from marijuana. Its anti-inflammatory properties could make it beneficial for those with pain, muscle spasms, PMS related cramping, or auto-immune conditions.” quoted from HelloMD


Visit their website here:

Cannabis Edibles | California | Giggle Therapeutics


08/12/2017 – Self Care Saturday

Self Care Saturday | August 12th, 2017

Aesthetics: Our Self Care visualization space

Recipe: Our self care healthy eating recommendation

Angel Hair Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes & Basil | Barilla


Ingredients for 8 people

  • 1 Box Barilla® Angel Hair
  • 1/4 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 2 Cloves Garlic Peeled
  • 1 Teaspoon Red Chili Pepper Flakes
  • 2 Pints Cherry Tomatoes Halved
  • 5 Leaves Fresh Basil
  • 1/2 Cup Romano Cheese Grated


  1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil
  2. heat olive oil in a large skillet
  3. Peel and gently press garlic
  4. Add garlic and red pepper flakes
  5. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and tear the basil into small pieces
  6. Add cherry tomatoes and basil to the skillet
  7. Simmer for 5 minutes
  8. Season with salt
  9. Discard garlic cloves
  10. Cook Angel Hair pasta according to package directions
  11.  Drain and toss with sauce
  12. Garnish with freshly grated Romano cheese

We add chicken breast for protein.

Book/Movie: Feel good self care Book and/or Movie of the Week

Every woman should own a copy: My Fair Lady

Cannabis: This week’s favorite Self Care product or service

Therapy Tonics tincture Limonene 321 – 180mg CBD to 60mg THC

“Limonene 321 tincture was designed to evoke balance. The Limonene terpene provides a bright, uplifting citrusy taste. The 180MG of CBD to 60MG of THC assist in producing a feeling of soothing focus.”

We have found this tincture to be effective in managing mild anxiety and depression. Available via ClubM

Event: Local opportunity to in indulge in Self Care by getting social

Steve Martin & Martin Short

El Dub Music – One Man Loop Band

Please submit your weekly favorites to info@femmenuri.com with subject “self care saturday submission” and we will notify you if selected and give you credit when we post your recommendation! Sharing is caring!

August 2017 Merchandise Launch

Our August Merchandise Launch for 2017

How to order:

Until our store is up and running we are offering manual merchandise sales. Help spread awareness with our sweet but subtle design.

If you would like to order please:

  • Send an email to info@femmenuri.com
  • Use subject “Name of Set” 
  • Provide size (XS-XL)
  • Provide mailing address.

You will be sent a Paypal invoice for the full amount. Shipping is free. Your order will be processed once payment is complete. These are donation driven sales to support our organization. Thank you for your support!

July 2017 | Club M | Volume 18 | ESCAPE

July 2017 | Club M | Volume 18 | ESCAPE

Volume 18 of The MBox by ClubM brought us, ESCAPE

A collection of items meant to help you inspire your own cannabis staycation! Check out these ESCAPE inspired innovations! From multipurpose lighters to top shelf cannabis you were sure to ESCAPE.

Half Lit Pineapple flavored cannabis infused lollipop

These cannabis infused tasty treat have  25 mg of THC, are organic and gluten, dairy, soy, nut, artificial dye, & GMO-free! Pineapple Paradise was fantastically fruity.

What makes these lollies different from the average edible is they have included a stick with cannabis seed inside. You plant the stick and grow your own cannabis plant. How fun is that?!

With that dose and fun marketing appeal these would make a great patient gift. I emphasize “patients” as we feel 5 mg THC is more appropriate a dose for a new consumer. But feel a more experienced consumer would appreciate the novelty and better manage the dosage at that 25 mg level.

*We plan to blog our stick growth progress.


1/8th JUST HERB – Headband

This heady frosty flower lives up to its reputation of a heavy sedative and pain reliever. It provided a great night of restful sleep as well. I don’t always find the Headband strain consistent but this one came through true to form.

The spongy buds were dense and smoked well in our water piece and rolled in joints.  Keep the container closed because it is definitely LOUD.

We recommend you try this strain out if you are looking for a sedative type outcome, like a relaxant or sleep aid. Higher tolerance consumers should find it more manageable.



Other JUST HERB strains are available on the ClubM website

Lighter Bro, turn your lighter into a utility tool!

This handy little MacGyver-type gadget is 7 tools in one multi-tool. Admittedly we have used this several times already. I like it because it gives more weight to the lighter making it easier to find in the bottom of whichever bag it has been transferred into. I’ll take the brass gold tone casing versus a plain plastic lighter any day! This would definitely come in handy if one needed to make an #ESCAPE

60 ml Papa & Barkley Massage oil (3:1 THC:CBD)

Oh do I love this stuff. I use it regularly on myself, it is convenient to rub some oil on my neck and shoulders relieving the pain and muscle tension I have in that area. The best part being the almost immediate effects, I’d like to say seconds but I will commit to saying full relief in minutes.

My husband says it takes the edge off his repetitive motion pain but does not provide the level of relief I experience for my neck and shoulder tension upon use of the Papa & Barkley oil.

This 3 mg THC to 1 mg CBD massage oil carries the Papa & Barkley signature medicinal scent, be mindful of transferring to bed sheets or clothing post-use as it is an oil. I have not experienced any staining issues when using.

Try Papa & Barkley transdermal patches and relief balms as well!

Pura Vida Health infused Sunny Seeds & Palm Tree pre-roll

In addition to the usual high quality Pura Vida Health products we have come to know and love, such as these lovely, salty, Sunny Seeds, this MBox delivers a new surprise! Palm Tree pre-rolls: cannabis pre-rolls, rolled in cured cannabis leaf.

These were an awesome ‘Netfilx & Chill’ combo. (Remember: Stay hydrated!)

The pre-roll was potent, an interesting flavor, and we will definitely be ordering more. Would be great to take to a party.



  Be sure to check out all of Pura Vida Health’s other products in the ClubM store!

Tokin, Battery kit & Cannabis oil 0.5 g disposable cartridge

(in Pina Colada, Sativa)

This flavorful cannabis oil has been a great daytime sativa and is reminiscent of tropical drinks with its Pina Colada flavor.

It is always appreciated when you get the battery kit that comes with the cartridge, we seem to have better luck with functionality and use with paired battery and cartridge set-ups.

Love that gold foil Palm Tree branding!




Thank you as always to ClubM, you have done it again, provided a box to #escape and #enjoy to create #perfectmoments with our MBox innovations, we cannot wait to see what next month has in store…


Self Care Saturday | August 5, 2017

It is Saturday, that means Self Care time Ladies!

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

Our Favorite recipe for the week:

Mexican Sweet Corn Potato casserole (Vegan)

This yummy vegan dish is flavorful & fun!


Our favorite outfit for the week:

Since August’s theme is fitness we selected this outfit for its bright summer colors. We could easily wear this to yoga or to take a power walk or run.

Do you coordinate your accessories with your workout clothes?

Our favorite book for the week:

Arbitrary Stupid Goal by Tamara Shopsin

I (Cara) have ordered this book and admittedly haven’t read it yet, I was looking for something light to make me laugh.

Our favorite product of the week:

Delightful tangy pastilles (5 mg THC/3 mg CBD, Sativa)

Beboe cannabis pastilles are carefully crafted with the finest organic ingredients and natural flavors. Each pastille contains 5 milligrams of Sativa blend THC and 3 milligrams of CBD with a natural accelerant for timely absorption.” –from the Beboe website

I love, love, love this branding, the practical and well designed packaging will surely encourage repurposing this tin! Vintage looking and functional. I was a fan of sweet tarts so I enjoyed these pastilles.

Effects were mild relaxant, with clear head. Great social medicating option. Available via Club M.

We hope you enjoy our new Self Care Saturday format. Please submit your weekly favorites to info@femmenuri.com with subject “self care saturday” and we will give you credit if we post your recommendation! Sharing is caring!

Our amazing panel of Speakers for Saturday’s event!

The following are our amazing speakers who will be sharing their insight and experience this Saturday at Eve Encinitas!

FREE Educational Event this Saturday!

Free educational event

Empowering your health with Hemp & CBD

Bring your friends to Eve Encinitas this Saturday, July 29th, from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. to our gathering for enlightenment regarding how hemp and CBD can improve your health. Our event is to educate women in a sociable, comfortable setting to get better acquainted with hemp and CBD, including products.

We feel it is important to provide an opportunity for women to share their stories and why they have an interest in hemp and CBD. Who better to learn from than another mother or female peer? This is the oral tradition we use for all other curiosities and so it is with hemp and cannabis for Femme Nuri.

In support of this goal our event will host an educated speaker, providing a general overview regarding hemp and CBD. To include a hemp product storefront hosted by Elixinol for guest convenience!

Take advantage of this FREE, fun, educational event, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., July 29th. Get introduced to products in a friendly, community setting where you can try before you buy while socializing with peers.

Register here:     https://hemphemphooray.eventbrite.com

07/23/2017 vLog – Tub Talk – Hidden Pendant Bath Bomb

Hidden Pendant Bath Bomb

Whoa Nelly did I flub that one up! I was excited about the pendant!

This is one ahh-mazing bath bomb, but it DOES NOT contain any CBD. It is a great smelling, relaxing and therapeutic soak though. Hey, I buy a lot of these to try out, and I forget things sometimes. Haha.

My point was to share the awesome customer service experience I was provided by this vendor. As I mentioned the product was shipped in a timely manner but didn’t not arrive in one. It was  because this vendor responded immediately and had tracking on the package, we were able to locate it and bring this little bath bomb’s travels to an end.

Imagine how thrilled I was to finally receive my Hidden Pendant Bath Bomb by Trinity Custom Creations to find an whole SECOND bath bomb (‘Calm Summer‘: Lemon, Jasmine & Chamomile!) PLUS Lavender bath dust. Holy crow I was surprised! Giant thanks to Megan for her generosity. 

I loved my bath bomb! It felt silky, not slimy, and I adore the glass custom pendant! I mean really, it is just the prettiest little thing, perfect size for me! And what a lovely fragrant, relaxing soak after all my pendant & video excitement.


If you’d like your own hidden pendant bath bomb pendant you can get one HERE


A full product review with photos will be coming to the blog soon.


See you next week!

07/16/2017 vLog – My Cannabis Story, Carolina

Femme Nuri presents, 07/16/2017 vLog – My Story featuring Carolina.

This week’s vLog features a new guest and a new My Cannabis Story from a local cannaMom.



June 2017 | ClubM | Volume 17 | PRIDE

June 2017 | ClubM | Volume 17 | PRIDE

ClubM Volume 17 brings members PRIDE for June 2017.

Our adventure begins with a powerful message of positivity and mention of the delights found inside this month’s PRIDE edition. True to form with the M Box wax seal and personalized content menu of sought after items.





Nestled inside PRIDE we found an adorable portable bubbler in a carry case, 1:1 ratio tincture, an energy shot, water alternative that helps keep your piece clean from residue, a coveted Nativ (Born in Venice CA) pre-roll and a full 1/8 of birthday cake kush cannabis. Everything you need to create your own shared #perfectmoments. (Please tag us @femmenuri in your MBox social media posts!!!)


Martian Bubbler

MJ’s Arsenal’s adorable glass piece was such a delight! Comes in a padded carrying case with a quality zipper and carabiner attached. This glass bubbler can be worn as a necklace and is pleasantly light weight.  Great for smoking pre-rolls to lessen the heat from the combustion. Simple to use; Fill with water (in our case Piece Water), place pre-roll in holder, inhale from mouthpiece. This was appreciated as an inclusionary part of this box.

Nativ White Label

The always sought after Nativ products!!! These pre-rolls are known for their high quality ingredients as well as their beautiful sleek branding. This Do-Si-Dos didn’t disappoint, heady and relaxing. I really love having this container left to re-use as a pre-roll container. I’m excited to try the Black & Grey Label as well! I am especially thankful they can be found on the ClubM storefront!


I don’t do energy drinks so I give these to my husband. Definitely serve cold as to do the product justice. Carl reported:

”   …   ”


Piece Water

Boy did this come in handy between the martian bubbler and that Nativ white label! It was like when you are playing slots and that first row stops on cherry, and you are like, “no way!”. Then the second row, BAM cherry. You are thinking, “nope, no way, it’ll bust for sure.”, then, ding! ding! ding! That third row slammed to a halt on cherry too!!! WooHoo, the trifecta! We can smoke right this very second!!!! Wait, who has a lighter? Matches? Correction: We can smoke this as soon as we locate a lighter.

Leaf California

LEAF California provided us with a lovely Birthday Cake Kush. This nice indica dominant strain was relaxing but not sleepy for me, I found it pleasant and mildly euphoric. Weighing in at an exact 3.5 grams by our scale this dense nug was frosty and aromatic. It came in a chiffon satchel inside a cosmetic looking container. I appreciated the testing results included on the packaging.

Symmetry 121

Therapy Tonics & Provisions continue to impress me, I have only recently been introduced to their line of tinctures and I am loving what I am seeing so far. This 1:1 is an improvement from my previous favorite 1:1 tincture. Symmetry delivered on its promise of balance, I found myself relaxed, it managed my pain, while keeping me clear-headed and alert. This is why I love tinctures, the quick onset like smoking or vaporizing without the oral damage. This tincture being MCT based it acts quickly like my favored alcohol tinctures minus the alcohol. But like I mentioned fast acting as they do not have to processed by the liver first. Under the tongue 30-60 seconds and I feel the effects personally in minutes.

Thank you once again ClubM for another edition of the M Box, PRIDE included a variety of fun new items. A new set of tools for creating our own shared #perfectmoments

07/02/2017 – vLog

Here is what we will be up to this July:

vLog | July, 2, 2017 | HEMP

Thank you for joining us this week for the Femme Nuri vLog, we have postponed our big announcement due to, you know, life happening. Fear not, your curiosity will be satisfied soon!

Until then I wanted to give everyone a quick summary on our plans for JULY.

Femme Nuri Merchandise

As you know, July is month #2 of our Summer of Truth campaign, this means NEW branded merchandise in the storefront starting Monday, July 3rd! These campaigns help us raise funds for our free events in addition to contributing a portion of sales to a mainstream charity. This month’s gear will host the Summer of Truth graphic with “Hemp for Victory” to continue our goal of educating the public on cannabis truths. Remember part of the premise of this campaign is to highlight easily referenced information in order to make people think about cannabis differently. Our selected charity recipient for July’s campaign is: Wounded Warriors. We’ve selected Wounded Warriors this month in support of our Veterans and are donating 50% of all proceeds directly to the organization with each and every sale.

I wanted to mention we will be releasing our own Femme Nuri merchandise this month as well in our own private storefront. We have worked hard on providing designs that are eye-appealing and subtly educational. These funds also contribute to our free events and it is our hope that this storefront will provide additional funding to our future grants and programs.


Moving right along I am excited to share we will be hosting an educational hemp product event this month, sponsored by Elixinol. We will have an educated and well verse speaker and ‘Hemp Marketplace’ to purchase products. This is a FREE event and will be hosted in North County near the end of the month.

Also we will be doing a pop-up sometime this month so pay attention for updates on that! Pop-Up’s will consist of a donation drive with an opportunity to earn Femme Nuri gear while supporting your community. This month we will be hosting a Book Drive, bring a book, CD, DVD, take a book, CD, DVD, anything goes! We will be donating all age appropriate books to Books for Soldiers & Oceanside Women & Children’s shelter.

A quick reminder that the next Emerald Exchange will be in Malibu again this August, if you are on our subscribers list you will be getting more information on this event, including the panel I am so grateful to have been asked to moderate. This time it will be a 2 day event and we will have a discount code for any Femme Nuri followers interesting in attending as well as a hotel discount for those looking to schedule a mini-canna getaway! A big thanks to Jessica Cure of Cure Designs for including me and for her ongoing support of Femme Nuri!!!! (You’ll be learning more about Jessica soon….)

In conclusion I wanted to remind those of you who follow us on social media, don’t forget to post any Summer of Truth posters you come across around town! If you post it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and tag Femme Nuri you might win a prize!!! Prizes include Femme Nuri gear, discounts AND medicated products, OH MY!!!

As always thank you so much for watching and for your very valuable time! See you next week!


Summer of Truth | The Quagmire; #6630507

The Quagmire; U.S. Patent Number 6630507 vs. Schedule I 

US Drug Enforcement Administration

“Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Some examples of Schedule I drugs are:

heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), marijuana (cannabis), 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy), methaqualone, and peyote”



Re: US Patent #6630507 on Cannabinoids found in cannabis

“The present invention concerns pharmaceutical compounds and compositions that are useful as tissue protectants, such as neuroprotectants and cardioprotectants. The compounds and compositions may be used, for example, in the treatment of acute ischemic neurological insults or chronic neurodegenerative diseases.”

Sorry boys, you cannot have it both ways, it either is or it isn’t.


Where are our up and coming millennial attorneys at, willing to take this issue to the mat in the courts since the GenX/Y dropped the ball? Yah I said it, my crowd really twonked this one up. In our defense most of us were pretty naive with a case of the warm and fuzzies on Ritalin, brainwashed by red ribbon week and commercials about frying your brain like a damn egg for breakfast. Don’t forget all the Care Bears Movies, “We are the World” topping the charts and an MTV promoted, pot smoking president. Nonetheless, we took 1996 for granted in California, became complacent and the ball was dropped. Cry all you want California Baby Boomers you finally have that legalization you’ve been whining about for decades thanks to those millennials you love to blame everything on. But back to the topic at hand, The Quagmire.


Let’s start with the definition of quagmire. According to Merriam-Webster, “Quagmire, (noun); 2. a difficult, precarious, or entrapping position.” That seems to be the position the US Government finds itself in with cannabis whether they realize it or not.


What is the legal precedent on the US government lying to its citizens and also providing the proof of the lie? Anyone? We are seeing some examples in recent history; Flint, Michigan. Standing Rock. Just to name a couple. I hope dear reader you are paying attention to how these situations are being played out.


What I see happening with the US government stating cannabis to be a schedule 1 drug, while holding a patent stating the exact medicinal properties of aforementioned schedule 1 drug, which by definition assumes no medicinal properties, is a quagmire. To be a clear, a  contradiction easily remedied. Then why isn’t it? Ahhh there in lies the rub dear reader. During the attempt to reschedule cannabis in the 2000’s, specifically ASA’s appeal in 2012,  we are allowed a glimpse into the potential “why”. The decision makers know too little to make an informed decision in addition to identifying who will benefit the most from this legislation alteration and how said government can best capitalize on the situation. Now let’s face it, government officials have shown us they are not about “working”, asking them to educate themselves in order to serve the electorate is laughable. I am of the opinion that it will come down to the lobby, and who can finance it. (so please pay attention.)


But really, let’s take a trip in history and revisit the Marijuana Tax of 1937. What that was about and why it ultimately became the tipping point for the banning of cannabis across states.

This statute passed by Congress in 1937 effectively criminalized marijuana, restricting possession of cannabis to individuals who paid a tax for authorized medical and industrial uses.


It is speculated that with the influx of immigration from the south into the United States, this legislation was a method in which to control the masses migrating north after the Mexican Revolution. Known as marijuana to the Mexican community, many American’s did not make the connection to the more familiar cannabis found in tinctures in medicine cabinets across the country at that time. Thus making the case for the purpose of this legislation being an effort and example of controlling a people by controlling their customs. By using a foreign term for a common medicinal treatment in addition to propaganda and fear mongering they turned the tide. Enter Reefer Madness, a culturally and sexist demonizing cannabis propaganda campaign. Cannabis medicine had been being used safely and effectively in America, it was a commonplace treatment up until this point. 


Additionally this legislation angered more than one group, the physicians prescribing cannabis, the pharmacists providing the cannabis and the cultivators all were mad. Congress issuing separate taxation on each level, making cannabis triple taxed. In addition to using the misnomer of marijuana whereas the scientific community knew it as cannabis sativa. Dr. William Creighton Woodward, legislative counsel for the AMA went on the record objecting the assertions made against cannabis/marijuana also pointing out using the term marijuana wasn’t proper causing confusion, the medical community wouldn’t recognize marijuana and cannabis as the same. He seemed to feel the medical community wouldn’t be so conducive to restrictions such as these regarding cannabis use and access.


Which lands us with cannabis being scheduled as having no medicinal value and a highly addictive substance based on a 1928 International Opium Convention ruling and some interesting statements from some interesting characters. For anyone interested in reading the statements, http://www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/hemp/taxact/taxact.htm  


Now what? What is the best solution for cannabis and the end user?


We know cannabis is federally a schedule I drug whether it is deserving of the scheduling or not. We know there is a federal patent on cannabinoids found in cannabis for medicinal use. We have proof that cannabis has been used medicinally globally for thousands of years.


I believe the solution lies in a collaborative effort of physicians, researchers, cultivators, patients and professionals developing a realistic, effective protocol and regulation model. I believe the descheduling and decriminalization of cannabis is necessary.


What do you think dear reader? Should cannabis merely be rescheduled? Descheduled? Remain as a schedule I? Does our government having a patent on cannabinoids make you scratch your head? Knowledge is power, share this information with your friends, have conversations, let’s see what people think when they learn more about the facts. #youknowmorenow

Additionally I would like to thank those of you who made purchases from the storefront this month in support of our educational campaign for June 2017 and fundraising for the ACLU in honor of PRIDE. #lovewins

As always, thank you for your time!


06/25/2017 vLog – Getting started with cannabis.

This week’s vLog: Getting started with cannabis.

Hello again ladies and thank you for joining me for the vLog this week about getting started with cannabis. Next week will be extra special as I have a BIG announcement and introduction for you! But enough of that, THIS week I wanted to talk to you about getting started with cannabis as I get this question A LOT. To be clear I am NOT a medical professional and am speaking in general terms as to provide a litmus of sorts to get you sorted out, or started out as it were.


Okay so, I like what I call the destination approach as it breaks down a lot of information to help provide direction and guidance once you have the legend or key. I am going to give you the formula for your OWN legend/key. Grab a notepad and writing instrument, open up docs in your nearest device, whichever suits you best and write these 7 suggestions down.

Number 1.

Please answer these questions:

  • What are you treating?
  • What is your desired result or outcome?
  • How are you comfortable consuming?

Numero 2.

Do your research.

Please utilize the number of informational texts available to help identify effective anecdotal treatments. Amazon plays host to most of the top medical cannabis texts available, for further research data or analytical information please send an info assistance inquiry to info@femmeniri.com. My 3 favorites currently include:

  • Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook by Robyn Griggs Lawrence (seriously)
  • Cannabis Revealed by Bonni Goldstein, MD
  • Cannabis Extracts in Medicine by Jeffrey Dach, M.D., Elaine A. Moore and Justin Kander

Nombre 3.

Speak with a professional.

Book an appointment at your local cannabis/holistic wellness center or an online appointment with HelloMD.com

This allows you an opportunity to ask any unanswered questions you may have of an actual doctor, for peace of mind as well as any clarity or needed confidence in your treatment plan. In addition to that I believe in adding a layer of protection to your access and your rights as a legal medical patient.  

Nummer 4.

Obtaining legal cannabis.

As simple of an answer as this should be, the reality is, it isn’t. Due to the restrictive nature of government in unknown territory access remains to be an issue for some people. For example if you are a patient with mobility issues traveling a great distance to and from a legal dispensary may prompt you to use an illegal delivery service at a lower price point and convenience of home delivery. But that is a whole new ball of wax.

My suggestion is to search your city government page to find out if dispensaries are legal in your city, from there search the county to find the closest city or municipality to host a legally permitted medical cannabis dispensary. Please note: Online cannabis delivery and dispensary directories do not require businesses to be operating legally to be listed on their directories. Hey, I know, it’s a lot to have to sort through on your own, and there is more! It is kind of ridiculous really, but let me share something with you, is it worth the peace of mind knowing you will be visiting an establishment that isn’t going to be raided whilst you are there purchasing your meds? Is it worth avoiding a police incident video montage for the evening news? That’s what I thought.

So now you have located the dispensaries, if possible select a few. Then, call them up. Ask them if they sell lab-tested cannabis and cannabis products? Are they ALL tested? Ask them the types of products they carry and where they source their cannabis? Indoor only? Outdoor only? Then decide which location suits your specific needs best, feel free to share with the staff what you specifically are look for from a dispensary to see if they can accommodate your needs before making a visit.

Shu 5.

Read the label.

We do this for everything else we buy, cannabis is no different. Know what is in your meds no matter the product, from topicals to edibles to cannabis flower. Only ever consume lab-tested products you can see results for. Make sure things like batch numbers match up with given results. I hate that I have to specifically mention this but I have come across this. In addition to ensuring clean medicine these results are your roadmap to treatment. The terpenoid and cannabinoid profile* in combination with your personal outcome can help you navigate what is giving you the greatest results.

(*Really great lab results will include full cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles, I lean towards the products that are testing at these levels.)


Nambari 6.

Trial by fire. It is the truth and where we are right now at this impasse of lack of information and access to obtaining said research/data. We do have some really helpful resources to help guide us, like the reason I mention the importance of lab-results and treatment. Let me give you an example, aromatherapy. I enjoyed a great talk by a confident ph.D. known as Justin Fishedick that really opened my eyes to a new vein of understanding. Much like we all respond to different smells and aromas is how we can compare our responses to cannabis. But fear not, this does not need to be a perilous trial with the tools provided herein. You will have a greater understanding of how to treat yourself and the medicinal history of the plant versus the propaganda most of us were raised on.

and finally #7.

Get involved.

Cannabis is still a federally scheduled one substance, as much of a direct contradiction that is with the U.S. Patent #6630507 for Cannabinoids it remains our reality. As more and more states legalize the more pressure the federal government feels to make a decision. With our current administration the cannabis industry seems precarious at best. Please let me clear, I do not think the states will abide by federal interference on these matters but these actions do have consequences such as the banking quagmire currently bogging the industry and states requiring taxes to be paid. That in itself creates and whole NEW public safety issue.

Consider joining ASA, NormL and if you are in California Humboldt Cannabis Growers association and BMCR. If nothing else follow them online and stay current on the issues and topics we face.


And that’s all I’ve got!


Thank you so much for your time!

FireWoman, Wendy Kornberg; A cannabis cultivating Mom from Humboldt County.

My interview with Wendy Kornberg, cannabis cultivating Mama from Humboldt County.

We adore this amazing cultivating FireWoman!

She grows, she cooks, she caretakes, she creates, she heals, she counsels, she advocates, AND she leads. Now we aren’t promoting that we ALL have to “do it all”, it just so happens this particular woman does DO all those things, and does so in an authentic way making her irresistible!


Wendy has a wealth of knowledge and experience, she is also unique in her niche as it has been so dominated by men. She is well organized, highly intelligent and is able to manage a number of tasks on various platforms. In our opinion, making her a lethal force in the industry. The best aspect being, her whole-hearted devotion to and respect for the healing properties of this plant, from seed to sale. We believe it to be one of her most precious commodities.


Please enjoy learning more about Ms. Wendy Kornberg.

Thank you so much Wendy for your time and valuable insight today! Let’s start with a little about you, please share in your own words, who you are and what you do:


WK:  I am a second-generation cannabis cultivator in Southern Humboldt County. I have always had a passion for science and gardening, and cannabis is the perfect blend of the two.  My family and I own a small ranch on the banks of the Eel river, near the Humboldt County line, where we cultivate cannabis. We use natural, organic methods, and take great pride in cultivating with sustainability, posterity, and the environment in mind.  Land stewardship is paramount in our cultivation practices. We utilize ancient agricultural methods, such as fermented plant juices and compost tea, and newer technology like drip line irrigation, in order to create the most synergistic products we can. The cannabis that is cultivated on our property is done so specifically with patients in mind. The flowers are marketed to dispensaries and directly to patients at events throughout the year, and the small bits and pieces that have no bag appeal or prettiness to them are utilized for salve, cooking oil, and other products. I also love crafting, so I’m constantly coming up with new and creative ideas to utilize every part of the plant in a way that is greatly beneficial for both our bodies and souls.

What has your experience been as a woman in the cannabis industry? Do you feel women are truly dominating cannabis as represented in the media?:

WK: It’s been an interesting journey as a woman in this industry. In my area of California there is still a very strong underlying ideology that the men grow and the women sit and trim, and I don’t think our area is much different than the rest of the state. Even at our farm I often have to belabor and argue my point and process; although that honestly may be more because the way I think is different than the fact that I’m a woman. The challenges women face is no different in cannabis than in any other industry; inherent sexism, lower pay, slower promotions or being passed over for a job, and a more difficult time being taken seriously. There are people we don’t do business with anymore because they couldn’t understand that they needed to talk to me and not my partner. I’ve also experienced being passed over for jobs. I used to run a trim crew and had bugged the boss for years to hire me as a farmer. He kept hiring other people with less experience that never worked out. Eventually a neighbor offered me a job growing, and that enabled me to save enough to be able to buy our commercial property. It’s ironic, since women are traditionally credited with being gardeners, but it seems that once a certain scale is achieved it’s thought that a man must be in charge. I think the problem really lies with the paradigm in our society that things that are wildly successful are the result of a man’s work. We do see that changing, but it’s a very slow process and can be maddeningly infuriating at times.

As a knowledgeable industry professional, in your opinion, what is the ideal balance between regulation/compliance and reality/practicality for California cannabis cultivation?:


WK:  I think that regulation is an incredibly important part of this process. Unfortunately, most regulations and rules are created by people who are not aware of the limitations of farming. They’re looking at this as a drug  rather than an herb. Cannabis is not a standard agricultural crop. There are definitely many problems that are unique to cannabis, and I think that growing at a large scale will impact this plant in a very negative way. Many people use cannabis for self medication, so even though they are “just getting high” there’s a real reason behind it. We know that stress is very deadly and kills people on a daily basis, and yet people who use cannabis to self medicate for stress reduction are thought of negatively. It is this negative connotation that has been prevalent for so long in our country that people have a hard time moving past it. This is incredibly sad to me, as there are so many beneficial uses for this herb. The government has been anti-cannabis for so long that people are having a very difficult time seeing beyond the drug war.

I  believe very strongly in cannabis as a medicine, and as such, there do need to be standards set in place.

However, those standards should not be so restrictive  that the people who have been doing this and keeping this industry alive for decades will be cut out. . Right now, especially in Humboldt county, it is incredibly difficult to get a permit to legally grow cannabis.  The only permits that have been issued so far that I am aware of our for very large multi acre farm. These are from people who had enough money to hire large teams of lawyers to push their permit through for them.  Our county is trying very hard, as is the state, but unfortunately they are also making this very much about business and capitalism. There is less and less space for small farmers in this industry. The cost of compliance is so high that many people are not able to pursue permits even if they wanted to. Should cannabis be considered an herb, and treated as such, it would be much more realistic for people to be able to continue farming on a small scale.  

I have sought out and tried to be a part of the process as much as I can.

But most of us are busy farming, farming and trying to pursue permits, and regulation, and understanding laws on our own leaves very little time for being as involved in the political process as we would like. Currently developing regulation cannabis is being over-regulated. I think that we will see more and more of that capitalism is going to win out, small farms are going to go under, the black market will continue, and the quality of the medicine available will decrease. Cannabis on a large scale will never be able to compete with the quality of the cannabis from a small farm, and a small farm will never be able to compete with the price points of a large farm. It is highly problematic, and I think we will see more and more that it will be big business as usual. I still hope and pray  that the small farms will be able to stay afloat by creating cooperatives and the like, but even that becomes difficult when you are trying to get your crop in, or figure out your branding and marketing capabilities.

Can you speak a little to your process in regards to many of the products you have created, what has been your inspiration in creating so many helpful medicinal products?:


WK: I firmly believe that cannabis really can cure almost any ailment and if it’s crafted and combined correctly with other immune supportive herbs and oils you can get amazing results in a fairly short period of time. Every product I’ve created has been inspired by a friend or family member. Basically I start with the general ailment that a family member has and research the hell out of it. I think about what result I want to achieve and make sure that everything I add to my initial base oil supports those results.

You are a mother yourself, please share the 3 most important things you feel all CannaMoms should know about consuming cannabis:

WK:  The first and most important thing to know would be that different strains and methods of ingestion will create different effects in your body.  Someone who is a heavy smoker and has a high tolerance for smoking may be exactly the opposite when it comes to edibles. Just because you are a heavy smoker does not necessarily mean that you will be able to take a dab without getting severely affected. Sometimes it is less about the percent of THC and more about the way the different compounds terpenes interact in your body.  Secondly, I highly recommend when trying a new product or strain to make sure you have some childcare before you begin. You never know if packaging is exact, or if you will have an adverse reaction to something. And finally, dosage dosage dosage! Make sure that you start with  A very low-dose, wait a few hours after ingestion, see how you’re feeling, and then slowly increase if you need to. Remember, if you get too high, you’re not dying. Just breathe and try to ride it out, and know that next time your dosage should be much lower. So many people I know I’ve accidentally  ingested way too much because they did not know their tolerance level.

In conclusion, what advice do you have for anyone thinking of getting into the cannabis space today?


WK: Honestly, it’s probably too late to be jumping in now. The price keeps dropping and the expenses keep going up. The dispensaries are the only ones really getting rich that I know of, and you’d need a few million to get that started; not to mention permits are looking to be extremely difficult to secure. From the outside it seems like an easy way to make a few million, but the reality is we work 80 hours per week (seriously!) for maybe a couple hundred dollars per pound of profit. It’s estimated that $95,325 per year is the optimal salary for happiness (cost-of-living data data from the Council for Community & Economic Research,) which means you would need to  grow between 4,500 and 10,000 pounds annually in order to afford yourself and your family with an ideal income. For our small farm this is an astronomical number, and I have no idea how anyone would be able to produce high-quality medicine at that large of a scale. There is certainly room for innovators and motivated people, but it is a very tenuous time for cannabis and I think that unless you have already started down this path,  perhaps it is a better idea to wait it out for a few years and see where you fit in later.

Thank you Wendy, for your valuable insight and perspective into these very vital issues facing the cannabis industry right now. We want to make sure everyone is aware of the status and implications of all this change being it truly impacts everyone from the cultivators to the patients/caregivers. It is our hope through conversations like these that people are learning  and understanding more, starting to ask more questions from a desire of a deeper understanding. Especially from an audience that doesn’t necessarily consume, there is a recognition that even though they may not consume they recognize there is a value in understanding more about cannabis.


You can follow Wendy on social media and we highly encourage you to do so. She regularly posts informative videos on happenings, as well as various educational videos about cultivating cannabis, and her experiences with various methods, processes and products. If you are a grower or considering a home grown please watch her videos, it will be immensely educational,  she doesn’t try to sell you anything but shares what does work for her! Invaluable information all via your mobile device.


As always, to our faithful readers, thank you for your time!


06/18/2017- Special edition Cannadad vLog

Special Edition CannaDad vLog

Please enjoy the vLog interview with our household CannaDad in honor of Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s day to all the dad’s out there!

06/11/2017 Femme Nuri VLog

Six cannabis & hemp products I use everyday. (That DO NOT get me high.)

Hello ladies!


I wanted to share with you today, 6 products I use everyday that contain cannabis, hemp or both, that DO NOT get me high. They are some really great products I think you should know about to elevate your education on the many benefits of this plant!


Okay so to begin, my first product is a bit of a caveat, I use it daily when I am in possession of it, I hoard these products because I enjoy them so much! This is Hemp Angels Halo Hemp Soap in Gardenia. The only reason I still have this is because it is kept in my lingerie drawer! I really love this skin nourishing soap, a couple of winters back we were in Vegas, so dry! I luckily brought my hemp angels soap and swear it is what saved my skin, I had forgotten moisturizer that trip! I even use it on my face, it is that cleansing and gentle. Great product, highly recommend it!


Next is my Crave CBD Skincare regime of moisturizer and CBD oil serum. These are all wildcrafted, artisanal products, no chemicals or harsh fragrances. All natural ingredients that perform as well as my former high end skin care such as Strivectin, Clinique and Estee Lauder.

I use them sparingly to great effect and satisfaction. Such a wonderful alternative to the many chemical filled options out there, one more small way to help detox your body by not using polluted products.


From there we move on to my deodorant, it is by KB Pure Essentials. I have tried some great natural deodorants but this is my favorite, and I am going to tell you why. This is a rich lotiony formula that has great scents to choose from and comes in the stick applicator like commercial deodorant. It minimizes wetness but I really use it for the odor control. Our bodies need to sweat, I’m cool with that as long as I don’t stink. I love the Lemon Verbena and Cool Melon. (They make a really silky lotion too!)


Moving right along to product number 4, CBD Works 200 mg CBD lotion in lavender. I really love this product as a body lotion. I use it on my arms daily because they get the most exposure, I’ve noticed my skin texture and appearance on my arms has improved from some prior sun damage and my elbows stay more moisturized. That is actually a thing with me so I am digging this lotion performing in this manner. It is like an added bonus. I like the way it smells, it blends well with the scents of my other body products.


Ahhh Awakened Topicals Cannabis & Calendula lip balm, this is my favorite lip balm, seriously. I grew up on calendula in medicinal products so it is a memory trigger every use. It is a great moisturizing lip balm that doesn’t need a ton of reapplication and works well post-sun exposure. I was gifted this one by a kind gentleman at an event in ChinaTown in January 2016. I barely have any left and am trying to make it last until I can find another. Yah I’m talking to you Awakened Topicals, where in San Diego can I get this balm and do you still make it?


And last but not least…Legion of Bloom ZANA Ayurveda & CBD oil roll-on. I carry this in my purse to roll on my neck for tightness and tension. I use this when I feel the onset of a headache by applying it where I feel the pain or tension directly. I’ve even used it simply by rolling it on my wrists to sniff to sooth my mild nausea. It is a beautiful, luxurious oil that smells lightly of wintergreen with a hint of earthy undertone that absorbs completely into the skin.


So these are the 6 things I use everyday made with hemp and or Cannabis that do not get me high, You can find links to the websites for all the products I’ve mentioned in the description if you would like to follow up and try any of these products for yourself. If you have any questions about these products feel free to email: info@femmenuri.com

I hope you enjoyed this video and that you learned something new! Thank you for your time.

#1 – https://www.hempangelproducts.com/

#2 – https://kbpureessentials.com/

#3 – http://craveskincare.com/

#4 – https://cbdworks.org/

#5 – https://www.awakenedtopicals.com/home

#6 – http://www.thelegionofbloom.com/home



Beboe Unboxing

Unboxing of the NEW Beboe disposable cannabis vape pen

This beautifully designed and executed pen was a true delight, from the opening of the box to the sweet tasting effective cannabis oil. This luxury item is a must have for any Cannabis Connoisseur! Visit the website: HERE