Super 17, Winter of Wonder

Super Seventeen | ClubM

ClubM’s monthly subscription MBox

Do you spend at least $100 on cannabis every month? Do you live in California? Then you should head over to and create your own monthly #perfectmoments with an MBox subscription. For $97/mth (4th month free w/purchase of 3 mth) you will be delivered an elegant black tome filled with various cannabis edibles, flower, concentrates, accessories totalling appx. $200 in retail value. Every box is uniquely themed and the contents a surprise to the recipient each and every time. No two boxes are the same and you cannot create your own box. This is a great and inconspicuous way to be introduced to the products available to patients and consumers. Not to mention a fun thing to look forward to every month, getting one really is an experience everyone should have at least once. We recommend 12 times a year.