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Happier Holidays with Cannabis

Having Happier Holidays with Cannabis

Our first half of the month we covered our wish list items, the last half we will be talking about cannabis & our lifestyle. We feel a focus on our emotional and physical well-being is just as important during the holidays. This time of year can be high energy, whether it is dealing with mass amounts of people, stressful family situations or overwhelmed with a holiday to-do-list, emotions are running on overtime.

Being aware of our stress is a big help in treatment, preventative maintenance has always been a great aide in my personal experience. I myself, like to start with a quality 1:1, this dosing is consistent for me through various methods, from tincture, to concentrate, to flower, I can count on my 1:1 (THC:CBD ratio) for a great management dose. Having ready availability to CBD dominant medicine is a great preventative and maintenance measure as well.

Remember the reason for the season, we recommend focusing on positives vs. negatives. Doing for others is always a great way to improve your mood, donate your time, it is an immeasurably beneficial alternative to giving your money. Clean out the closets in your home of old clothes, blankets, and shoes, maybe do a little research and locate a smaller non-profit that may really need your donations.

In regards to holiday family/office parties, please medicate responsibly and beware of the cross-fade (alcohol + cannabis). When facing these more intimate situations note who/what triggers you and implement pleasant aversion tactics (big smile walking in opposite direction, excuse yourself from the conversation) be aware of your exits and get some air. Ten deep cleansing breaths can make a big difference in your headspace. Please note, if you are experiencing a major level of anxiety about any situation, re-evaluate its worth, taking care of you should always come first.

And finally, post-holidays, treat yourself to some self-care. Whether it is some ganja yoga with the ladies over at Herbally Enhanced Yoga, a luxurious cannabis infused bath at home, a cannabis infused massage, or all three, you deserve it.


**This is the opinion of the author who has NO CLAIM to be any type of medical professional. The following statements are from anecdotal/personal experience and should never be substituted for professional medical advice.