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The Concious Consumer: Use and Product Review

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If you have read my previous review on being an CA215 patient in Riverside County, you know that it is hard to find quality medicine that is labeled for testing & potency. Sometimes I doubt that dispensaries are even giving strains the correct labels. Let’s be real, unless you know and buy from a grower personally, it’s difficult to know what type of flower you are smoking/consuming.


Sava Use and Product Review

While researching plant strains on the World Wide Web, I stumbled upon a female owned company called that sells and ships high quality cannabis products to CA215 patients within California. You must be able to upload a picture of your cannabis doctor’s recommendation and driver’s license to make a purchase at

The company’s website is modern, streamlined and easy to use with tabs to shop for tinctures, flower, vapes, concentrates, edibles and topicals. This month I decided to shop for CBD flower and edibles at Shopping by using Weedmaps to locate product at my local dispensary was tedious and disappointing at the same time. First time customers at Sava also get a code for $10 off their order after creating an account which is a nice incentive for trying this company out.

I purchased Prema Flora CBD flower that’s called Karuna (grown by Redtail Ranch in Mendo), probiotic dark chocolate CBD thins by OARA, and a pre-roll of Pineapple Tsu by Flow Kana. My order totaled $89 and shipping was free. Shipping goes out same day if order is received before 3pm pacific time. I placed my order on a Saturday evening and it arrived by Tuesday afternoon through a courier shipper.

The first thing I did when I picked up my box was smell it. I wanted to know if you could tell what was being shipped, and to my surprise I smelled no aroma! Peering inside I see a white box with an S on the top that is sealed. Once open I see that my items have been carefully placed inside with bubble wrap and shredded confetti paper. I was genuinely excited and pleased when I received my box of goodies from Sava!

I have gotten a chance to use everything I ordered and I’m not disappointed at all. The flower smelled really fresh, fruity, and sticky plus tasted delicious. It had the effects of what a CBD high is reported to give, definitely a body high, I slept great and woke up feeling rested with no after effects. The dark chocolate thins were smaller than I expected but tasted pretty good, although they have the classic cannabis aftertaste some of us are accustomed to from edibles. Each thin has 16mg CBD and 1mg THC and I feel like I could’ve eaten half of a thin and slept through the night but I’m still a lightweight as far as tolerance goes. My favorite so far has been the Flow Kana joint with 16.7% CBD and 6.7% THC is just the right amount to get that entourage effect going, nice relaxed body with a dreamy state of mind.

Here are my pros for using

  1. Female owned (lets support as many women as we can in the cannabis industry!)
  2. California based (keep the jobs in our state!)
  3. Extensive variety of high quality products
  4. Products were properly labeled
  5. Fast and discreet shipping (offers tracking too)
  6. Comparable prices to brick and mortar stores
  7. Classic and simple styling



The Conscious Consumer

2 thoughts on “The Concious Consumer: Use and Product Review

  1. I too started using Sava after watching the 2 day cannabis conference hosted by Green Flower Media. Green flower ran an ad for Sava and I checked their site out. Wow! First, I had no idea you could have cannabis products shipped in the mail to you. Second, their variety was great, from flower, to edibles, concentrates, tinctures, creams, foods, vape pens and cartridges, etc. Even lip balm!

    I live in Southern California and we have some pretty good cannabis here but the flower I ordered from the Sava Humboldt growers makes me wonder what they are selling down here. There is no comparison. The tricomes and colors on the flowers were unbelievable and the aroma was divine. I will no longer buy the cannabis down here unless Sava goes away!

    Bought a couple single strain Bloom Farm cartridges that are excellent. Tried some edibles and picked up 2 of the hmbldt precise dose pens, Bliss and Sleep. Trying those out now.

    They sent me several samples, one was an pain relieving cream called, “Sweet ReLeaf”. It does a better job than my prescription creams for my joint pain. I ordered the 4 oz bottle thanks to the free sample.

    Give Sava a try. I am so glad I did, top quality products shipped right to your door. Only in California and with a valid government ID and doctors rec. You send them photos of your information and if good, you can order. This is such a wonderful idea, especially for those who may have trouble driving, do not want to go into a dispensary, are looking for products not available in their dispensary. I hope Sava does a roaring business, adds more vendors and products to their already incredible array of goodies, and keep up the samples. I am buying more things based on the samples I received today, they work!