Winter of Wonder

Holiday Mail | Cards & Cookies

To-Do for December 4th:

Mail holiday cards.

Are you someone who sends out an annual holiday card to friends and family? Maybe to your business associates and clients?

We start our list before Thanksgiving and when using photos have them taken in November. Ordering our holiday stamps online from makes it convenient to avoid the Post Office line. We try and manage addressing the envelopes over our Thanksgiving weekend, it takes awhile with almost 200 to send out and being hand written.

We love vintage holiday cards and would love nothing more than to make every single card by hand.

What do you look for in a holiday card? Design? Messaging? Do you send out the annual family photo every December? Do you include a newsletter? Giftcards?

There are some who feel holiday cards are a waste, of time, and resources. Others use theirs as a means of gift giving itself. We know everyone loves to get something in the mail and this one time a year we embrace the expense to send out smiles.

Are you planning on mailing more than cards this year? Read this for great tips on mailing holiday cookies by the master herself.

Want some great cookie recipes for gifting? Woman’s Day magazine has some HERE

Wishing you all efficient logistics today!