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Review for the Pax Era, have you tried it?

Yay I have the Pax Era!

I am typically a flower girl at heart but these are delightful to be sure. Pax really delivers with the sleek design and subtle shimmer finish, partnering with Bloom Farms for the oil pods was a sure win.

These devices are for oil cartridges only and pre-packaged pods fitted to the Era. With tittle techie gimmicks like customer color adjustment, an app to control from your phone, games and more. All extremely reasonably priced in my opinion, the whole set up runs you $90 MSRP via Club M, especially with the high quality pod replacement cost being $40. The battery life I have experienced with this device has been fantastic. I received this one before Christmas 2016 and have only charged it once. Admittedly it is coming up on needing a charge but still going!

It also fits right in my Annabis Kristen bag and is always popular with the lights. I found the vaporizer discreet enough to be innocuous when I’m out. The customization of the device is a handy feature, I encourage you to find that temp that works for you, it can change your whole experience.


So my vaporizing ladies, I will continue to use my Pax Era until I feel I have found something better. That will be a tall order being I really like this device, it tastes nice, is consistently potent and fun.