Get NYE ready!

What are your plans?

Here is what is going on around San Diego this New Years Eve:

Party Planning?

Try our cannabis inspired party suggestions to help ring in recreational use of cannabis this New Years Eve!

Champagne alternative

Try dosing sugar cubes with a 1:1 tincture or use infused sugar cubes by BEdibles, drop in champagne glasses and fill with flavored seltzers. If you want to get extra fancy add a couple drops of organic food coloring to make your mocktails sparkle and pop! Use a variety of colors to make a rainbow and toast the new year!

Cordial Organics makes tinctures and bitters specifically for cannabis cocktails and mocktails. Check out their website for more information!


If you can roll we recommend you grab a nice mild strain like Blue Dream or a high CBD strain if guests are new, curious users. Get to rolling now so you have a socially acceptable amount of pre-rolls, if it is a larger event recruit some friends and have a rolling party for the party! (See our top pre-rolls post HERE)

Can’t roll? Grab some pre-packaged pre-rolls in a pack, it is a better value than buying them as singles. Run to the dispensary and tell them what you are looking for or check online at or either way it is a good idea to test drive them for potentcy before the big night.


Are you more comfortable with vaping? If you would like to offer guests a vape bar alternative we suggest contacting The Legion of Bloom or Dank Tank for suggestions of their products. Or if you have a favorite brand you would like to offer a sampling of, regardless, we recommend a charging station set-up close by, extra back-up cartridge batteries that fit. Inevitably these will break, multiples at a time #murphyslaw

Be prepared with back-ups for your back-ups. Not hard to do, a Pax Era is $20 retail on the high end. (We do suggest you go with our recommendations, they by far have the best tasting oils available. We have tried so many and know what actually goes into these things.)


Be careful! Low dose. Low dose. Low dose. Did we mention dosing low? Try and keep it under 10 mg, that can feel a lot more potent than you would think. Even regular cannabis smoking patients complain of being edible lightweights.

That being said there are so many great options available, confections like The Garden Society, Lord Jones, To Whom It May Concern Chocolates & 1906 to name a few.


We mention sublinguals specifically, Kin Slips, because they offer an immediate and effective methodology with a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes to specific effect. A great way to test drive a mild cannabis experience. Low dose and formula specific these dissolvable strips are flavorful, convenient and effective that will last the length of your event.

Party Time!

Helpful tips to keep you looking merry & bright!

18 Genius Beauty Hacks Every Lazy Girl Needs for the Holidays

For a more thorough line of approach




Boxing Day

What is Boxing Day anyway?

Have you ever wondered what ‘Boxing Day’ is all about? Learn more HERE. Our words: They managed a sequel to Christmas.

Cannabis Pizza Box

Oh boy, if you haven’t already go check out this pizza box with built in pipe concept at The Verge.

Christmas Eve!

Be Safe!

If your plans include travel, local or otherwise please be extra careful. Tis’ the Season of being TIPSY. Wishing you all a wonderful evening and safe travels!

December Delights | Finding Relief




Long day of shopping; exhaustion Eat. Then bath, preferably with epsom salts and CBD
Partied Hearty; hangover Chilled green tea bags for eyes and hydrate + CBD tincture
Winter elements; dull skin Exfoliate with scrubs, hydrate with masks, use CBD oil topically
Wrapping fatigue; cramped, stiff hands Hand massage with 1:1 massage oil
Holiday Shoe regret; throbbing feet Soak in cool water with epsom salts, follow with 1:1 massage oil
Holiday grind; tension, grouchy Essential oil of peppermint or rosemary may increase alertness. Try Pink Grapefruit and Lemon oils to help alleviate fatigue, tension and agitation

To ease into great sleep we’ve enjoyed the following cannabis products:

Whoopi & Maya Relax tincture

Therapy Tonics Linacene 125 tincture



Making Modern: Handmade Gifting

Handmade Gifts

Our top three suggestions for homemade or handmade gifts

  1. Custom Stationery
  2. Braided Lariat
  3. Baked Goods

Custom Stationery

Do you know someone who appreciates one-of-a-kind items? Are you crafty enough to have supplies like a cork bottom metal ruler? Excellent, then get to the nearest craft store, pick out your favorite card stocks and envelopes in shades your gift recipients will love! Get fresh can of spray mount, coordinating fabric scraps, washi tape, and embellishments to personalize. Create a set of 8 blank note card & envelope sets, include a metallic gel ink pen to compliment the set colors. This can be especially fun if you are making them for a cannabis patient or supporter.

Not a crafting connoisseur? Well, can you braid?

Braided Bracelet/Lariat 

Head over to Michael’s and pick up a Dazzle-It kumohimo round braiding disk for around $4. With a bit of yarn, embroidery thread or cord you can braid beautiful bracelets, lariats or even a belt! Choose your materials and colors, coordinate your metal end beads and you have a unique, one-of-a-kind gift for the poshest of your friends or family. It is fabulous, easy and inexpensive but looks fabulous, intricate and pricey!

Braiding not your thing? Can you bake anything? (Besides yourself.)

Baked Goods

Ha, ha, well if you are of a mind to make some infused baked goods check out Cannabis Kitchen CookBook by Robyn Griggs Lawrence. If you are planning on making traditional treats choose a recipe you know and love, that way you’ll know exactly how it is supposed to look and taste ensuring a delicious result regardless of your skill level. There are all kinds of fun ways to wrap homemade treat gifts, from tins, to boxes to plates. Choose which best suits your gifting occasion. To-Go gifting tins make for lovely presents, a reusable container is always useful and appreciated. Gifting decorative plates or chargers with your homemade treats makes for an added special touch leaving them with a reusable gift after the treats are gone. And in all other instances, boxes. There are so many fun choices now you may want to look at boxes before planning your treats! Various boxes can be found at Michael’s and The Container Store, get as crazy as your budget allows!

Move Over Pumpkin Spice, it’s Peppermint’s Time to Shine!

Does anyone remember the days before the Pumpkin Spice phenomenon? The days when Peppermint reigned, signaling the emergence of the holidays.

With no shortage of it’s own coffee and holiday concoctions Peppermint lovers rejoice for December brings us these tasty treats!

Did you know Wilton’s makes edible peppermint cups? Perfect for parties or to turn an ordinary evening festive for the family. Sold in packs of 6 they are sure to please.

Bark Thins Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel with Sea Salt are a joyous reason for the season! Snag a bag for a treat yourself pick me up during holiday traffic.

Are you more of a do-it-yourself kind of person? Try out this Philadelphia Cream Cheese recipe for White Chocolate Candy Cane Cheesecake

Ah Peppermint, truly a holiday delight with it’s bold red and sparkling white, peppermint candy and decorations alike inspire smiles.


Femme Nuri Top 8 Pre-Rolls (flower only)

Huit Belles Fleurs

Our top 8 cannabis pre-rolls by brand:

(no added hash or concentrates, flower only)

  1. FloraCal
  2. Sunnabis
  3. Madrone
  4. ShineOn Farms
  5. Humboldt Brothers
  6. Lowell Smokes
  7. Gold Seal SF
  8. CannaSierra

So many great blends would make for 8 crazy beautiful nights!


December Delights | Crazy 8’s

8 Sweet & Savory Treats

Here are eight amazing ideas for creating sweet and savory snacks for gifting or parties from Real Simple magazine (December 2017)

  1. Cocoa Cereal Brittle
  2. Spicy Corn Nut Brittle
  3. Black and White Chocolate Pretzels
  4. Pizza Pretzel Nuggets
  5. Salted Maple Almonds and Cashews
  6. Paprika Lime Pistachios
  7. Hazelnut Shortbread
  8. Olive Shortbread

Hanukkah 2017

We will be celebrating the festival of lights with special Hanukkah posts each evening from December 12th through the 20th at 4:20 p.m. PST

Are you fir sure holiday ready?

Fir Ready?

Pick out that live tree this week! Don’t forget to pull out the necessities and make sure all are in working order and you know where they are. Be sure to check on your:

  • Saw
  • water additive* (for those who use them)
  • Tree Stand
  • Tree Skirt

Are you an artificial tree kind of gal? Well make sure and get it down with the rest of the holiday decorations, shake it out and check the lights.


Winter of Wonder | December Delights

December Delights

Our Winter of Wonder begins with December Delights! This month will feature the delights of cannabis & the holiday season!

  • Super Seventeen
  • Hanukkah 2017
  • Reminders/Timelines

We launched Super Seventeen on 12/01/2017 and it will run 17 days until 12/17/2017 with a new gift suggestion each day. Our Hanukkah posts launch 12/12/2017 and will post daily through 12/20/2017. The reminders and timelines will be posted as necessary.

Please feel free to contact us at

Reminder | Wrap It Up

Gift Wrapping Supplies

How is your gift wrapping supply stock looking Mama?

  • Are you stocked up on tape, gift tags and bows?
  • Do you have this season’s new wrapping paper patterns?
  • Have you chosen a color scheme?
  • Is your ribbon situation up to par?

Don’t panic, you’ve got time! We mention it now so we don’t find ourselves in a state. Do a cursory inspection and pick up what you are short on while you are out doing other shopping or errands. Grab a couple new rolls of paper and a bag of sticky bows. You can even hop on and have it delivered direct!

December Cannabis Events Calendar

Our recommended Cannabis Events calendar

Date Event (linked) Location
DEC 01-


ICBC aka International Cannabis Business Conference Kauai, Hawaii
DEC 02 Constellations Cannabis Marketplace Long Beach
DEC 02 White Rabbit High Tea Los Angeles
DEC  02-


Tommy Chong’s Blazer’s Cup San Bernadino
DEC 04 CBD & THC for Seniors Lincoln (Sun City)
DEC 08 Legal and Accounting Tips for the New CA Marijuana Regulations and Market San Diego
DEC 09-


The Emerald Cup Santa Rosa
DEC 09 Cannabis 4 The Cause San Diego
DEC 13 Herbally Enhanced Yoga Holiday Flow San Diego
DEC 15 Jack Herer Cup Los Angeles
DEC 16 Frenchy Cannoli Benefit San Francisco
DEC 31 NYE End of Prohibition Soiree Long Beach