Super 17, Winter of Wonder

Super Seventeen | Hepburns


Hepburns Deluxe and 365 Hepburn petites (seventy-three 5 packs)

Hepburns are the ultimate in relaxation and socialization when medicating, delightful and daring they are hand rolled cones by a norcal nymph with cannabis and ice water hash. This woman-owned, woman-run business makes large deluxe cones and petites of which has developed a bit of a cult community of which I openly and proudly admit to being part of. With only the best ingredients you are assured the highest quality product and a whole new level of experience. The Deluxe is wonderful for parties; Its size is commendable, the glass tip is luxurious, the blend of cannabis and ice water hash is well balanced. Who doesn’t adore the Hepburns petites? We hoard our old Hepburns tins for a myriad of uses. (I keep one in my purse for when I need to remove my rings when my hands get too cold.) We are of a mind that a Hepburns petite-a-day keeps the BullPuckey away, true story.