Super Seventeen | Royal Treatment Wellness

Massage by Royal Treatment Wellness

with Papa & Barkley 3:1 RELEAF™ BODY OIL

Massages are great, massages by Royal Treatment Wellness (by Antone Murray ) with Papa & Barkley massage oil is sublime. You need a 30 minute vacation? Then go ahead and book one of these massages. We’ve had two and are pretty sure one of those had a spiritual experience. People cannot say enough about the combination of skill and medicine this team has to offer, it is a massage you will not soon forget. Hire them for your next party, you will be the hostess of the year in 2018!

Super Seventeen | PAX

The Pax 3 

When they introduced the Pax in teal we got excited, when we found it in matte teal we knew it was meant to be. By all means select the color and finish of your choice, if you are in the market we suggest the Pax 3. The Pax 3 can be used for both dried herb and cannabis concentrate. This is a fantastic product and is our highest recommended portable vaporizer.

So of course for the holidays, Pax stepped it up a notch. Introducing designs by Jayde Fish, Casey Gray & Apexer in matte black. Grab one of these designer devices while they last!

Super Seventeen | Jacquie Aiche

Jacquie Aiche snakeskin lighter necklace

This was too sexy and we couldn’t pass it by, the snakeskin lighter necklace is a conversation piece for sure, and we felt the design pulled it off in a stylish way. Black snakeskin casing, thin gold chain necklace, basic and versatile with a luxury designer look. This makes us WANT to wear a lighter as an accessory! Designer way to keep friends from pocketing your lighter.

Super Seventeen | The Legion of Bloom

The Legion of Bloom’s

Entourage Terp Champagne

The Legion of Bloom’s legendary Entourage aka Terp Champagne, as teased at the 2016 Emerald Cup. we know because we have been waiting to get our hands on some ever since. As it is not an LOB menu item, we hear tell, that you can mayhaps special order it, in advance, for a small batch, for a special occasion, but you didn’t hear that here. What? Anyways, we will continue to pine for our promised but lost bottle of terp champagne by The Legion of Bloom and hope to one day experience its terpy bliss. Until then we will continue enjoying their TerraPods and Zana Oil.

Super Seventeen | Crave Skincare

Crave Skincare:

GloBerry Oil, Youth Serum Pack & War Paint remover

Photo of gift box set

Women cannot get enough of Crave Skincare, you don’t have to take our word for it, try it for yourself! Seriously, order a sample set, you will not regret it. This line is exquisite and our members use it daily but for list purposes we selected our 3 favorite items. Make sure and check them out, such a great alternative to so many named brand lines. Our members compare better results than strivectin and clinique serums. Grab some of the GloBerry for the holidays to add a festive shimmer to every day. In fact, these products can be found in gift sets available right now! By shopping here you are supporting a woman-run, woman-owned small business. Thank you!

Super Seventeen | Cedar & Finch

Cedar & Finch Cannary Pouch Set in Blonde

Oh wowee wow wow, did we fall in love with this Cedar & Finch Cannary Pouch Set in Blonde. It wasn’t just the design, or the hardware, or the included engraved wooden pipe, it was the complete femininity of the concept so artfully executed. We did what one usually does when faced with the latest designer release, decided we must have it! We are blown away at the price, one would expect a find this lovely set to come at a much higher cost but, we are pleased to get it at the one currently offered. #treatyourself

Super Seventeen | ClubM

ClubM’s monthly subscription MBox

Do you spend at least $100 on cannabis every month? Do you live in California? Then you should head over to and create your own monthly #perfectmoments with an MBox subscription. For $97/mth (4th month free w/purchase of 3 mth) you will be delivered an elegant black tome filled with various cannabis edibles, flower, concentrates, accessories totalling appx. $200 in retail value. Every box is uniquely themed and the contents a surprise to the recipient each and every time. No two boxes are the same and you cannot create your own box. This is a great and inconspicuous way to be introduced to the products available to patients and consumers. Not to mention a fun thing to look forward to every month, getting one really is an experience everyone should have at least once. We recommend 12 times a year.

Super Seventeen | Apothecarry

The Apothecarry Case – 4 Strain

Are you a parent? Do you feel more comfortable having a secure place for your medicine? Apothecarry provides a secure and discreet means to store your cannabis and accessories without sacrificing luxury or style. It comes with everything you need all in one spot, with quality locking system you have the peace of mind knowing all is safe and secured. With it’s luxury watch box design it subtly complements any living space. Elevate yourself to immediate connoisseur status by getting your own Apothecarry case to suit your needs while supporting another woman-owned, woman-run business.

Super Seventeen | Marley Natural

Marley Natural crystal ashtray

Ashtrays, useful and can be so much fun, but where have all the good ones gone? We LOVE this ashtray by Marley Natural with beautiful trademark black walnut wooden accent and cut crystal base it is sure to impress. Great as a gift or elegant enough to keep out on the mantelpiece.

Normally $78 on sale for $54 as of 11/25/2017

Super Seventeen | Frenchy Cannoli

Dry Sieving Workshop

with Frenchy Cannoli

Frenchy Cannoli is revered among those who study the art of hashish, he has been able to set up shop in the Bay Area and offers workshops on Ice Water Sieving and Dry Sieving & Pressing. He is the official hashishin for Aficionado and has become a philanthropist to cannabis patients. To be taught by a master is an honor and a pleasure, we highly recommend any who are interested to take advantage of such an amazing opportunity.

To learn more click here: Frenchy Cannoli

Super Seventeen | Wandering Bud

ANY Wandering Bud accessory

What is haute in cannabis accessories? Art deco, modern, vintage AND artisan pieces each dominated in 2017. Our favorite original artisan has been Wandering Bud. Not only are the pieces sweetly simple, they each have an air of elegance about them. We love being able to a get a one of a kind piece for a realistic price. We also love their branding! The marketing of their products is gorgeous and their social media is fantastic. Not only can you acquire a great piece and support an artist, you get to follow a new lovely social media account and add pleasant imagery to your daily feed. Your welcome.




Super Seventeen | Beboe

Beboe vape pen & pastilles

The design phenomenon that hit cannabis known as Beboe! These sativa vape pens are not only a fine blend of cannabis oil of exceptionally high quality, but beautifully sleek while sensually subtle in design. The creative design, rose gold and etching mark the luxury edge Beboe brought to the vape market. The low dose Pastilles are wonderful for travel, micro-dosing and discreeting medicating. The peach branded tin provides the perfect low profile for your medicated lozenges that can be repurposed after use. We are excited to see what Beboe brings us next!

Super Seventeen | Canndescent


first edition, limited edition, five jar holiday box

“These first edition, limited edition, five jar holiday boxes make a stunning and unique gift. They belong in the choicest of living rooms and elevate any in-home bar. “ – Canndescent

Canndescent maintains its luxury brand status with the release of their first edition, limited edition, holiday five jar box. Five strains of Cannadescent cannabis are included in this box with all the usual brand accoutrements. If you are fortunate enough to grab one post photos!


Super Seventeen | GreenHouse Grind

Yin & Yang Grinder by GreenHouse Grind

We fell in love with this Yin & Yang design grinder by GreenHouse grind. As a flower smoker I have a ritual of prepping the flower to consume, having a customized grinder personalizes the experience that much more for me. It is important to have a high quality grinder and nice to have one more suited to my own taste and style. This company offers a variety of designs, be sure to check their store for your new designed grinder.


Super Seventeen | My Bud Vase


The “Aurora” by My Bud Vase

My Bud Vase has brought some amazing pieces to market, and as artsy as we are we are shocked how much we all adore this piece. Ironic with all the unique, one-of-a-kind pieces My Bud Vase does offer. With the Aurora it is the simplicity of the design balanced with the beautifully fluid borealis coloring, We just cannot get enough of it and applaud the My Bud Vase team on their product line and the beautiful art they have brought to market. We really love that they are an auxiliary cannabis company by women and women-focused, cannot think of too many other places for the average woman consumer to purchase an effeminate water piece, let alone one that delivers. Oh sure, anyone can order a “water pipe” on Amazon but wouldn’t you rather have a pretty one, one you don’t WANT to hide when company comes over?

Super Seventeen | Hepburns


Hepburns Deluxe and 365 Hepburn petites (seventy-three 5 packs)

Hepburns are the ultimate in relaxation and socialization when medicating, delightful and daring they are hand rolled cones by a norcal nymph with cannabis and ice water hash. This woman-owned, woman-run business makes large deluxe cones and petites of which has developed a bit of a cult community of which I openly and proudly admit to being part of. With only the best ingredients you are assured the highest quality product and a whole new level of experience. The Deluxe is wonderful for parties; Its size is commendable, the glass tip is luxurious, the blend of cannabis and ice water hash is well balanced. Who doesn’t adore the Hepburns petites? We hoard our old Hepburns tins for a myriad of uses. (I keep one in my purse for when I need to remove my rings when my hands get too cold.) We are of a mind that a Hepburns petite-a-day keeps the BullPuckey away, true story.

Super Seventeen | VapeXhale

The VapeXhale

#1 on Our List this holiday is

EVO with HydraTube™ Starter Kit

Conscious consumption begins with the best of the best. Why bother with the finest cannabis flower or concentrate if you cannot enjoy the full health and flavor benefits offered from a non-combustion top of the line vaporizer?

We love the EVO because it is an all-inclusive device making it easier for a new consumer to learn and grow on. In addition to its clean methodology, it does not require an e-nail or blowtorch in order to vaporize concentrates, it may also be used with cured cannabis as to not limit the choices of the user. We love the Hydratube Starter Kit because we feel it covers the bases, but you can build your own on the Vapexhale website based on your needs and/or budget. Have a need for a company vaporizer? Go pro and ask about customizing a skin for your vapexhale with your logo on it! This is our top-rated and Mom-approved tabletop vaporizer for 2017. (and technically 2016, see last year’s 12 days of Christmas.)

Check out these awesome videos showing how versatile this device really is!

Big thanks to Seibo & Team Vapexhale for sharing the photos and videos with us to share with you!