Health & Wellness with Cortney, Incredible Women of Cannabis

Please welcome Cortney Belcher to the Femme Nuri Community!!!

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Cortney Belcher


Cortney is a Health & Wellness Coach in North County San Diego. Cortney found the cannabis plant at the young age of 16 and with chronic anxiety she quickly realized she would long be fighting to use cannabis medicinally without fear of punishment. As a Consultant and Coach, Cortney helps her clients find natural and nutritional remedies that will help them live their happiest lives possible. When she isn’t promoting a healthful lifestyle, Cortney can be found wondering any one of our local hiking trails with her dog, doing yoga and reading as much as she possibly can about natural remedies. Grateful to come from such a beautiful place, Cortney plans to explore the mid-west next spring talking to people about health, wellness, and cannabis.