Week of Thanks – Wednesday

 Wonderful Women Wednesday

Thankful for these Women!

Please support their businesses!!!

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Stay safe and enjoy the holiday everyone!!!


Week of Thanks – Tuesday

In an effort to encourage gratitude, we share with you a recipe for delicious infused oatmeal peanut butter cookies by Keena Moffett. Enjoy!

Get your own copy of Cannabis Creations: Beyond the brownie

Week of Thanks – Monday

A Week of Thanks

And as part of Nouveau November we decided to bring back a video from earlier this year, enjoy!

Many of us think of a specific effect or image, stereotype of cannabis or hemp users and /or uses. This video is to demonstrate the various applicable uses of cannabis sativa for wellness and good health. As women we are looking for healthier alternatives for ourselves and our families are we not?

Links to products mentioned: #1 Рhttps://www.hempangelproducts.com/ #2 Рhttps://kbpureessentials.com/ #3 Рhttp://craveskincare.com/ #4 Рhttps://cbdworks.org/ #5 Рhttps://www.awakenedtopicals.com/home #6 Рhttp://www.thelegionofbloom.com/home

MBox | October 2017 | Vol. 21 | Masquerade


This month we were enchanted with the MBox, MASQUERADE by ClubM, the original, luxury cannabis subscription service. Members were treated for October with plenty of goodies! Check out what $97/month or less* gets ClubM members. (*buy the 3 month subscription and save) Remember to use our link if you subscribe

3.5 G Gold Seal Exotic Indoor Flower

Sunrise Sherbert from Gold Seal San Francisco. This uplifting, indica leaning experience was a great relaxer without the couch lock. Tastes like it smells, great!

Retail $50

(2) stick.e.vape disposable vape cartridges

100% raw, organic, cannabis oil “Dirty Heads” Dance all Night SATIVA disposable vape cartridge

100% raw, organic, cannabis oil Ghost Train Haze SATIVA disposable vape cartridge.

Retail $40 each

FloraCal Indica Dominant pre-rolls

These are fabulous, my new favorite pre-roll! Great blend, beautiful, even burn, every time. Effects are euphoric and relaxing. Makes a great social smoke.

Retail $45

(2) The Art of Edibles Truffles

These are game changing in the realm of edibles, low dose, highest quality ingredients, artisanal chocolates. “Guilt free flavor alongside a smooth, calibrated edible experience”. These delights are great at 5 mgs each, we highly recommend the big box as a hostess for the mostest gift this holiday season. To learn more: To Whom It May Concern chocolates

Retail $ 15.00

Zen Potion Pumpkin Spice Tea

The teas by Zen Potion are some of our favorite infused options, they are beautifully, blended teas and medicated making them great for wake and bake weekends. This Pumpkin Spice is 15 mgs and a lovely dessert tea or before bed. With a little agave and almond milk it makes a wonderful autumn evening toddy.

Retail $12

Thanks to ClubM for another fascinating experience and the tools for creating cannabis #perfectmoments

Remember to share your MBox experience using the hashtag #perfectmoments on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook!

Nouveau November | Pura Vida Health

Pura Vida Health CBD bars!!!

100mg Blueberry Almond CBD protein bar


50mg CBD:50mg THC Peanut Butter Crunch protein bar

New CBD bars along with newly rebranded original products!

Pura Vida Health has been providing patients with healthy edible alternatives for years now. We are so excited they have expanded into CBD Protein Bars, hooray! All the same great quality ingredients and medicine only in CBD!

Where are our athletes and fitness guru’s at, check these out!!!

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