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07/23/2017 vLog – Tub Talk – Hidden Pendant Bath Bomb

Hidden Pendant Bath Bomb

Whoa Nelly did I flub that one up! I was excited about the pendant!

This is one ahh-mazing bath bomb, but it DOES NOT contain any CBD. It is a great smelling, relaxing and therapeutic soak though. Hey, I buy a lot of these to try out, and I forget things sometimes. Haha.

My point was to share the awesome customer service experience I was provided by this vendor. As I mentioned the product was shipped in a timely manner but didn’t not arrive in one. It was  because this vendor responded immediately and had tracking on the package, we were able to locate it and bring this little bath bomb’s travels to an end.

Imagine how thrilled I was to finally receive my Hidden Pendant Bath Bomb by Trinity Custom Creations to find an whole SECOND bath bomb (‘Calm Summer‘: Lemon, Jasmine & Chamomile!) PLUS Lavender bath dust. Holy crow I was surprised! Giant thanks to Megan for her generosity. 

I loved my bath bomb! It felt silky, not slimy, and I adore the glass custom pendant! I mean really, it is just the prettiest little thing, perfect size for me! And what a lovely fragrant, relaxing soak after all my pendant & video excitement.


If you’d like your own hidden pendant bath bomb pendant you can get one HERE


A full product review with photos will be coming to the blog soon.


See you next week!