June 2017 | ClubM | Volume 17 | PRIDE

June 2017 | ClubM | Volume 17 | PRIDE

ClubM Volume 17 brings members PRIDE for June 2017.

Our adventure begins with a powerful message of positivity and mention of the delights found inside this month’s PRIDE edition. True to form with the M Box wax seal and personalized content menu of sought after items.





Nestled inside PRIDE we found an adorable portable bubbler in a carry case, 1:1 ratio tincture, an energy shot, water alternative that helps keep your piece clean from residue, a coveted Nativ (Born in Venice CA) pre-roll and a full 1/8 of birthday cake kush cannabis. Everything you need to create your own shared #perfectmoments. (Please tag us @femmenuri in your MBox social media posts!!!)


Martian Bubbler

MJ’s Arsenal’s adorable glass piece was such a delight! Comes in a padded carrying case with a quality zipper and carabiner attached. This glass bubbler can be worn as a necklace and is pleasantly light weight.  Great for smoking pre-rolls to lessen the heat from the combustion. Simple to use; Fill with water (in our case Piece Water), place pre-roll in holder, inhale from mouthpiece. This was appreciated as an inclusionary part of this box.

Nativ White Label

The always sought after Nativ products!!! These pre-rolls are known for their high quality ingredients as well as their beautiful sleek branding. This Do-Si-Dos didn’t disappoint, heady and relaxing. I really love having this container left to re-use as a pre-roll container. I’m excited to try the Black & Grey Label as well! I am especially thankful they can be found on the ClubM storefront!


I don’t do energy drinks so I give these to my husband. Definitely serve cold as to do the product justice. Carl reported:

”   …   ”


Piece Water

Boy did this come in handy between the martian bubbler and that Nativ white label! It was like when you are playing slots and that first row stops on cherry, and you are like, “no way!”. Then the second row, BAM cherry. You are thinking, “nope, no way, it’ll bust for sure.”, then, ding! ding! ding! That third row slammed to a halt on cherry too!!! WooHoo, the trifecta! We can smoke right this very second!!!! Wait, who has a lighter? Matches? Correction: We can smoke this as soon as we locate a lighter.

Leaf California

LEAF California provided us with a lovely Birthday Cake Kush. This nice indica dominant strain was relaxing but not sleepy for me, I found it pleasant and mildly euphoric. Weighing in at an exact 3.5 grams by our scale this dense nug was frosty and aromatic. It came in a chiffon satchel inside a cosmetic looking container. I appreciated the testing results included on the packaging.

Symmetry 121

Therapy Tonics & Provisions continue to impress me, I have only recently been introduced to their line of tinctures and I am loving what I am seeing so far. This 1:1 is an improvement from my previous favorite 1:1 tincture. Symmetry delivered on its promise of balance, I found myself relaxed, it managed my pain, while keeping me clear-headed and alert. This is why I love tinctures, the quick onset like smoking or vaporizing without the oral damage. This tincture being MCT based it acts quickly like my favored alcohol tinctures minus the alcohol. But like I mentioned fast acting as they do not have to processed by the liver first. Under the tongue 30-60 seconds and I feel the effects personally in minutes.

Thank you once again ClubM for another edition of the M Box, PRIDE included a variety of fun new items. A new set of tools for creating our own shared #perfectmoments

07/02/2017 – vLog

Here is what we will be up to this July:

vLog | July, 2, 2017 | HEMP

Thank you for joining us this week for the Femme Nuri vLog, we have postponed our big announcement due to, you know, life happening. Fear not, your curiosity will be satisfied soon!

Until then I wanted to give everyone a quick summary on our plans for JULY.

Femme Nuri Merchandise

As you know, July is month #2 of our Summer of Truth campaign, this means NEW branded merchandise in the storefront starting Monday, July 3rd! These campaigns help us raise funds for our free events in addition to contributing a portion of sales to a mainstream charity. This month’s gear will host the Summer of Truth graphic with “Hemp for Victory” to continue our goal of educating the public on cannabis truths. Remember part of the premise of this campaign is to highlight easily referenced information in order to make people think about cannabis differently. Our selected charity recipient for July’s campaign is: Wounded Warriors. We’ve selected Wounded Warriors this month in support of our Veterans and are donating 50% of all proceeds directly to the organization with each and every sale.

I wanted to mention we will be releasing our own Femme Nuri merchandise this month as well in our own private storefront. We have worked hard on providing designs that are eye-appealing and subtly educational. These funds also contribute to our free events and it is our hope that this storefront will provide additional funding to our future grants and programs.


Moving right along I am excited to share we will be hosting an educational hemp product event this month, sponsored by Elixinol. We will have an educated and well verse speaker and ‘Hemp Marketplace’ to purchase products. This is a FREE event and will be hosted in North County near the end of the month.

Also we will be doing a pop-up sometime this month so pay attention for updates on that! Pop-Up’s will consist of a donation drive with an opportunity to earn Femme Nuri gear while supporting your community. This month we will be hosting a Book Drive, bring a book, CD, DVD, take a book, CD, DVD, anything goes! We will be donating all age appropriate books to Books for Soldiers & Oceanside Women & Children’s shelter.

A quick reminder that the next Emerald Exchange will be in Malibu again this August, if you are on our subscribers list you will be getting more information on this event, including the panel I am so grateful to have been asked to moderate. This time it will be a 2 day event and we will have a discount code for any Femme Nuri followers interesting in attending as well as a hotel discount for those looking to schedule a mini-canna getaway! A big thanks to Jessica Cure of Cure Designs for including me and for her ongoing support of Femme Nuri!!!! (You’ll be learning more about Jessica soon….)

In conclusion I wanted to remind those of you who follow us on social media, don’t forget to post any Summer of Truth posters you come across around town! If you post it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and tag Femme Nuri you might win a prize!!! Prizes include Femme Nuri gear, discounts AND medicated products, OH MY!!!

As always thank you so much for watching and for your very valuable time! See you next week!


Summer of Truth | The Quagmire; #6630507

The Quagmire; U.S. Patent Number 6630507 vs. Schedule I 

US Drug Enforcement Administration

“Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Some examples of Schedule I drugs are:

heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), marijuana (cannabis), 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy), methaqualone, and peyote”



Re: US Patent #6630507 on Cannabinoids found in cannabis

“The present invention concerns pharmaceutical compounds and compositions that are useful as tissue protectants, such as neuroprotectants and cardioprotectants. The compounds and compositions may be used, for example, in the treatment of acute ischemic neurological insults or chronic neurodegenerative diseases.”

Sorry boys, you cannot have it both ways, it either is or it isn’t.


Where are our up and coming millennial attorneys at, willing to take this issue to the mat in the courts since the GenX/Y dropped the ball? Yah I said it, my crowd really twonked this one up. In our defense most of us were pretty naive with a case of the warm and fuzzies on Ritalin, brainwashed by red ribbon week and commercials about frying your brain like a damn egg for breakfast. Don’t forget all the Care Bears Movies, “We are the World” topping the charts and an MTV promoted, pot smoking president. Nonetheless, we took 1996 for granted in California, became complacent and the ball was dropped. Cry all you want California Baby Boomers you finally have that legalization you’ve been whining about for decades thanks to those millennials you love to blame everything on. But back to the topic at hand, The Quagmire.


Let’s start with the definition of quagmire. According to Merriam-Webster, “Quagmire, (noun); 2. a difficult, precarious, or entrapping position.” That seems to be the position the US Government finds itself in with cannabis whether they realize it or not.


What is the legal precedent on the US government lying to its citizens and also providing the proof of the lie? Anyone? We are seeing some examples in recent history; Flint, Michigan. Standing Rock. Just to name a couple. I hope dear reader you are paying attention to how these situations are being played out.


What I see happening with the US government stating cannabis to be a schedule 1 drug, while holding a patent stating the exact medicinal properties of aforementioned schedule 1 drug, which by definition assumes no medicinal properties, is a quagmire. To be a clear, a  contradiction easily remedied. Then why isn’t it? Ahhh there in lies the rub dear reader. During the attempt to reschedule cannabis in the 2000’s, specifically ASA’s appeal in 2012,  we are allowed a glimpse into the potential “why”. The decision makers know too little to make an informed decision in addition to identifying who will benefit the most from this legislation alteration and how said government can best capitalize on the situation. Now let’s face it, government officials have shown us they are not about “working”, asking them to educate themselves in order to serve the electorate is laughable. I am of the opinion that it will come down to the lobby, and who can finance it. (so please pay attention.)


But really, let’s take a trip in history and revisit the Marijuana Tax of 1937. What that was about and why it ultimately became the tipping point for the banning of cannabis across states.

This statute passed by Congress in 1937 effectively criminalized marijuana, restricting possession of cannabis to individuals who paid a tax for authorized medical and industrial uses.


It is speculated that with the influx of immigration from the south into the United States, this legislation was a method in which to control the masses migrating north after the Mexican Revolution. Known as marijuana to the Mexican community, many American’s did not make the connection to the more familiar cannabis found in tinctures in medicine cabinets across the country at that time. Thus making the case for the purpose of this legislation being an effort and example of controlling a people by controlling their customs. By using a foreign term for a common medicinal treatment in addition to propaganda and fear mongering they turned the tide. Enter Reefer Madness, a culturally and sexist demonizing cannabis propaganda campaign. Cannabis medicine had been being used safely and effectively in America, it was a commonplace treatment up until this point. 


Additionally this legislation angered more than one group, the physicians prescribing cannabis, the pharmacists providing the cannabis and the cultivators all were mad. Congress issuing separate taxation on each level, making cannabis triple taxed. In addition to using the misnomer of marijuana whereas the scientific community knew it as cannabis sativa. Dr. William Creighton Woodward, legislative counsel for the AMA went on the record objecting the assertions made against cannabis/marijuana also pointing out using the term marijuana wasn’t proper causing confusion, the medical community wouldn’t recognize marijuana and cannabis as the same. He seemed to feel the medical community wouldn’t be so conducive to restrictions such as these regarding cannabis use and access.


Which lands us with cannabis being scheduled as having no medicinal value and a highly addictive substance based on a 1928 International Opium Convention ruling and some interesting statements from some interesting characters. For anyone interested in reading the statements, http://www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/hemp/taxact/taxact.htm  


Now what? What is the best solution for cannabis and the end user?


We know cannabis is federally a schedule I drug whether it is deserving of the scheduling or not. We know there is a federal patent on cannabinoids found in cannabis for medicinal use. We have proof that cannabis has been used medicinally globally for thousands of years.


I believe the solution lies in a collaborative effort of physicians, researchers, cultivators, patients and professionals developing a realistic, effective protocol and regulation model. I believe the descheduling and decriminalization of cannabis is necessary.


What do you think dear reader? Should cannabis merely be rescheduled? Descheduled? Remain as a schedule I? Does our government having a patent on cannabinoids make you scratch your head? Knowledge is power, share this information with your friends, have conversations, let’s see what people think when they learn more about the facts. #youknowmorenow

Additionally I would like to thank those of you who made purchases from the storefront this month in support of our educational campaign for June 2017 and fundraising for the ACLU in honor of PRIDE. #lovewins

As always, thank you for your time!


06/25/2017 vLog – Getting started with cannabis.

This week’s vLog: Getting started with cannabis.

Hello again ladies and thank you for joining me for the vLog this week about getting started with cannabis. Next week will be extra special as I have a BIG announcement and introduction for you! But enough of that, THIS week I wanted to talk to you about getting started with cannabis as I get this question A LOT. To be clear I am NOT a medical professional and am speaking in general terms as to provide a litmus of sorts to get you sorted out, or started out as it were.


Okay so, I like what I call the destination approach as it breaks down a lot of information to help provide direction and guidance once you have the legend or key. I am going to give you the formula for your OWN legend/key. Grab a notepad and writing instrument, open up docs in your nearest device, whichever suits you best and write these 7 suggestions down.

Number 1.

Please answer these questions:

  • What are you treating?
  • What is your desired result or outcome?
  • How are you comfortable consuming?

Numero 2.

Do your research.

Please utilize the number of informational texts available to help identify effective anecdotal treatments. Amazon plays host to most of the top medical cannabis texts available, for further research data or analytical information please send an info assistance inquiry to info@femmeniri.com. My 3 favorites currently include:

  • Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook by Robyn Griggs Lawrence (seriously)
  • Cannabis Revealed by Bonni Goldstein, MD
  • Cannabis Extracts in Medicine by Jeffrey Dach, M.D., Elaine A. Moore and Justin Kander

Nombre 3.

Speak with a professional.

Book an appointment at your local cannabis/holistic wellness center or an online appointment with HelloMD.com

This allows you an opportunity to ask any unanswered questions you may have of an actual doctor, for peace of mind as well as any clarity or needed confidence in your treatment plan. In addition to that I believe in adding a layer of protection to your access and your rights as a legal medical patient.  

Nummer 4.

Obtaining legal cannabis.

As simple of an answer as this should be, the reality is, it isn’t. Due to the restrictive nature of government in unknown territory access remains to be an issue for some people. For example if you are a patient with mobility issues traveling a great distance to and from a legal dispensary may prompt you to use an illegal delivery service at a lower price point and convenience of home delivery. But that is a whole new ball of wax.

My suggestion is to search your city government page to find out if dispensaries are legal in your city, from there search the county to find the closest city or municipality to host a legally permitted medical cannabis dispensary. Please note: Online cannabis delivery and dispensary directories do not require businesses to be operating legally to be listed on their directories. Hey, I know, it’s a lot to have to sort through on your own, and there is more! It is kind of ridiculous really, but let me share something with you, is it worth the peace of mind knowing you will be visiting an establishment that isn’t going to be raided whilst you are there purchasing your meds? Is it worth avoiding a police incident video montage for the evening news? That’s what I thought.

So now you have located the dispensaries, if possible select a few. Then, call them up. Ask them if they sell lab-tested cannabis and cannabis products? Are they ALL tested? Ask them the types of products they carry and where they source their cannabis? Indoor only? Outdoor only? Then decide which location suits your specific needs best, feel free to share with the staff what you specifically are look for from a dispensary to see if they can accommodate your needs before making a visit.

Shu 5.

Read the label.

We do this for everything else we buy, cannabis is no different. Know what is in your meds no matter the product, from topicals to edibles to cannabis flower. Only ever consume lab-tested products you can see results for. Make sure things like batch numbers match up with given results. I hate that I have to specifically mention this but I have come across this. In addition to ensuring clean medicine these results are your roadmap to treatment. The terpenoid and cannabinoid profile* in combination with your personal outcome can help you navigate what is giving you the greatest results.

(*Really great lab results will include full cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles, I lean towards the products that are testing at these levels.)


Nambari 6.

Trial by fire. It is the truth and where we are right now at this impasse of lack of information and access to obtaining said research/data. We do have some really helpful resources to help guide us, like the reason I mention the importance of lab-results and treatment. Let me give you an example, aromatherapy. I enjoyed a great talk by a confident ph.D. known as Justin Fishedick that really opened my eyes to a new vein of understanding. Much like we all respond to different smells and aromas is how we can compare our responses to cannabis. But fear not, this does not need to be a perilous trial with the tools provided herein. You will have a greater understanding of how to treat yourself and the medicinal history of the plant versus the propaganda most of us were raised on.

and finally #7.

Get involved.

Cannabis is still a federally scheduled one substance, as much of a direct contradiction that is with the U.S. Patent #6630507 for Cannabinoids it remains our reality. As more and more states legalize the more pressure the federal government feels to make a decision. With our current administration the cannabis industry seems precarious at best. Please let me clear, I do not think the states will abide by federal interference on these matters but these actions do have consequences such as the banking quagmire currently bogging the industry and states requiring taxes to be paid. That in itself creates and whole NEW public safety issue.

Consider joining ASA, NormL and if you are in California Humboldt Cannabis Growers association and BMCR. If nothing else follow them online and stay current on the issues and topics we face.


And that’s all I’ve got!


Thank you so much for your time!

FireWoman, Wendy Kornberg; A cannabis cultivating Mom from Humboldt County.

My interview with Wendy Kornberg, cannabis cultivating Mama from Humboldt County.

We adore this amazing cultivating FireWoman!

She grows, she cooks, she caretakes, she creates, she heals, she counsels, she advocates, AND she leads. Now we aren’t promoting that we ALL have to “do it all”, it just so happens this particular woman does DO all those things, and does so in an authentic way making her irresistible!


Wendy has a wealth of knowledge and experience, she is also unique in her niche as it has been so dominated by men. She is well organized, highly intelligent and is able to manage a number of tasks on various platforms. In our opinion, making her a lethal force in the industry. The best aspect being, her whole-hearted devotion to and respect for the healing properties of this plant, from seed to sale. We believe it to be one of her most precious commodities.


Please enjoy learning more about Ms. Wendy Kornberg.

Thank you so much Wendy for your time and valuable insight today! Let’s start with a little about you, please share in your own words, who you are and what you do:


WK:  I am a second-generation cannabis cultivator in Southern Humboldt County. I have always had a passion for science and gardening, and cannabis is the perfect blend of the two.  My family and I own a small ranch on the banks of the Eel river, near the Humboldt County line, where we cultivate cannabis. We use natural, organic methods, and take great pride in cultivating with sustainability, posterity, and the environment in mind.  Land stewardship is paramount in our cultivation practices. We utilize ancient agricultural methods, such as fermented plant juices and compost tea, and newer technology like drip line irrigation, in order to create the most synergistic products we can. The cannabis that is cultivated on our property is done so specifically with patients in mind. The flowers are marketed to dispensaries and directly to patients at events throughout the year, and the small bits and pieces that have no bag appeal or prettiness to them are utilized for salve, cooking oil, and other products. I also love crafting, so I’m constantly coming up with new and creative ideas to utilize every part of the plant in a way that is greatly beneficial for both our bodies and souls.

What has your experience been as a woman in the cannabis industry? Do you feel women are truly dominating cannabis as represented in the media?:

WK: It’s been an interesting journey as a woman in this industry. In my area of California there is still a very strong underlying ideology that the men grow and the women sit and trim, and I don’t think our area is much different than the rest of the state. Even at our farm I often have to belabor and argue my point and process; although that honestly may be more because the way I think is different than the fact that I’m a woman. The challenges women face is no different in cannabis than in any other industry; inherent sexism, lower pay, slower promotions or being passed over for a job, and a more difficult time being taken seriously. There are people we don’t do business with anymore because they couldn’t understand that they needed to talk to me and not my partner. I’ve also experienced being passed over for jobs. I used to run a trim crew and had bugged the boss for years to hire me as a farmer. He kept hiring other people with less experience that never worked out. Eventually a neighbor offered me a job growing, and that enabled me to save enough to be able to buy our commercial property. It’s ironic, since women are traditionally credited with being gardeners, but it seems that once a certain scale is achieved it’s thought that a man must be in charge. I think the problem really lies with the paradigm in our society that things that are wildly successful are the result of a man’s work. We do see that changing, but it’s a very slow process and can be maddeningly infuriating at times.

As a knowledgeable industry professional, in your opinion, what is the ideal balance between regulation/compliance and reality/practicality for California cannabis cultivation?:


WK:  I think that regulation is an incredibly important part of this process. Unfortunately, most regulations and rules are created by people who are not aware of the limitations of farming. They’re looking at this as a drug  rather than an herb. Cannabis is not a standard agricultural crop. There are definitely many problems that are unique to cannabis, and I think that growing at a large scale will impact this plant in a very negative way. Many people use cannabis for self medication, so even though they are “just getting high” there’s a real reason behind it. We know that stress is very deadly and kills people on a daily basis, and yet people who use cannabis to self medicate for stress reduction are thought of negatively. It is this negative connotation that has been prevalent for so long in our country that people have a hard time moving past it. This is incredibly sad to me, as there are so many beneficial uses for this herb. The government has been anti-cannabis for so long that people are having a very difficult time seeing beyond the drug war.

I  believe very strongly in cannabis as a medicine, and as such, there do need to be standards set in place.

However, those standards should not be so restrictive  that the people who have been doing this and keeping this industry alive for decades will be cut out. . Right now, especially in Humboldt county, it is incredibly difficult to get a permit to legally grow cannabis.  The only permits that have been issued so far that I am aware of our for very large multi acre farm. These are from people who had enough money to hire large teams of lawyers to push their permit through for them.  Our county is trying very hard, as is the state, but unfortunately they are also making this very much about business and capitalism. There is less and less space for small farmers in this industry. The cost of compliance is so high that many people are not able to pursue permits even if they wanted to. Should cannabis be considered an herb, and treated as such, it would be much more realistic for people to be able to continue farming on a small scale.  

I have sought out and tried to be a part of the process as much as I can.

But most of us are busy farming, farming and trying to pursue permits, and regulation, and understanding laws on our own leaves very little time for being as involved in the political process as we would like. Currently developing regulation cannabis is being over-regulated. I think that we will see more and more of that capitalism is going to win out, small farms are going to go under, the black market will continue, and the quality of the medicine available will decrease. Cannabis on a large scale will never be able to compete with the quality of the cannabis from a small farm, and a small farm will never be able to compete with the price points of a large farm. It is highly problematic, and I think we will see more and more that it will be big business as usual. I still hope and pray  that the small farms will be able to stay afloat by creating cooperatives and the like, but even that becomes difficult when you are trying to get your crop in, or figure out your branding and marketing capabilities.

Can you speak a little to your process in regards to many of the products you have created, what has been your inspiration in creating so many helpful medicinal products?:


WK: I firmly believe that cannabis really can cure almost any ailment and if it’s crafted and combined correctly with other immune supportive herbs and oils you can get amazing results in a fairly short period of time. Every product I’ve created has been inspired by a friend or family member. Basically I start with the general ailment that a family member has and research the hell out of it. I think about what result I want to achieve and make sure that everything I add to my initial base oil supports those results.

You are a mother yourself, please share the 3 most important things you feel all CannaMoms should know about consuming cannabis:

WK:  The first and most important thing to know would be that different strains and methods of ingestion will create different effects in your body.  Someone who is a heavy smoker and has a high tolerance for smoking may be exactly the opposite when it comes to edibles. Just because you are a heavy smoker does not necessarily mean that you will be able to take a dab without getting severely affected. Sometimes it is less about the percent of THC and more about the way the different compounds terpenes interact in your body.  Secondly, I highly recommend when trying a new product or strain to make sure you have some childcare before you begin. You never know if packaging is exact, or if you will have an adverse reaction to something. And finally, dosage dosage dosage! Make sure that you start with  A very low-dose, wait a few hours after ingestion, see how you’re feeling, and then slowly increase if you need to. Remember, if you get too high, you’re not dying. Just breathe and try to ride it out, and know that next time your dosage should be much lower. So many people I know I’ve accidentally  ingested way too much because they did not know their tolerance level.

In conclusion, what advice do you have for anyone thinking of getting into the cannabis space today?


WK: Honestly, it’s probably too late to be jumping in now. The price keeps dropping and the expenses keep going up. The dispensaries are the only ones really getting rich that I know of, and you’d need a few million to get that started; not to mention permits are looking to be extremely difficult to secure. From the outside it seems like an easy way to make a few million, but the reality is we work 80 hours per week (seriously!) for maybe a couple hundred dollars per pound of profit. It’s estimated that $95,325 per year is the optimal salary for happiness (cost-of-living data data from the Council for Community & Economic Research,) which means you would need to  grow between 4,500 and 10,000 pounds annually in order to afford yourself and your family with an ideal income. For our small farm this is an astronomical number, and I have no idea how anyone would be able to produce high-quality medicine at that large of a scale. There is certainly room for innovators and motivated people, but it is a very tenuous time for cannabis and I think that unless you have already started down this path,  perhaps it is a better idea to wait it out for a few years and see where you fit in later.

Thank you Wendy, for your valuable insight and perspective into these very vital issues facing the cannabis industry right now. We want to make sure everyone is aware of the status and implications of all this change being it truly impacts everyone from the cultivators to the patients/caregivers. It is our hope through conversations like these that people are learning  and understanding more, starting to ask more questions from a desire of a deeper understanding. Especially from an audience that doesn’t necessarily consume, there is a recognition that even though they may not consume they recognize there is a value in understanding more about cannabis.


You can follow Wendy on social media and we highly encourage you to do so. She regularly posts informative videos on happenings, as well as various educational videos about cultivating cannabis, and her experiences with various methods, processes and products. If you are a grower or considering a home grown please watch her videos, it will be immensely educational,  she doesn’t try to sell you anything but shares what does work for her! Invaluable information all via your mobile device.


As always, to our faithful readers, thank you for your time!


06/18/2017- Special edition Cannadad vLog

Special Edition CannaDad vLog

Please enjoy the vLog interview with our household CannaDad in honor of Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s day to all the dad’s out there!

06/11/2017 Femme Nuri VLog

Six cannabis & hemp products I use everyday. (That DO NOT get me high.)

Hello ladies!


I wanted to share with you today, 6 products I use everyday that contain cannabis, hemp or both, that DO NOT get me high. They are some really great products I think you should know about to elevate your education on the many benefits of this plant!


Okay so to begin, my first product is a bit of a caveat, I use it daily when I am in possession of it, I hoard these products because I enjoy them so much! This is Hemp Angels Halo Hemp Soap in Gardenia. The only reason I still have this is because it is kept in my lingerie drawer! I really love this skin nourishing soap, a couple of winters back we were in Vegas, so dry! I luckily brought my hemp angels soap and swear it is what saved my skin, I had forgotten moisturizer that trip! I even use it on my face, it is that cleansing and gentle. Great product, highly recommend it!


Next is my Crave CBD Skincare regime of moisturizer and CBD oil serum. These are all wildcrafted, artisanal products, no chemicals or harsh fragrances. All natural ingredients that perform as well as my former high end skin care such as Strivectin, Clinique and Estee Lauder.

I use them sparingly to great effect and satisfaction. Such a wonderful alternative to the many chemical filled options out there, one more small way to help detox your body by not using polluted products.


From there we move on to my deodorant, it is by KB Pure Essentials. I have tried some great natural deodorants but this is my favorite, and I am going to tell you why. This is a rich lotiony formula that has great scents to choose from and comes in the stick applicator like commercial deodorant. It minimizes wetness but I really use it for the odor control. Our bodies need to sweat, I’m cool with that as long as I don’t stink. I love the Lemon Verbena and Cool Melon. (They make a really silky lotion too!)


Moving right along to product number 4, CBD Works 200 mg CBD lotion in lavender. I really love this product as a body lotion. I use it on my arms daily because they get the most exposure, I’ve noticed my skin texture and appearance on my arms has improved from some prior sun damage and my elbows stay more moisturized. That is actually a thing with me so I am digging this lotion performing in this manner. It is like an added bonus. I like the way it smells, it blends well with the scents of my other body products.


Ahhh Awakened Topicals Cannabis & Calendula lip balm, this is my favorite lip balm, seriously. I grew up on calendula in medicinal products so it is a memory trigger every use. It is a great moisturizing lip balm that doesn’t need a ton of reapplication and works well post-sun exposure. I was gifted this one by a kind gentleman at an event in ChinaTown in January 2016. I barely have any left and am trying to make it last until I can find another. Yah I’m talking to you Awakened Topicals, where in San Diego can I get this balm and do you still make it?


And last but not least…Legion of Bloom ZANA Ayurveda & CBD oil roll-on. I carry this in my purse to roll on my neck for tightness and tension. I use this when I feel the onset of a headache by applying it where I feel the pain or tension directly. I’ve even used it simply by rolling it on my wrists to sniff to sooth my mild nausea. It is a beautiful, luxurious oil that smells lightly of wintergreen with a hint of earthy undertone that absorbs completely into the skin.


So these are the 6 things I use everyday made with hemp and or Cannabis that do not get me high, You can find links to the websites for all the products I’ve mentioned in the description if you would like to follow up and try any of these products for yourself. If you have any questions about these products feel free to email: info@femmenuri.com

I hope you enjoyed this video and that you learned something new! Thank you for your time.

#1 – https://www.hempangelproducts.com/

#2 – https://kbpureessentials.com/

#3 – http://craveskincare.com/

#4 – https://cbdworks.org/

#5 – https://www.awakenedtopicals.com/home

#6 – http://www.thelegionofbloom.com/home



Beboe Unboxing

Unboxing of the NEW Beboe disposable cannabis vape pen

This beautifully designed and executed pen was a true delight, from the opening of the box to the sweet tasting effective cannabis oil. This luxury item is a must have for any Cannabis Connoisseur! Visit the website: HERE

Cannabis Creations by Keena Moffett – CannaButter

Another recipe from one of our favorite gals! CannaButter & CannaOil, back to basics.

Have you tried making CannaButter or CannaOil yet? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

Don’t forget, it is only $14.00 to purchase a download of Keena’s cookbook for yourself!

May 2017 | ClubM | Volume 16 | GRACE

ClubM in May sent members, GRACE; A beautifully curated box for Volume 16.

Grace provided the luxury experienced promised with ClubM membership.

May’s box was full of grace.  A thoughtful collection for Volume 16.

A luxury line-up with variety. From tinctures to flower GRACE has it all.

This bevvy of beauties was a delight to receive in Volume 16 of the ClubM box. Members receive two (2) tinctures, an 1/8 of cannabis, 1/2 g oil cartridge, three (3) tins of edibles, mints and a tin of ice hash with premium cannabis pre-rolls.

1/2 gram cannabis oil cartridge (battery & USB charger not shown)

Potters Cannabis Co – 500 mg cannabis oil cartridge, Pink Champagne

This potent vape cartridge had a delightful taste and smell. For all our Kurvana loving ladies out there, here is your next new favorite. Clean hitting and beautifully smooth this heady oil has proven a wonderful relaxant. If you are a consumer or preferred user of vape cartridges try and get your hands on one of these. They have a playlist of flavors that will leave you wanting to try them all.

Two 1 oz. tinctures


Cordial Organic tinctures in, Balance 60 mg THC & Unwind 375 mg THC

These artisanal blends were great dosing for fun cannabis cocktails, Cordial Organics also carries cannabis bitters for even more infusion opportunities. Made with organic cold pressed hemp oil and cannabis these high quality tinctures behave much like edibles with a little slower on set, especially if blended in beverages or added to food.

The branding is reminiscent of old apothecary labels and brown bottles. An appropriate authentic look for these artisanal tinctures.

1/8 oz Cannabis

Just Herb – Headband 22% THC

This heady hybrid came in an adorable old fashioned branded flip lock glass jar. The Headband strain is a hybrid but we caution new consumers to compare it more to an indica-dominant effect. Always a pleasure to have a full 1/8 of cannabis in the box, so many possibilities! We especially appreciate brands that include functional re-usable packaging.

1/8 oz ice hash with premium cannabis in 5 pre-rolls

Hepburns 5 pack – Premium ice water hash & cannabis pre-rolls in Carmel Jack & Kashmir Jack

These petite power packed pre-rolls were our favorite delight found in GRACE. Hand Rolled with clean ice water hash and cannabis from Nor Cal. Who can resist the gorgeous branding and handy tin? Let’s be honest, being in possession of one of these tins means something. The incomparable, original, ice water hash, hand rolled joints, that are Hepburn’s, made with love. A Nor Cal luxury item now available from ClubM.

What do you do with your left over hepburn’s tins? (Leave us a comment)

3 tins of infused mints


Breez Mints in Royal (5 mg), Original (20 mg) & Cinnamon CBD (5 mg, 1:1)

Infused mints are clever and great for microdosing. Not only can you medicate discreetly but you can freshen your breath while you are at it. These funny little mints are great for on-the-go as a Mom, especially the cinnamon CBD with a 1:1 ration I can count on. The snap top tins also had an old candy store feel to them, low dose mints are a great way to experiment with micro-dosing too.


Thank you as always to ClubM for another wonderful edition of the M box with GRACE, creating #perfectmoments with cannabis.

Are YOU a member yet? Join HERE

Launching our Summer 2017 campaign, Messaging with Merchandise

Check out our Femme Nuri 2017 Summer of Truth campaign!

These campaigns over the summer months will focus on some “truths” about cannabis, easily referenced by a simple internet search. The idea being knowledge is power, if someone reads the shirt and looks it up, we spread the message. If someone chooses to engage based on curiosity, we spread the message. Bit by bit, more and more will become common knowledge.

In addition to being brightly colored (inspired by the original Endless Summer movie posters) and beautifully simple, each month at least 25% of all storefront merchandise proceeds will go directly to charity, for the month of June 25% of all storefront merchandise proceeds will go to the ACLU.

Find the next item you can’t do without HERE.

A Community Seminar regarding CBD as medicine, Speaker: Allison Ray Benavides

For those unable to attend, here is speaker Allison Ray Benavides from our February 28, 2016 Community seminar regarding CBD as medicine.

We are so grateful to have such generous friends who donate their time and wisdom freely. Thank you Allison.

Pediatric Cannabis Support

CONTEST!!! Win your own M box, GRACE, Volume 16!!!

How to win your own Club M box for May, Volume 16, GRACE?:

Do you have an Instagram account? Give us a follow @femmenuri

Please read: CONTEST RULES & DETAILS. This contest is available to current women CA215 patients age 21+ ONLY. You must reside in San Diego COUNTY, provide proof of identity and valid doctor’s recommendation upon receipt or you will be disqualified and not receive your prize. Delivery must be to a physical address with the winner present. To be entered into the contest you must purchase an item from the Femme Nuri storefront (linked to graphic or click HERE), post a photo of your merchandise or receipt of purchase and tag Femme Nuri before May 31st. Entrants will be notified via Instagram messenger upon entry, if you DO NOT receive confirmation you have not been entered, contact us if this happens. Please confirm all communications in order to facilitate the process as easily as possible. You are allowed up to 3 entries PER ITEM. Any posts of the same merchandise over the limit will not be entered. Our winner will be selected LIVE on Instagram on May 31, 2017 at 12 p.m. PDT. GOOD LUCK!!!!

April 2017 | ClubM | Vol. 15 | SMOKE

For the month of April ClubM brought us SMOKE, a sexy assemblage of smoke inducing products. From top quality pre-rolls, to smoked barbecue potato chips, to accessories, we acquired all we needed to smoke.

Let’s start with this month’s accessories, a smoke grey steel grinder and a travel one hitter by Lock & Load.

This 2”l grinder has four parts and comes with a scraping tool in the trichome or kief catcher on the bottom. You place your cannabis in the top part, grind it into the next level, open at the second section to empty your now ground cannabis. Any parts that make it through that screen level are going to be potent, be advised. After a few grindings you may have enough in that bottom catcher to scrape out and add to your next smoke. It is quite the efficient little device and is highly recommended for your grinding needs.

The glass Lock & Load one hitter is great for on the go, it is small making it discreet. You place a small amount of cannabis in the end with the threads for the cap and smoke it like a pre-roll. We appreciated the end cap when not in use being you won’t likely clean immediately after use. It is nice to be able to cap the used end until it can be cleaned. Always clean your smoking tools!

Our selection of pre-rolls for Volume 15 are sleek and diverse, smoking them all was enjoyable in their own way.

I have to start with Bloom Farms, holding to their usual high standards this sultry, thick smoke came in a lovely box stored in a cone tube, strike anywhere match included. A hand rolled whole flower pre-roll of OG Kush (Hybrid) tested at 26.3% THC and 0.14% CBD.
Bloom Farms doesn’t disappoint, it was a fragrant, tasty and potent smoke to be sure.

The Illuminatus Red pre-roll has some truly superb flower and is a superior Blue Dream. As a sativa I appreciated the subtle effects without the amped out feeling. These pre-rolls look much more like traditional cigarettes but are indeed an all flower pre-roll, do not mistake them for spliffs. I still don’t know how I feel about the filters, as much as I appreciate the idea of the filter it still feels like a cigarette.

Rocket Pre-Rolls win for best concept put into action. How many times have you been unable to finish a smoke only to now have resonated leftovers far too valuable to throw away. Oh the humanity! So these folks provided a solution, a single smoke pre-roll, just enough elevation for a party of one. Each pack comes as a pack of ten pre-rolls, a long cardboard filter and short pre-roll end of premium indica flower. While looking more into these rockets I noticed on social media regular smokers bend the filter, for better grip, better inhalation, I don’t know but it did help with the harsh heat when inhaling towards the end.

Also included was an 1/8th of True Humboldt‘s 2016 Golden Tarp winner, Sour OG with True Humboldt branded rolling papers, for those looking to roll their own customized smoke. This strain was great for relaxation and pain but didn’t make me sleepy, felt indica dominant to me in effects for the most part. It was nice to have a full eighth of 22.2% THC lab tested cannabis in this month’s box.

Yummi Karma was a treat, I haven’t been fortunate enough to try their edibles before so admittedly I was excited they were included in SMOKE. These potato chips did not disappoint, they definitely had a cannabis taste to them but here is the crazy part, it WORKS, like the flavor, whatever barbeque spices they are using really compliment the herby flavor and they are scrumptious!!! I’d go easy on them if you are a lightweight, as for myself, about of a third of the bag was an ideal dose. Onset didn’t take long, maybe 20 minutes and euphoric elevation with clear head lasted hours (motor skills were tested so no aerobics or ninja practice). I cannot wait to try more Yummi Karma treats and scoop up another bag of potato chips from ClubM’s online store!

This concludes my review of April’s ClubM box, SMOKE. I hope you enjoyed it and I encourage you to sign up for your own box today, May’s box GRACE is going to memorable to be sure. Thank you ClubM for curating another month’s worth of #perfectmoments.



New limited edition gear! | Elemental | Available only this May!

Each month brings a new exclusive campaign. Welcome, Elemental!!!

Get your Elemental gear before May 22nd!

The following can be purchased on our Teespring storefront, click on the gear you want and that will link you to that item in the storefront.

Thank you for your continued support!!!

March 2017 | ClubM Box | Volume IVX, EXCHANGE

ClubM Box | Vol. IVX | EXCHANGE

EXCHANGE brings us a collaboration between the Emerald Exchange & ClubM beautifully crafted to complement one another. The Emerald Exchange experience being of community and sharing Northern California craft to a Southern California audience suits this gal just fine. To have a ClubM box cultivated with vendors from the event was a wonderful way to commemorate a piece of cannabis history.

After reading and removing the cover letter the true bounty of this month’s box is revealed. Cultivators from Humboldt, Sonoma and Mendocino are represented with premium cannabis flower, concentrates and edibles.

Redwood Roots (4) .5 gram SFV OG pre-rolls

These cleverly packaged pre-rolls provided a nice level headed, muscle relaxing experience. A true San Fernando Valley OG.

High Street Teas English Breakfast tea 25 mg THC

Ohhhhh ladies, I mean look at this branding! BEE-U-tea-Full! (She also offers other blends) Such a discreet and comforting way to medicate, especially for those of us who love tea! Imagine the possibilities, what a tea party you could host with this tea!

The Jelly Shamans Super Berry Jam with Hemp derived 40 mg CBD

The Jelly Shamans do it again, with their small, artisanal batches, their products are sublime. The taste may have you eating it straight from the jar! Fear not, since it is hemp derived CBD you’d be just fine.

PURR glass smoking tip

For a patient who enjoys smoking pre-rolls or joints I found this device convenient, it is easy to clean and can be used more than one way. I prefer you use mine as an additional tip to any pre-roll.

Shine On Farms 1 g Headband pre-roll

Advertised as a potent hybrid I found it a mildly sedative overall relaxing strain.

Deviant Dabs Shatter 1 g

This fantastic floral shatter was a delight, a pleasant, euphoric effect with mild pain management. It is a wonderful social selection for a higher tolerance patient like myself.

Green Goat Farms Cannabis oil .5 g

Wow, this is the first concentrate I have ever smelled that was so similar to actual cannabis flower, super terpy, I loved it! Heavy sedative but creative and clear headed effect for me. Great bouquet, clean taste.

Satori Dark Chocolate 90 mg THC (10 mg pieces)

A little candy bar that goes a long way, these 10 mg squares pack a punch! Blended with premium cacao you can smell upon opening. The effects did not take long for me. Since learning how edibles become more potent as digested I am telling you as a higher tolerance user, I FEEL this 10 mg. Make sure to have a back up dark chocolate nearby because the taste will have you considering eating more than it would be advisable. Duly noted.

Humboldt’s Finest 1 g pre-roll

Humboldt’s Finest provided a full gram pre-roll as their addition to this Emerald Exchange collaboration for March 2017’s Vol. IVX ClubM box, EXCHANGE. A creative addition to this luxury subscription line-up.

We hope you enjoy your #perfectmoments as much as we do. If you don’t already belong to ClubM you can join here: CLICK ME

REMINDER: Let’s Talk About Edibles THIS SATURDAY!

Please make sure you RSVP for this Saturday’s event: Let’s Talk About Edibles! We will be featuring a variety of artisans to share their expertise with guests!

And don’t forget to read our articles this month on edibles and to bring a list of any questions you may have.

Eating your cannabis, what is microdosing & nano-dosing?

Microdosing & Nano-dosing Cannabis

I like to start simple and with the basics, what is microdosing?

Wikipedia states:

“Microdosing (or micro-dosing) is a technique for studying the behaviour of drugs in humans through the administration of doses so low (“sub-therapeutic”) they are unlikely to produce whole-body effects, but high enough to allow the cellular response to be studied.”

Doctors are discovering we each have a threshold dose which if we maintain our intake below that threshold, it has been noted that patients experience an increase of health benefits. Whereas consuming above that level has shown the potential of diminishing benefits, more side effects and building tolerance. In certain cases cancer patients using less than the recommended dose of RSO are responding more positively and heavy doses were showing a worsening of the situation.(1)  How does one try microdosing? Start with taking a very measured dose of THC, of around 5 to 10 milligrams. The easiest method being edibles or tinctures, low dose or small dosed portions. Read the label, understand portion dosing. I like tinctures, alcohol based to be specific. An oral application directly under the tongue produces effects in minutes and is a simple method of controlled dosing. Successful edible makers understand this concept. Brands like Kiva state, “We believe that in a couple years microdosing is going to be the most popular way people use cannabis…In the same way we take vitamin C and zinc to avoid getting sick, we will be taking cannabis to stay healthy and safely manage stress and anxiety.”(2)  

What is nano dosing or nanoemulsions?

The National Center for Biotechnology Information tells us:

“Nanoemulsions are nano-sized emulsions, which are manufactured for improving the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients. These are the thermodynamically stable isotropic system in which two immiscible liquids are mixed to form a single phase by means of an emulsifying agent, i.e., surfactant and co-surfactant. The droplet size of nanoemulsion falls typically in the range 20–200 nm. The main difference between emulsion and nanoemulsion lies in the size and shape of particles dispersed in the continuous phase.

Cannabinoids have a very low absorption rate when taken orally.(3) My understanding of nano dosing is it is a high tech, advanced delivery system. Cannabinoids that have undergone this process are broken down on a molecular level that allows them to be more beneficial with increased absorption and minimize adverse reaction for low doses. It also allows for precise metered dosing, it can enter the bloodstream in 15 minutes and reach peak dosing in an hour.(4) Available nano dosed products such as CBD crystal isolate, are water soluble and can be added to any food or beverage.(5)  There are some nano infused cannabis edibles available on the market now such as CBD Naturals water and CannaPunch gummies.

To whom and why dosing in this way is appealing?

Upon consuming lower doses in this manner one may not feel “high” yet benefit from a side effect free, mind opening experience. Patients who suffer from anxiety as a side effect or don’t like the head high feeling may benefit from lower dosage consumption. As a patient looking to make a change from traditional medicine to cannabis treatment lower dosing may be appealing as well.(6)

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to micro/nano dosing cannabis, please check out the following links for more information:




  1. https://www.learngreenflower.com/articles/52/less-is-more-micro-dosing-and-medical-cannabis
  2. http://mashable.com/2016/11/11/marijuana-microdosing/#AE03w_3YZSqu
  3. http://www.prweb.com/releases/2015/06/prweb12780796.htm
  4. http://www.nanospherehealth.com/news/2016/6/21/nanotechnology-cannabis-why-we-need-a-delivery-system
  5. http://blog.sonomechanics.com/blog/ultrasonic-production-of-nano-cannabinoids
  6. https://www.merryjane.com/health/how-and-why-you-should-microdose-cannabis


Emerald Exchange 3 & ClubM box collaboration

California’s luxury cannabis subscription box and event host have teamed up to bring you Volume XIV, check it out!

Hope to see you at Emerald Exchange 3 THIS Saturday in beautiful Malibu, CA!!!

Click here to get your tickets! Emerald Exchange

#TBT: Who remembers CannaMomsClub San Diego?

In honor of beginnings we are sharing CannaMomsClub San Diego’s first VLog, where this all began.

We hope you enjoy it and continue the journey with us!


Original Film Date: October 2, 2015

We are no longer CannaMomsClub San Diego but we are still around! Times they are a-changing yet the mission remains the same.  All-inclusive, women-focused cannabis education and exploration!

We will also be kicking off a NEW VLog for Femme Nuri soon as we have been receiving requests.

If you would like to share your story please contact us!

The Conscious Consumer: A new patient’s point of view buying medical cannabis

Please welcome, The Conscious Consumer! She has granted us access to her experiences as a woman patient from Riverside County as a contributing blogger and we are extremely grateful to have her. Enjoy!   – Cara




A new patient’s point of view buying medical cannabis.

I am a new medicinal cannabis patient, I am also a female over the age of 25. I live in Riverside County where there is only one dispensary and they price cannabis according to the per capita income of our wealthy, mostly white, Christian suburb. This is my account of buying medicinal cannabis in a dispensary for the first time.

Most of the dispensaries are located north in the city of Lake Elsinore along the east shore where crime is high and the neighborhoods are sketchy at best. It is not a place I enjoy going to and makes buying my medicine an anxiety filled chore. Most of these places are close to 100 year old homes turned retail shops that if you didn’t notice the green light on the outside you would pass right on by.

Lake Elsinore area dispensary

My first stop is in a little cottage and once inside, I see how the place is practically falling apart. As I sat in the tiny waiting room, I notice the wooden window frames are pulling away from the rotted and old plaster on the walls. It smells of dank and mold all at the same time. I’m not quite sure if this is where I want to buy quality medicine but I convince myself to take the risk. It’s not all bad at this place though, the staff was super nice and they did have their strains tested for THC and CBD percentages. However, the budtender didn’t say whether or not the cannabis had been tested for herbicides/pesticides or mold, and I didn’t press the issue as a nervous first time buyer.

The dispensary had about 20 different strains of sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties. Out of those, only two strains were high in CBD. Neither of those strains was higher than 10% CBD. I was looking for the popular CBD rich strain called ACDC which they didn’t carry, so I purchased a hybrid variety called Cherry Bomb instead. (***disclaimer: the strain Cherry Bomb is NOT a 1:1, we share this to show how staff is not always educated on cannabis and how this impacts patient care***) It’s a strain that has a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. The budtender did throw in a free pre-roll for me as a first time customer which was nice.

Inland Empire area dispensary

The second stop was at a dispensary down the road from the first, in a warehouse painted black with no windows and a front door painted green. To one side is an empty lot filled with weeds and on the other side is a restaurant. There is no official parking lot and I have to park on the main road. Surprisingly, this store looks rather new inside and is much larger than the first. There is a large staff that is mostly female and under the age of 25. I think the only male staff there was the security guard in the waiting room. The budtenders were friendly and mostly clothed, minus one young lady who seemed to think wearing a super low cut dress with her breasts falling out was appropriately professional. (Sigh.) This dispensary had sold out of the ACDC strain by the time I got there, but I did buy the hybrid strain Cannatonic that was 4.2% THC and 7.6% CBD. All of their buds were held in clear jars that were labeled and displayed in lighted cases that were easily viewable although not specially presented.

Overall, my experience buying medical cannabis for the first time was a disappointment. I was disappointed in the professionalism of these workplaces. It may not be their fault; maybe my personal wish for safe and sustainably grown cannabis is too much to ask for at this point in southern California dispensaries. Maybe it was the area I was buying in, and the city ordinances that prevent these businesses from moving into safer, newer, and more visible shopping centers. Maybe it’s the city’s voters that don’t want dispensaries in major shopping centers. All of these are possible reasons for the seedy environment I am forced to buy my cannabis from, along with many other social stigmas that go along with cannabis use.

I personally look forward to recreational use in 2018. I hope it will bring cannabis to the forefront as a viable industry for small farmers in California. I want an industry where cannabis will be tested for pesticides (hopefully) as well as potency, and bring marijuana out of the dark ages and into the new hands and bright minds of creative entrepreneurs. I’m ready to see class and professionalism be brought to the industry that California consumers deserve and will surely demand.


The Conscious Consumer

Eating your cannabis, How are edibles infused? Understanding infusion.

Let’s talk about eating your cannabis – Part II – Understanding infusion & ingestion.

How are edibles infused?

I would like to begin with my original resource and favored acquisition, The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook by Robyn Griggs Lawrence. If you do not have a copy and intend to cook with cannabis I highly recommend you pick up a copy, a well rounded source on using cannabis for cooking.

Edible extraction science simply put is that honey, milk, oils, and butters all bind with THC-a and CBD-a, when heated gently they extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant matter and convert them into THC and CBD. Alcohol and glycerin maceration may also be used to extract cannabinoids, heating increases processing time and potency with this method.

I will cover the topic to the best of my knowledge, I am not a doctor nor a culinary professional, the following is my understanding of the data available to me.

Raw Cannabis

In its natural state is infused and includes plenty of terpenes, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory treating CBD, a complete protein containing omega fatty acids and essential amino acids. Patients can juice raw cannabis fan leaves or eat raw cannabis flower daily allowing them the therapeutic benefit with little to no psychotropic effect. Leaves can be juiced or chopped and added to salads, flowers are recommended to blend into smoothies or juice, cannabis is bitter it is recommended to complement accordingly with your ingredients to achieve the best flavor. Cannabis seeds fall under raw cannabis, minimal THC content with a nut butter taste. Easy to consume and can be eaten shelled like sunflowers seeds or ground into powder and mixed into oils. The golden rule of edibles applies for raw cannabis as well, start low, go slow; Effects may take 1-3 hours.

We have come to learn that cannabis high in THCa, the acidic, raw, non-psychotropic form of THC has been shown to have immensely successful therapeutic value. This value is appreciated by those treating children with cannabis.(1) Consuming unactivated THC-acid therapies is great for many older patients looking for an alternative to the “high” but still getting the benefits of treatment. Patients treating with MS, ALS, autism and fibromyalgia report successful anecdotal results from THCa therapies.(2)  THCa has also been proven to be of medicinal benefit to those dealing with nausea.(3)(4)

THCa sublingual tinctures can be found at most dispensaries.

Oils & Butters

These cooking fats are commonly used in most edibles. They are infused by heating the cured cannabis, your selected fat and water together, then straining out the infused fat/oil from the water and plant matter. Ratios depend on desired potency and will vary batch to batch. For optimal infusions the method is low and slow at no more than 200 degrees fahrenheit. Ghee infused with cannabis is another option for the lactose intolerant and can be stored unrefrigerated for up to 6 weeks. All of these vehicles offer the means to add activated cannabis to any meal.
The effects of THC are intensified by protein rich, fatty foods, they come on fast and diminish quickly with sugar and when THC is mixed with alcohol it may cause paranoia. When baking with infused fats never exceed 300 degrees fahrenheit and increase cooking time by 50 percent.(5) Every time you heat your infused butter or oil you run the risk of burning off cannabinoids so know that. THC that is processed through the liver last longer and is more potent. Many patients look to edibles as alternative to smoking cannabis but find the inconsistency in dosing problematic.


Concentrates are typically infused over a low heat melting into oil or butter. Using concentrates reduces the herbal flavor and are far more potent than using plant matter. Solventless products are preferred for health reasons, bubble hash and dry sift being optimal. When working with waxes and other firm concentrates may require more effort in the beginning dissolving the concentrate but little straining of impurities at the end of the process.(6) Some edibles are made with concentrate infused oil/butter and some have cannabis oil sprayed on top(7). Keif is the powder in the bottom of your grinder, trichomes from your cannabis. Hash is heated and pressed trichomes. When using hash or kief, once decarbed, they can be added directly into the recipe or food in some cases. (8)

There are many edibles on the market infused with concentrates, read labels, ask questions; How was the concentrate processed or where was it sourced from? Edibles made with concentrates tend to be more potent with a quicker onset, with edibles effect already being more potent, and with longer lasting effects should all be taken under consideration. 

These are important things to know and understand about edibles. We need to know how edibles are infused and what we are putting into our bodies. How was the cannabis in your edible processed? Use this information to make the best treatment choice for optimal results. There are various appeals to edibles beyond that of those looking to not smoke. Edibles effects last longer and therapeutic benefits outlast the high, raw cannabis and cannabis seed add another layer to holistic nutrition aspects and if you are looking for a potent edible try one infused with concentrate. 
Thank you for your interest in learning more about how cannabis edibles are infused. Next week we will discuss micro and nano dosing.

***Get your CookBook here!***
Making our own THCA medicine for pediatric epilepsy  (1)
Pure Analytics (2)
Getting familiar with THC (3)
THCa and CBDa (4)
Medical Jane (5)
The Cannabist (6)
The Denver Post (7)
Cannabis Cheri (8)


The Emerald Exchange, from Mendo to Malibu

click on image to purchase your ticket

Emerald Exchange showcases world class, sun-grown Northern California cannabis to the Southern California cannabis community.

Artisanal, small batch cannabis cultivators and medicine makers from Northern California gather to provide both education and top quality products in a format that encourages a mindful dialogue in a pristine environment.

The Emerald Exchange connects businesses with one another, strengthening their marketing and distribution opportunities. Participants leave this educational event empowered with knowledge about sungrown, craft cannabis and a sense of community dedicated to wellness and artistry.

Join us on March 18th for the third edition of the Emerald Exchange. In addition to our Cannabis Farmer’s Market featuring over 20 hand-picked vendors, you can expect:

March Event: Let’s Talk About Edibles.

Join us on the 25th of March to talk about cannabis edibles!


On Saturday, March 25th in San Diego, California we will be hosting an event on edibles. Please join us to learn more about edibles from how they are made to how our bodies process them differently from other methods of cannabis consumption. Come out and ask your questions about edibles, knowledge is power. We want to help you take charge of your health and improve your quality of life.

Admission is ONE (1) non-perishable HEALTHY food item to be donated to a women and children’s shelter locally.

To attend you must RSVP:

Email: info@femmenuri.com

Subject: let’s talk about edibles

Body: your name, the names of any of your guests

Location and event details will only be provided to those who have RSVP’d

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn and connect!!!


See you there!



February 2017 | Club M box | Vol. XIII SWOON

In February Club M brought us Volume 13, Swoon, including products from 2wnty3, Therapy Tonics & True Humboldt.

The inclusions in this box certainly made us SWOON, from smooth cannabis oil cartridges to frosty flowers, a sweet gold flaked milk chocolate with 175 mgs of THC and a cannabis infused frappuccino-like drink.

As with each and every box the intention letter is an important part of the box opening ritual each month. I really loved this month’s letter speaking to gratitude in reference to our experiences and the intention of SWOON for February’s M box. Keeping the ultimate luxury experience in mind it is always printed on high quality stock and comes with the official Club M red wax seal.

Let’s start with the flower, in True Humboldt style these fragrant crystallized flowers were a nice and easy sativa dominant hybrid. It kept me a bit relaxed but not sleepy. Notably not high functioning, more of a  A Netflix and Chill selection.

These smooth oil cartridges are swoon-worthy, they are nearly flavorless and no burn on inhalation, notable. Granted I am not a fan of the battery kits, I use my carts on a temperature adjustable battery I picked up for about $20, this allows me to gift my extra battery kits to patients in need.

We were provided a Hybrid, OG Super Lemon Haze and Sativa, Tangie oil cartridge. These sexy products also contain a high quality cannabis oil. I honestly have not experienced anything like it; Nearly flavorless and smooth as silk.

2twnty3 went the extra step and provided us with a QR code to access a full lab-tested strain profile for your oil cartridge, how cool is that?

Admittedly I was excited about trying the Therapy Tonics Vanilla Caramel cannabis coffee, at 80 mgs I wanted to try an experiment. I consumed 1/3 of the bottle every 20 minutes. My effects lasted over 6 hrs, this included pain relief and great energy. It was not too much like you might imagine combining a sativa and caffeine. I expected a crazy espresso type result but it was more like a real relaxed high functioning state.

So the taste, everyone wants to know what it tastes like, I felt like this was along the lines of a shot of whiskey in your dessert coffee, you know it’s in there after tasting the sweet creamed coffee, that whiskey shot after burn, and I use burn in the mildest sense. I will definitely purchase more of this cannabis coffee.

Gold leaf Chocolate Heart, 175 mg by Medi CrockeRx

I ate about a 1/3 of this very potent chocolate and peaked about 2 1/2 hours in. This is a wonderful sleep aid and I have at least 2 more doses for future use on a night we really need to sleep. Remember the edibles are more potent and last longer once passed through your liver.

This concludes Volume 13 from Club M, I was charmed by Swoon’s smooth and sexy luxury products this month and and grateful for the #perfectmoments created.


As always, many thanks to Club M for their continued dedication to elevating the cannabis experience.

Eating your Cannabis, How ingestion differs from other methods

Let’s talk about eating your cannabis – Part I – Ingestion vs. Inhalation

Sounds a little ridiculous doesn’t it? But ingesting your medicine is a whole new ball game, as well as an arena with much potential for patient care. There has been a lot of discussion surrounding edibles, usually stories about over-medicating, ranging from the hilarious to the terrifying. It was with this in mind that I went a-researching.

Eating your medicine, The Basics.

My first stop, a non-cannabis source for a basic understanding of the process, of course was Wikipedia. (Keep it simple.)

11-Hydroxy-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (11-OH-THC) is the main active metabolite of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is formed in the body after cannabis is consumed.[1] The conversion from THC to 11-OH-THC is relatively high when cannabis is consumed in the form of cannabis edibles and, compared to oral consumption, lower when it is smoked or vaped.[2] 11-OH-THC is more potent than THC and crosses the blood–brain barrier more easily.[3][4] 11-Hydroxy-THC has been shown to be active in its own right.[5][6] This might partially explain the biphasic effects of cannabis, whereby some effects such as increased appetite tend to be delayed rather than occurring immediately when the drug is consumed.[7]

Fresh cannabis contains Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), which is converted into THC after heating and then metabolized by the body into 11-Hydroxy-THC.[8][9][10][11] Peak THC concentrations are lower after eating/drinking cannabis than after administration by smoking or vaping, but conversely, 11-OH-THC/THC ratios are higher after eating/drinking than after smoking cannabis.[12] After administration through eating or drinking, approximately equal quantities of THC and 11-OH-THC are formed, whereas 11-OH-THC is a minor constituent after administration by intravenous or smoking routes.[13] Because edible doses are processed by the liver before entering the bloodstream, THC consumed as edibles produces high levels of 11-OH-THC, while smoked cannabis, which goes directly from the lungs to the brain via the bloodstream and does not enter the liver,[14] produces lower levels.[15]

11-Hydroxy-THC is subsequently metabolised further to 11-nor-9-carboxy-THC, which is not psychoactive but might still play a role in the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis.


Well all right then, you catch all that?

What we have come to know is that ingested cannabis that is metabolized by one’s liver provides a different experience with various effects. For example, a longer onset but with longer duration. Also the effects are stronger and therapeutic benefits outlast the “high” once metabolised further. Patients treating chronic pain and inflammatory conditions may do well to consider edibles as a treatment option.

The Essentials

HelloMD has a great article on edibles, I will post it below. It covers the essentials of edibles: Understand potency, How long to wait and Read the label! All of these will help you to determine your dose and schedule in addition to preparing you for the results.


Something notable in selecting your edible I would like to mention is processing and strains. There is such a flood of edibles on the market, from homemade to recognized brands to luxury cannabis cuisine, I do not want anyone overlooking the obvious. Is the cannabis lab-tested? Where is it sourced? How is it processed? Is the edible lab-tested? What strain(s) is/are being used?

Regulation, its coming.

This is a tipping point for edibles in California, with the passage of Prop 64 these companies must fall into compliance or be forced out of business. Admittedly a necessary action for consumer safety but also financially punitive for those who wish to participate as a business in the state cannabis industry. Notably any direction from the state on these matters is still forthcoming leaving current business to tread water and hopefully seek counsel on next steps.

My advice, only consume lab-tested edibles, preferably tested as the edible not just lab-tested cannabis or cannabis concentrate used on the edible. These are not currently regulated and we must be proactive in protecting ourselves. Just recently a Los Angeles media source ran a piece on random cannabis products being sold in dispensaries as safe, lab-tested cannabis. A disturbing 84% of samples collected from all over the city of Los Angeles tested positive for pesticides in an independent test from Steep Hill Labs. It was disappointing to see some really respected brands on this list, if anything reaffirming the need to educate yourself.


Strain profiles

On to cannabis strains! It is worth mentioning that what we know about certain strains of cannabis flower or concentrate may not cross over into edible treatments. Depending on processing, application and formulations the effects can widely vary in comparison to your smoking or vaping experience. For example the breakdown of certain cannabinoids and terpenes will impact the overall profile, thus my recommendation to have the edibles lab-tested. Check out The Cannabist’s article on edibles from 2016 here:


It is still early and many more companies are lab-testing as well as planning for state compliance in many ways. One of my favorites as of late is the addition of a QR code right on the product label in which you get immediate access to that product batch lab-test results. It is really fun when the vendor goes for the FULL testing profile complete with terpene, heavy metals and pesticide analysis!

In Summary

Eating your cannabis may be the way to go if you do not want to smoke, have a condition that prevents one from smoking or feel more comfortable consuming in food. Understanding the differences in medicating only increase your ability to provide yourself with optimal care. This also opens the door to making your own medicine by cooking with cannabis and normalizing your treatment. Maybe you would rather make a batch of infused preserves to spread on toast each morning versus taking a pill, just one of many examples. This also solves the issue of sourcing and processing, especially if you have your own personal cannabis grow.


Check back soon for more on, Eating your Cannabis.


An Experience you will NOT want to miss, The Emerald Exchange 3

Cannabis culture raises the bar on luxury events and business networking

– Emerald Exchange III –

This March 18th, 2017, both business insiders and cannabis patients alike
come together to create a community Exchange platform

Bridging the gap between traditional cannabis cultivators and new age
cannabis industry, EmEx is a community of cutting edge business
opportunities and education, in an environment boasting health and wellness
techniques of today

Unlike any other cannabis event or conference you’ve ever been to.

MALIBU, CA, March 18, 2017 – Arriving on Spring Equinox Saturday, the innovative and exquisitely curated Emerald Exchange brings together Cannabis advocates, cultivators, investors and patients on a scenic country, Malibu ranch to elevate the cannabis consumer experience and business potential. Guests will spend the day connecting with cannabis products, health & wellness brands, education visionaries, emerging leaders and patient communities amongst the rustic, natural beauty of Malibu at this new age-conference styled event.

Born out of the collective vision of likeminded cannabis lovers and entrepreneurs who wanted to create a venue that empowers small businesses and promotes mindful community, Emerald Exchange celebrates the rich history of the cannabis movement while heralding the exciting technological advances and ripe future of the legal cannabis industry.

Co-founded by Justin Calvino of the Mendocino Appellations Project and Michael Katz of EVOXE Laboratories, and produced in partnership with Jessica Cure of Cure Designs, Emerald Exchange III will feature a panoply of experiential delights all revolving around cannabis. The full day event includes organic eateries, a tonic bar and coffee shop lounge, live art and music, an artisanal farmers market with the highest quality sun grown cannabis cultivators and supportive bands, and a wellness center offering yoga, sound healings, and the opportunity to #ChooseTheMood with essential oil infused vaporizers courtesy of EVOXE Laboratories.

Join the Emerald Exchange community for a day filled with enriching new friendships and future partnerships and experience the newest form of high end expression that the Cannabis community has to offer. Peruse the Farmer’s Market from 12 p. m to 6 p.m. to enjoy a variety of products such as the goodie-packed Club M Emerald Exchange Box, discover new approaches to health and education by taking part in enlightening workshops and a speakers series, including a Tasting Panel led by Co-founder Justin Calvino. Once the sun sets, wind down the day of professional development, educational exploration, and amplified wellness by enveloping one’s self in the evening magic of Malibu canyon. Musical beats featuring all-female DJ line-up XYZ. General Emerald Admission, Elevate VIP Passes, and Ultimate  Cannasseur Experience Passes are available now and can be purchased at:


Femme Nuri Review – Closed Door Supper Club º1 | SWOON

Closed Door Supper Club º1 | SWOON

Saturday, February 25th, 2017

A Closed Door Supper Club.

On a chilly evening in North Park a gathering of like-minded individuals came together for the first in a series of infused dinners sponsored by Club M. In conjunction with A Gal and her fork and the theme of the month for February, Swoon, a six course meal was designed and prepared by local chefs Hanis Cavin & Colin Murry.

Cocktails were provided by Cordial Organics in two variations as seen below. “Cordial Organics products are carefully crafted with an architecture of well-being and ecological sustainability.” A women run San Diego cannabis business  and a wonderful addition to the meal.

Dank & Stormy – pineapple/ginger infused rum, “Celebrate” bitters, topped with ginger beer.

Ginger Breeze – ginger and lemon juice cordial, “Celebrate” bitters, topped with sparkling water.

The Dinner

The first course : Amuse Bouche – Eggs

American Sturgeon Caviar, Local Uni, Smoked Hen Egg Sabayon, Migas

This rich and creamy dish was meant to be consumed in one bite, the texture was a new experience to be sure, overall delightful with a fishy finish.

The second course : Potato & Cauliflower

Potato Gnocchi, Za’atar Roasted Cauliflower, Cauliflower Puree, Brown Butter, Chili Oil, Crispy Shallot, infused with Sunset Sherbert flower & Green Valley Organics Olive Oil.

This was a definite favorite, The potato was perfection and the cauliflower was so flavorful!

The third course: Tea Bass

White Sea Bass Persillade, Black Lentils, Cipollini Onion, House Cured Ham, infused with GSC & Cannaoil Co. Olive Oil.

This was a new experience, I am typically not a seafood person so the inclusion of the cured ham, onion and the dominant flavor of the lentils made for an intriguing palette.

The fourth course : Duck

Duck Confit, Foie Gras Griddle Bread, Brussel Sprouts, Pickled Strawberry, infused with CannaOil Co. Olive Oil.

The duck was lovely, the griddle bread divine and the brussel sprouts and pickled strawberry really kicked the flavor up a notch, the combination was truly my favorite of the meat dishes.

The fifth course : Lamb

Lamb Loin, Roasted Salsify, Tart Cherry Mustard, Shiso, Spiced Breadcrumbs, Cardamom Jus, infused with Green Valley Organics oil, CannaCo Oil and blue dream flower.

The lamb was lightly browned and the Salsify was wonderfully tender.


Passion Fruit

A passionfruit shortbread cookie bar drizzled with Defonce & Bhang chocolates and topped with Pura Vida Granola.

This was a wonderfully tart and tangy dish to wrap the meal with, as we were told as a cleansing of the palette. Every bite was packed with flavor and enjoyed to the very end!


We appreciate the host providing guest with CBD infused water throughout the meal to keep us hydrated and balanced.

Thank you to Club M for another great contribution to the cannabis community! Make sure and follow Club to stay informed on future events and sign up for your own subscription to the M Box today!!!

Beware the Edibles of March!

This March, our topic will be about Edibles!

(only beware to not over-medicate in your enthusiasm!)

March’s topic will provide various aspects of edibles, please feel free to reach out with any questions or specific areas you would like us to address regarding edibles this month.

If you have a lab-tested product you would like our followers to know about please contact us directly.

January 2017 | Club M box | Vol. XII THRIVE

January’s Club M brought us Volume 12, THRIVE, a collection of products to encourage a healthy & fulfilling engagement. Some of the wonderful brands included are Pura Vida Health, Synergy, Dirt Ninja Farms, Sweet ReLeaf and a special discount from VapeXhale!

I was inspired by this new theme and took the box out to our local running trail to get some shots of the Thrive box products.

As per usual, the intention letter was ideal. I enjoy the setting of the stage that Club M provides with each new box. THRIVE’s presentation was beautiful and achieved the expected Club M high standard. The products gave a wide array of experiences; A heady hybrid to get in an enjoyable elevated outdoor experience complete with on-the-go device, health conscious edibles to nourish and replace nutrients, a 5 hr energy infused shot to assist you in getting the most out of your day to a soothing topical for aching muscles post activities.


Thrive’s featured brands:

5-hour Synergy shot, Berry flavor

This item contains 50 mg of THC  (strain unidentified), 100mg of Caffeine in this 2 oz. bottle. Flavored with organic fruit juices my husband found palatable. I don’t typically do energy drinks and he is a bit of a connoisseur. He found the flavor pleasing and experience pleasant. A definite increase in energy with no negative effects.

Pura Vida Health Gramola & Mega Protein bar

Gramola First Love

With oats, coconut, sunflower seeds, cranberries, maple syrup, cinnamon and cannabis you really can’t lose. This 3 oz. bag contains 10 doses and a total 250 mg of THC, that averages 25 mg a dose. As a higher tolerance user this edible suits me fine. I like being able to just take a pinch or add it to my snack. Admittedly this is my top choice of Pura Vida health products.

Higher Power MEGA Protein bar, Sweet Berry

This mega bar’s ingredients of dates, oats, cranberries, mulberries, pea protein and maple syrup provides and sweet and savory edibles. The fact that it is packed with protein is an addition any canna-athlete or edible user can appreciate. 1.5 breaks into 4 doses of 50 mg THC each, a total of 200 mg THC per bar.

These products are great for our athletic friends and potent healthy edible consumers, for managing chronic pain issues or any condition our mid-higher tolerance patients may be treating. Like every Pura Vida Health product states, “Don’t sacrifice your body for a buzz.”

Dirt Ninja Farms Grapefruit OG (16.5%) & Twisty Blunt

Dirt Ninja Farms

An artisanal collective based in the North Bay who are deeply committed to beyond organic, sungrown, permaculture based farming. This fragrant Grapefruit OG was an ideal choice, it’s fairly heady effect coupled with the terpene profile provided a uplifting and creative experience. Great for daytime but does have a definite mild body high. (Indica dominant hybrid)

Twisty Blunt

Here we have a play on the glass blunt with the added fancy feature of a loading corkscrew. It is a fun device and convenient for on the go.

Sweet ReLeaf

This strictly topical by Sweet ReLeaf has been around for awhile, they have consistently provided patients with a pain and inflammation reducing cannabis product. From the website: “We infuse our body butter with cannabis trichomes, the most potent, broad spectrum extract. We collect the trichomes* from chilled cannabis. No chemical solvents necessary. Because sweet relief is what we’re after. We blend a number of whole, organic ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter and our unique blend of essential oils to bring you a natural alternative to traditional medicines, that come with negative side effects.”

Bonus for Thrive, Club M Members

As if all that wasn’t enough this month’s box includes a $100 off discount for VapeXhale products for Club M members, visit the Club M shop and take advantage of this deal on a premium tabletop vaporizer. Another innovative cannabis product developed to help you health not hinder it.


Another Club M box comes to a close, we loved this month’s theme and feel Club M covered all the bases. Our experiences were well cultivated and the products available truly encouraged us to THRIVE, here is to many more #perfectmoments
Thanks Club M!

Review for the Pax Era, have you tried it?

Yay I have the Pax Era!

I am typically a flower girl at heart but these are delightful to be sure. Pax really delivers with the sleek design and subtle shimmer finish, partnering with Bloom Farms for the oil pods was a sure win.

These devices are for oil cartridges only and pre-packaged pods fitted to the Era. With tittle techie gimmicks like customer color adjustment, an app to control from your phone, games and more. All extremely reasonably priced in my opinion, the whole set up runs you $90 MSRP via Club M, especially with the high quality pod replacement cost being $40. The battery life I have experienced with this device has been fantastic. I received this one before Christmas 2016 and have only charged it once. Admittedly it is coming up on needing a charge but still going!

It also fits right in my Annabis Kristen bag and is always popular with the lights. I found the vaporizer discreet enough to be innocuous when I’m out. The customization of the device is a handy feature, I encourage you to find that temp that works for you, it can change your whole experience.


So my vaporizing ladies, I will continue to use my Pax Era until I feel I have found something better. That will be a tall order being I really like this device, it tastes nice, is consistently potent and fun.

Today In History, February 14th

Here are some interesting things that have occurred on this date in years past…via history.com

St. Valentine beheaded

On February 14 around the year 278 A.D., Valentine, a holy priest in Rome in the days of Emperor Claudius II, was executed.

Under the rule of Claudius the Cruel, Rome was involved in many unpopular and bloody campaigns. The emperor had to maintain a strong army but was having a difficult time getting soldiers to join his military leagues. Claudius believed that Roman men were unwilling to join the army because of their strong attachment to their wives and families.

To get rid of the problem, Claudius banned all marriages and engagements in Rome. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret.

When Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death. Valentine was arrested and dragged before the Prefect of Rome, who condemned him to be beaten to death with clubs and to have his head cut off. The sentence was carried out on February 14, on or about the year 270.

Legend also has it that while in jail, St. Valentine left a farewell note for the jailer’s daughter, who had become his friend, and signed it “From Your Valentine.”

For his great service, Valentine was named a saint after his death.

In truth, the exact origins and identity of St. Valentine are unclear. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, “At least three different Saint Valentines, all of them martyrs, are mentioned in the early martyrologies under the date of 14 February.” One was a priest in Rome, the second one was a bishop of Interamna (now Terni, Italy) and the third St. Valentine was a martyr in the Roman province of Africa.

Legends vary on how the martyr’s name became connected with romance. The date of his death may have become mingled with the Feast of Lupercalia, a pagan festival of love. On these occasions, the names of young women were placed in a box, from which they were drawn by the men as chance directed. In 496 AD, Pope Gelasius decided to put an end to the Feast of Lupercalia, and he declared that February 14 be celebrated as St Valentine’s Day.

American Revolution 1779

A Patriot militia force of 340 led by Colonel Andrew Pickens of South Carolina with Colonel John Dooly and Lieutenant Colonel Elijah Clarke of Georgia defeats a larger force of 700 Loyalist militia commanded by Colonel James Boyd on this day in 1779 at Kettle Creek, Georgia.

Civil War 1864

On this day in 1864, Union General William T. Sherman enters Meridian, Mississippi, during a winter campaign that served as a precursor to Sherman’s March to the Sea campaign in Georgia.

Cold War 1989

At a meeting of the presidents of Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and El Salvador, the leftist Sandinista government of Nicaragua agrees to free a number of political prisoners and hold free elections within a year; in return, Honduras promises to close bases being used by anti-Sandinista rebels.


On this day in 1938, the former silent film actress Hedda Hopper pens the first installment of what would become her tremendously influential gossip column in the Los Angeles Times. Born Elda Furry in 1890, she was the fifth of nine children of Quaker parents living in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania.


Sir Alexander Fleming was a young bacteriologist when an accidental discovery led to one of the great developments of modern medicine on this day in 1929.


Cannabis Creations by Keena Moffett – February

Thank you again to Keena Moffett author of ‘Cannabis Creations, Beyond the Brownie’.

This month’s recipe is Red Velvet cupcakes, we felt this was an appropriate infused treat for the month. Please enjoy!

And don’t forget you can download the whole cookbook for $14.99 for yourself, just click on the image to be linked directly!

Be sure to follow Keena on Instagram to keep up with all her beautiful photos of these amazing cannabis creations! @dine_and_flash



Incredible Women of Cannabis : Leslie La Duke Banionis


Leslie La Duke Banionis


For this month’s interview, I reached out to an acquaintance who has become very dear to my heart over the last year; her wit and repartee charmed me, and I was amazed at the depth and breadth of her experience, especially in regards to cannabis. She is my gem tucked away in the pacific northwest, and a shoulder on which to lean. Leslie La Duke Banionis is a woman, wife, mother, cannabis advocate.




Thank you so very much for your time Leslie, I greatly appreciate you sharing your experience and perspective with our Femme Nuri audience. I would like to start with your story; who are you, and what brought you to cannabis? I ask this because I feel your story is not the norm, but an exception that illustrates our collective diversity of experience.



Who am I? I’m a 1967 model, but “model” is an overstatement; perhaps we might insert “plus size” to model? I am one of four generations of my family to have been raised in Santa Monica, CA. I’m the daughter of teachers, a former writer for AB Måns Widman in Stockholm, and wife of Arūnas, physician and USAF flight surgeon. I’m the mother of Adam, Michael and Ava, as well as an orchardist, gardener, jam maker, dog whisperer, cat chaser and chicken rustler in Poulsbo, Washington. I’m not a patient, but an advocate.


When I was in junior high, I had a friend who got cancer; she lost her appetite, her hair, her color, and became emaciated during treatment; attending school was no longer possible. Her parents let her smoke cannabis to ameliorate the nausea and pain, temporarily alleviating if not entirely abating her suffering. This was revolutionary, and was my first exposure to the medical use of cannabis.

She died, but it was her life, and not her death, that changed my life.


Cannabis use:


I’m a huge fan of topicals.

No, that’s not a size joke.

Well, maybe it could be one.

The joke is on me if it is funny.

I’m not a fan of smoking; vaping and dabbing hold no appeal for me. However, culinary use of  cannabis requires no formal training as a chef. The intimidation factor does no service to a society increasingly interested in normalization.

The appeal of a backyard plot rife with leaves one may prune as needed, harvesting fresh, raw cannabis with the power of THC-a through a macerating juicer or the miracle of a green berry smoothie in a blender requires basic kitchen equipment. An activated cup of cannabis tea with boiled with a fat to bind THC such as coconut oil for 15-20 minutes at 220 degrees, then strained and sweetened in the land of milk and honey requires a pot and thermometer. The myriad uses of this medicinal plant are universally non-threatening to novice and village elders alike.


I make jam; if one is able to stir a hot cauldron of fruit that bubbles, one may wish to consider the possibilities of spiking a jar of preserves with a clean green extract. There are 96 teaspoons in a pint, so if you want 5mg per serving, my guess is you know how to multiply.


Jam recipe:

6-8 cups of organic fruit; wash, peel and/or slice as your preparation.

1 cup of lemon juice; I also like to add a few drops of food safe lemon essential oil at the end of the process. All citrus contains the mood-elevating terpene limonene, and there is no soul who can’t use a little dose of happy.

3 tsp. Ball no/low sugar pectin; folks who experiment with measurements and sweeteners need a flexible gelling product.

BOIL stirring constantly.

1 cup of fruit juice or honey to taste; one may substitute with 2-3 cups of sugar, but make sure it’s organic, unbleached turbinado or a tree-hugging variety.

BOIL stirring constantly.

This is when you add your 2-3 drops of food safe lemon essential oil and stir. Using a funnel and ladle, pour jam into hot, clean jars, leaving 1/2 inch at the top, where the jar is threaded.

Lid and band tightly; use a glove.

With a jar lifter, lower sealed jars into a pot of boiling water for a 10 minute bath.

Remove the hot jars with a lid lifter and let cool on a towel.

Lids will POP to indicate seal.

Store in a dark, cool pantry or cupboard; refrigerate once opened, and consume within the year.


I have an affinity for the very young and comparatively old, but Lord have mercy on the midlife souls subject to my sharp tongue; whatever I can do to soften my rough, gloved edges for folks is great, and a jar of jam leaves a sweet memory, wherein the charms I lack fall short. Everyone loves farm-fresh preserves, and my childhood nickname is Eki (pronounced EK•ee); if one adds cannabis concentrate, label for safety. Jam with THC is “Eki Bird Errrl Preserves.”


As a mother, what do you feel are the most significant aspects of utilizing the cannabis plant, what positives does it bring into your life?



As a mother?

Frankly, I’m not hysterical, and that is a huge advantage when educating any age, especially adolescents and young adults, but also friends and family. Many of our parents experience common chronic conditions like arthritis, and being approachable and open to all provides opportunities for understanding. Cannabis is statistically safer than any intoxicant; when grown using organic methods, one may eat a leaf straight from the bush without consequence. The LD50 of cannabis is zero (0), which means that the lethal dose (LD) for half of humanity (50%) is nothing, nada, zero and zip. One may consume more than is prudent and need to sleep it off, but one should start small; microdosing is smart, and increasing experience is best one experience at a time, not during the same day. One cannot overdose, but cannabis can kill; if a 1,500 pound bale fell on you, you could die. Additionally, if you mix cannabis with alcohol, the synergistic reaction that occurs will rule you out from safely driving or operating heavy machinery. Because I’m a DUI conscious driver, I do not consume and drive. Period. Erring on the side of caution is exercising prudential wisdom; this is vital to teach, and has a significant impact upon society that is always positive. Designate a driver, call a cab, Lyft or Über, or call your mother; she loves you best. That isn’t always how you need to be loved, but if that is how she is able to love you, that merits your compassion and mercy.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved.


Can you share with us some of your hobbies or areas of expertise?




Building soil. Gardening. Cooking. Canning. Heckling. Hospitality is a gift that cultivates the virtue of hope; everyone needs hope, and a cup of tea or meal made from farm to table is a wonder in a society that desperately needs to learn to love. My Grandma Grace always said, “to the heart through the stomach,” and I am living her legacy to the best of my ability every day.



No thank you. Ask me when I’m 80. However, I shall state that practice makes perfect, and the rocky road paving the path to perfection requires a sincere willingness to be humble, make mistakes, apologize, forgive, learn, correct and improve daily.


As a resident of a highly restrictive/regulated recreationally legal state, what impact, if any, do you feel it has had, or not had, on patient access and care?



Washington State currently has the worst cannabis laws on the books; we not only have every right to take umbrage that our federal government has not ended the prohibition incrementally enacted almost 100 years ago, nor removed cannabis from schedule one of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. We are overqualified to call our Washington State electorate absolute idiots for passing 502, and our local municipalities myopic for declaring moratoriums that render “dry” communities or counties, and our state legislature far worse for compounding a poorly written law into a difficult situation for medical cannabis patients via 5052. This act ensured the de facto decimation and destruction of the producers, processors and retailers via medical cannabis farmers’ markets and medical patients’ dispensaries.


Regulation and taxation do not comprise freedom; the restrictions do not guarantee the safety of consumers, be they medical patients or folks from the adult use market. There are over 400 known products used on cannabis to prevent various plant disease processes and pest infestations, yet our laboratories test for a fraction of toxins. Some convert to cyanide when heated, others are neurotoxins, and many have not been researched adequately.


Clean Green or Certified Kind seals of approval are helpful for consumers, as these farms have been inspected for organic methods, cultural habits and techniques as well as integrated pest management and healthful amendments, but there are too few farms worthy of those CG or CK labels; these growers are worth their weight in gold, which is what one may pay in 502 flower boutiques, and provides excellent argument for supporting home grow.


Medical cannabis patients merit compassion, care and donation, but it is illegal to share cannabis in Washington. One is not permitted to possess more than one ounce of cured bud, unless one has an affirmative defense or registers in a state-sponsored database through the Department of Health via the Liquor and Cannabis Board. Interestingly, the DOH and LCB accidentally released confidential patient information from the registry to the public over a year ago; physicians write recommendations of up to 15 plants, but are not involved in protecting patient confidentiality. HIPPA laws are declared neither broken, nor able to be cited in damage done by DOH and LCB using a third party contractor and inadvertently sharing diagnostic and personal data, allegedly including home address, telephone number, email and social security numbers.


Another challenge in the Washington State cannabis market is that the PPM or parts per million permitted in extractions i.e. concentrates of solvent residuals (hexane, butane, etc.) has been raised to unreasonably toxic levels; whereas an extract artist might lab test at 5 ppm, the current permitted PPM in Washington State is 500 ppm.


Additionally, very few labs test for and report on cannabinoids beyond THC and CBD, much less the terpenes that comprise an entourage effect, nor the important CBG or psychedelic THC-v. In order to educate and inform, it is critical that we consistently report on the truth of this plant and what it contains; one cannot argue medicinal value without sharing the measurable medicinal worth of cannabis through liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, microbial and organoleptic testing.


Patient access is a huge issue; one may face a 1-2 hour round trip plus gas in order to procure cannabis of irregular quality with possible pesticides in limited quantities on fixed incomes.


We have a 37% cannabis tax with an additional 8.7% sales tax in my county. Patients with an affirmative defense and doctor’s note do not receive a waiver of the 37% tax, but registered patients who risk their private information being made public have the 6.5%+ state sales tax waived.


We have problems.


And lastly, in this blooming industry of cannabis, what does YOUR “perfect world” look like?



My perfect world is one in which no one cares about what I grow in my garden, wherein I am free to share the bounty of the earth with those whom I love, and am able to advocate for all of my friends with cancer, MS, arthritis, PTSD, Crohn’s, TBI, eczema, HIV/AIDS and for any reason, including adult use or bodily autonomy, sans fear of reprisal or recrimination.


I’m just one woman; I have a family whom I adore, and am blessed with friends whose understanding of and love for my mountain acres includes patience with a process that requires a lifetime to produce, and a lot of time in the trees.


I cannot say that my thoughts comprise a symphony, but I can quote a saint:

“In essentials, unity.

In non-essentials, liberty.

In all things, charity.”

St. Augustine of Hippo


Leslie, thank you so much for sharing your comprehensive perspectives on so many varying topics and humoring my request to do so. I am absolutely positive our readers learned something today, you are an Incredible Woman of Cannabis and I thank you for using your voice to help educate others.


This month’s theme was about confidence and servant leadership. True leaders must lead by serving others, and doing so with right reason and conviction; they are compelled to do so by their very nature.


Femme Nuri recognizes Leslie La Duke Banionis as a leader in the next generation of cannabis. Thank you for your service.

Happy Saturday, we have more exciting updates!!!

Exciting updates!!! Thank you to Keena Moffett!


Today I am thrilled to announce, ‘Cannabis Creations, Beyond the Brownie’ author, Keena Moffett, has agreed to allow Femme Nuri to feature a recipe from the CookBook every month on our website!


That means access to a fantastic NEW recipe each and every month! I found this exciting being I am not a professional chef but I do like to cobble together tasty, savory treats from time to time. Why not dabble in making my own edibles with my own dosing? As I am NOT a culinary expert I appreciate brilliant humans like Keena whom have the gift of making magic with food. Her approach to cooking makes me feel comfortable enough to attempt the recipes and the photos are not only amazing but helpful guides.


To be clear, I am not just bringing you some random woman who can put a recipe to paper, I am bringing you a woman who creates wonders giving delicious depth to all kinds of foods. An artist on more than one level, as you will discover as our year progresses. I find her dishes to be comfort foods and feel it would appeal to many women who treat themselves or a loved one with edibles.


I personally plan on adding a hard copy to my home library in addition to my digital download. The download is conveniently accessible on all my devices ($14.99 USD instant download) which is lovely but I do love my books so I really do need a physical copy ($34.99 USD).


Oh my gosh and we are just getting started!!!

“The Gloops and the Special Plant”

Happy Thursday Lovelies!!!

I happened across an article in Dope magazine about this darling book and just had to share it with you all! It is only $10 and titled, “The Gloops and the Special Plant. I have copied the description from Amazon.com and linked the following graphic for your convenience.

“”The Gloops and the Special Plant” is a teaching tool for starting the conversation on what cannabis (marijuana) is, and what the end of its prohibition means. It tells a parallel story to our own while teaching about human rights and respect.

Back Cover:
“Where the Gloops live, there grows a very special plant. This plant has not always been understood. In fact, once upon a time, the Old Kings wanted the plant gone forever. Inside this little book is a BIG story about Molly, her family, and all of the Gloops who stood up for what they believed in, and won! The world of the Gloops is not so very different from ours… So, maybe by learning about them, we can learn about us too!”” – Amazon.com

Culinary & Cannabis presents, CannaSpa San Diego

CannaSpa San Diego 2017

Please join me and some friends and the first CannaSpa San Diego hosted by Tamara Anderson of Culinary & Cannabis. The day will be filled with education and relaxation! Indulge in some self-care while learning how cannabis may improve your wellness routine.

Click on the Graphic to purchase your ticket:

We are happy to be able to offer a FREE ticket to one lucky winner!

Cannabis – Getting Started a.4

Medicate responsibly.

It is understandable that a patient may over medicate at some point, edibles can be tricky to manage and leave a wake of victims in its path. To help manage this always have a CBD product on hand. When our bodies have too much THC for our conscious liking or physical management, ingesting CBD will balance out your endocannabinoid system to a more grounded state, sometimes in a remarkable amount of time. (I have used CBD oil to cure a dreadful hangover achieving results in an almost unbelievable fragment of time. Purely anecdotal speculation, of course, there is no proof it wasn’t the few sips of cold water I managed to keep down or the forkful of a vague rice dish that followed the oil.) I keep a CBD spray tincture on hand for these situations. It is nice to have a remedy at hand that works so quickly, I choose an alcohol based tincture for that reason. Rapid response when sprayed under the tongue.

Get comfortable with your choices, utilize services like Healthy Headies to introduce you to the necessary equipment for helping to choose the method of ingestion best for your needs. They are an in-home demo service that allows you to see and handle the available devices in order for patients to make an informed decision. That is pretty awesome, I mean when was the last time Home Depot called you up and said, “Hey we have all the new year’s vacuums in, how about we come over and let you or you and some of your friends try them all out for free so you can pick out your favorite?” Never, that’s when.

Canabis- Getting Started a.3

How to acquire cannabis medicine?

My original recommending Dr. told me to go to weedmaps.com, personally, I do not recommend that to anyone, especially a new patient.   Going to a dispensary can be an exciting experience, try one of our local legal dispensaries, I have listed their addresses as follows:

8157 Wing Avenue, El Cajon

3703 Camino del Rio South

2335 Roll Drive in Otay Mesa

3452 Hancock St. in the Midway District

658 E. San Ysidro Blvd.

2405 Harbor Drive in Barrio Logan

7128 Miramar Road in Mira Mesa

5125 Convoy St. in Kearny Mesa

10671 Roselle St. in Torrey Pines/Sorrento Valley


Please reference before you visit a dispensary, being a patient will NOT stop you from being arrested at an illegal shop.


I am not making recommendations for delivery service being the Cities and County of San Diego have banned cannabis delivery service currently.


Tested medicine.
You will find some dispensaries do not test their cannabis or cannabis products. This is an important caveat, I believe testing is imperative for good medicine and proper treatment. If the dispensary you favor does not test I highly suggest you consider testing your meds yourself. Many local cannabis testing labs have patient rates for personal testing purposes. Try Bud Genius, PharmLabs, and KS Labs.

Cannabis – Getting Started a.2

Choosing a Medical Cannabis Recommendation Doctor

There are options out there for patients. Wellness clinics with real M.D.’s at an office where you review your medical history, a thorough consultation that covers methods of consumption and dosage recommendation.   Locally I direct patients to Dr. Rabe and his team at Centric Wellness.


Online Clinics. Video call capabilities and credit card can get you a medical recommendation online, dependent on your internet access and state of residence. Yes, you speak with an actual M.D. and can contact the Dr. with any questions you have as long as you remain an established patient.

Currently, I recommend HelloMD and PrestoDoctor services as legitimate.

Cannabis – Getting Started a.1

Cannabis 101 a.1

Let’s get down to it,  please feel free to leave a comment!





Are you prepared personally?

I mention it because many patients who have found such relief or a higher quality of living from cannabis are surprised at the negative reaction they receive from family and friends. The Harsh judgment,  comparisons to drug users/abusers, ridiculed and even being disowned by family. The negative stigma attached to cannabis is REAL and in the current age of no filter, anything goes, the intensity of criticism can be fierce, prepare yourself. I personally try not engage in moral debate but do educate when I am faced with fear out of ignorance or want of knowing.


Will you be drug tested?

Make sure you understand the policies on drug testing at your workplace. Nothing is foolproof if your patient status endangers your job/employment you must always be prepared for the consequences. Having a good comprehension of your company’s drug use policies is an advantage, it can help you decide how to manage your patient status in the best interest of all parties. You may have an employer that requires drug testing but also believes cannabis is medicine, knowledge is power.


Educate yourself on local medical cannabis law and know your rights as a patient.

This is a great reference resource I have found to summarize your rights in California:



I recommend you acquire a state patient I.D. card to compliment your Dr.’s recommendation for added security and protection, you can find out how to get yours here:


Cannabis laws are still in development so I highly recommend the next step.



Alliance for Responsible Medicinal Access – ARMA,  Americans for Safe Access – ASA, and San Diego NormL this will provide you with real-time and reliable information/resources. If you are not comfortable attending a meeting please follow them on social media and review/bookmark their websites.

Cannabis – Getting Started

“how do I get started? where do I go?…” -Anonymous


I get this question, A LOT. So I am going to address it here. Begin at the begininning, start with the basics.



First, be sure you are committed personally to getting your recommendation. No matter how valid your reason for medicating is be prepared for the stigma backlash. Also, consider you may run into a familiar face at a dispensary or be surprised by a delivery driver married to your assistant.Will you be drug tested? If you answered yes, you may want to reconsider the medicinal adult use of cannabis. Cannabinoids stay in your system for 4-6 weeks depending on usage. I have no personal experience with a product that will fool a drug test to date. Educate yourself on local medical marijuana law and know your rights as a patient. Join groups like Alliance for Responsible Medicinal Access – ARMA, Americans for Safe Access – ASA and NormL are a great start. Appreciate your holistic choice to medicate naturally with a plant you can most likely grow yourself. Hooray YOU!

Second, choosing a Doctor. There are a few options out there for patients. Clinics with attentive MD’s, appointments made at an office where you both review your medical history and the Dr. provides a cannabis consultation that should cover methods of consumption and dosage. There is also the online Dr. option. A video chat and credit card can get you a medical recommendation in 30 minutes, depending on your medical history, state of residence and amount of questions you ask. I myself have experienced the online MD to satisfactory results. Shop around for the best deal and good reviews,

Third, acquiring medicine. Feeling brave? Pull up Weedmaps.coM, try and locate an operational dispensary and check it out. Odds are the place is not legit unless it is one of the few legal San Diego dispensary permit holders of which there are currently 8 in operation I believe. (See address list below) A good dispensary is always an experience in itself, the decor, the selection. Ask questions, how else does one learn? Curious about concentrates? Don’t pretend to know more than you do, the good dispensaries provide patients with knowledgeable staff and great customer service. It is an experience every patient should have. You can always call or order online and get your choice of medicine delivered straight to your home. My bit of unsolicited advice: buy tested meds, whatever you choose to medicate with, make sure it is tested.

Fourth, medicate responsibly.  Refer to dosing answers you have acquired from your recommending Doctor and effective personal experience. “Start Low, Go Slow”, is best when trying for the first time/a new brand/strain/product or adjusting dosing. Bear in mind as one’s body changes, one’s dosing may change also. Try and consume a dose or two of pure CBD if you find yourself feeling overmedicated, should help regulate any surplus THC symptoms that may be making you feel sick or unwell.

Fifth, embrace the Community. There are many like-minded individuals that share your lifestyle and even your hobbies. I encourage all patients to participate in local cannabis events to learn and socialize. Attend educational events and learn more about what interests you most about cannabis. I encourage you to help build a strong San Diego cannabis community.

Cheers to your good health, Salud!

***I am not a therapist, clinician, doctor, nurse or any type of medical professional. Everything I post is based on my opinion, personal experience, and research.***


Legal San Diego Dispensaries: (via the San Diego County website)

3703 Camino del Rio South,

2335 Roll Drive in Otay Mesa

3452 Hancock St. in the Midway District

658 E. San Ysidro Blvd.

2405 Harbor Drive in Barrio Logan

7128 Miramar Road in Mira Mesa

5125 Convoy St. in Kearny Mesa

10671 Roselle St. in Torrey Pines/Sorrento Valley


Club M Box – NAUGHTY & NICE, Volume XI


Volume 11 of The Club M box gave us “Naughty & Nice”, the perfect theme for the December edition! Filled with delights this box was indeed a holiday treat!

Included this month: Edibles, Champagne Jelly by The Jelly Shamans and Nice Patties infused candy in Raspberry, Orange, and Peppermint. Cannabis products, Gold Seal 3 cone set with Tropikal, Heirloom OG, and Sunset Sherbert in addition to Granddaddy Purple wax from Deviant Dabs. Topical, Sex & Massage massage oil. Tools, a gold atomizer for the wax.

Let’s start with the Cannabis Products! I was so excited to try the Deviant Dabs wax, as most of you know I rarely indulge in concentrates. I make an exception for Deviant Dabs. Fortunately, Club M thought of everything and included this lovely gold atomizer as a means for me to medicate with the included concentrate! Bravo! One of my favorite things about Deviant Dabs medicine, it is potent but functioning for me.

Next were the Gold Seal pre-rolls. Three large cones in 3 different exotic indoor strains: Tropikal, Heirloom OG, and Sunset Sherbert. Each was fantastic in its own right! I have no complaints from this indica dominant group. All strains were heady with euphoric effects, great for social smokes. Really great flower quality, even burn.

Nice Patties, were nice, ah ha. But seriously, they were great, I tried the raspberry and gave Carl the orange, we still have the peppermint (I have plans for it, stay tuned). There is, as with most edibles, a slight undertaste, but nothing preventing this candy from being delicious. If you like edibles I recommend you try them out, 35 mg THC each.

I was intrigued by the inclusion of The Jelly Shamans Champagne Jelly, I had never heard such a thing before! I also love edible makers who are artisanal and believe in small custom batches. Those seem to be the best products, a lot of thought put in and behind them with that intention. This jelly was amazing, a sweet pinot noir flavor with a hint of lemon. We have yet to decide what to use it on but may not use it on anything since we keep just “tasting” it.

The topical Sex & Massage, an oil made by Kali Caps & Cremes. This sexual enhancement oil can also be used as a topical for pain management. I was interested in their use of rice bran oil in addition to the popular coconut oil. What I noticed was the rice bran oil seems to mute the cannabis smell but not take away from the coconut odor, which is subtle to be clear. The bottle is great, aesthetically pleasing and a nice looking pump bottle. Immediately out of the bottle it smelled a little “planty” but once absorbed there is only a slight coconut scent. Labeling seems to be compliant, all information is included. I found this topical to keep all its promises.

All in all another great compilation by Club M creating #perfectmoments. Thanks to Club M for creating this beautiful stash box and for all the luxury products you send your members, we look forward to seeing what 2017 brings! Cheers!

The 3rd Annual Emerald Conference – February 2 & 3 in San Diego, California

Do you want to know more about cannabis?

Whether you are a patient, canna-curious or just wanting to know more with the passing of prop 64/recreational cannabis in California you won’t want to miss this opportunity!

Please click on the graphic and visit their website. Take note of the various areas and categories being offered, this conference goes from A-Z and I, for one, cannot wait!

Please enjoy a $50 off promotional code to purchase your tickets, use: FEMMENURI

Happier Holidays with Cannabis

Having Happier Holidays with Cannabis

Our first half of the month we covered our wish list items, the last half we will be talking about cannabis & our lifestyle. We feel a focus on our emotional and physical well-being is just as important during the holidays. This time of year can be high energy, whether it is dealing with mass amounts of people, stressful family situations or overwhelmed with a holiday to-do-list, emotions are running on overtime.

Being aware of our stress is a big help in treatment, preventative maintenance has always been a great aide in my personal experience. I myself, like to start with a quality 1:1, this dosing is consistent for me through various methods, from tincture, to concentrate, to flower, I can count on my 1:1 (THC:CBD ratio) for a great management dose. Having ready availability to CBD dominant medicine is a great preventative and maintenance measure as well.

Remember the reason for the season, we recommend focusing on positives vs. negatives. Doing for others is always a great way to improve your mood, donate your time, it is an immeasurably beneficial alternative to giving your money. Clean out the closets in your home of old clothes, blankets, and shoes, maybe do a little research and locate a smaller non-profit that may really need your donations.

In regards to holiday family/office parties, please medicate responsibly and beware of the cross-fade (alcohol + cannabis). When facing these more intimate situations note who/what triggers you and implement pleasant aversion tactics (big smile walking in opposite direction, excuse yourself from the conversation) be aware of your exits and get some air. Ten deep cleansing breaths can make a big difference in your headspace. Please note, if you are experiencing a major level of anxiety about any situation, re-evaluate its worth, taking care of you should always come first.

And finally, post-holidays, treat yourself to some self-care. Whether it is some ganja yoga with the ladies over at Herbally Enhanced Yoga, a luxurious cannabis infused bath at home, a cannabis infused massage, or all three, you deserve it.


**This is the opinion of the author who has NO CLAIM to be any type of medical professional. The following statements are from anecdotal/personal experience and should never be substituted for professional medical advice.

Please welcome Cortney Belcher to the Femme Nuri Community!!!

Welcome Cortney and check out her debut article tomorrow 9:00 a.m. PST

Cortney Belcher


Cortney is a Health & Wellness Coach in North County San Diego. Cortney found the cannabis plant at the young age of 16 and with chronic anxiety she quickly realized she would long be fighting to use cannabis medicinally without fear of punishment. As a Consultant and Coach, Cortney helps her clients find natural and nutritional remedies that will help them live their happiest lives possible. When she isn’t promoting a healthful lifestyle, Cortney can be found wondering any one of our local hiking trails with her dog, doing yoga and reading as much as she possibly can about natural remedies. Grateful to come from such a beautiful place, Cortney plans to explore the mid-west next spring talking to people about health, wellness, and cannabis.

Contact: CortneyMarieFit@Gmail.com

Femme Nuri – Our Favorite Things 2016 – Day 12

Femme Nuri

Our Favorite Things 2016


Back of T-shirt
Back of T-shirt

12. Femme Nuri membership  – 1 year

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a shameless plug and reminder to purchase your membership to Femme Nuri, The Cannabis Sorority. Join us in an exciting year ahead of discovery and wellness. (Annual basic membership $99)

Femme Nuri – Our Favorite Things 2016 – Day 11

Femme Nuri

Our Favorite Things 2016



11. Sharp Stone Grinders http://www.sharpstonegrinders.com/

We love Sharp Stone 4 piece grinders. They are superior metal grinders for dry herb with compartments for ground herb and a trichrome catcher. Any cannabis connoisseur appreciates a Sharp Stone grinder for their grinding needs. (Retails $35 USD)

Femme Nuri – Our Favorite Things 2016 – Day 10

Femme Nuri

Our Favorite Things 2016



10. The Reina Collection http://geniferm.com/store/la-reina-collection/

Dazzle the CannaLady in your life with a selection from the Reina Collection, delicate and subtle in beautiful 14k gold. We love jewelry and what better way to celebrate patient pride with class. From classic designs in yellow & white gold to diamond adorned pieces you are sure to find something that will make her really smile. (20mm 14k gold pendant shown $199 USD)

Femme Nuri – Our Favorite Things 2016 – Day 9

Femme Nuri

Our Favorite Things 2016



9. Foria pleasure mist http://foriapleasure.com/

We. Love. Foria. What can we say…with this gift you cannot go wrong. We haven’t met a woman who hasn’t loved it yet. Enough said. (retail $40 USD)

November 2016 Club M Box – FEAST

This month’s Club M box, FEAST, brings us a cornucopia of cannabis delights.

November 2016 FEAST

I am especially excited about the download for Keena Moffett’s eCookbook, Cannabis Creations: Beyond the Brownie. Included in this month’s box is Keena’s recipe for infused Chocolate Pecan Pie, sure to be a holiday hit. I will follow up with the results from my own experience using locally sourced cannabutter, look for more on the website in coming weeks.

True Humboldt, Candyland

The flower in this edition was Candyland from True Humboldt, “This award winning sativa dominant strain is an amazing collage of color alternating in hues of green with bright orange hairs all densely enshrouded in a forest of trichomes. This often potent strain offers a wide range of relief while maintaining a jovial and social functionality. This is a great strain for enhancing creativity.”, according to True Humboldt’s website. I found this to hold true, it did well on my pain management as well, not an anxiety causing sativa for me personally either. Also shown is the beautiful glass one-hitter included, well suited for a classy on-the-go piece.

Lord Jones Sea Salt Caramels – 80 mg THC

The Lord Jones sea salt caramels were delicious and mildly potent for my high tolerance at 20 mgs of THC each. I found the caramels to be consistent in dosing in my experience. The taste is as wonderful as any other non infused high end caramels on the market. If you are looking for a tasty infused caramel treat try them for yourself. They would make a great patient gift to be sure. (They come in a variety of doses)

Cannaoil Co olive oil

Another appropriate inclusion in this month’s FEAST themed box is CannaOil Co.’s extra virgin infused olive oil. I was really excited to find this inside because I have a recipe from The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook I’ve wanted to try but have been short, you guessed it, cannabis infused olive oil. The recipe even calls for the exact amount I have in the bottle!!!

The new Evoxe Deep pen

The new Evoxe pen, DEEP, with its blend of Indica cannabis oil, organically grown Lavender, Chamomile & Orange essential oils is a great go-to vaping option for me. The effects are relaxing but not sleepy, helping to manage anxiety in those stressful holiday situations. I enjoy the free flowing draw of this pen vs. it’s competitors.

120 mg thc Mega Boost by Jane’s Brew

And finally the all around infusing option, A package of Jane’s Brew powdered THC to put in anything you want, from beverages to foods this powder can be added to them all. With 12 servings of 10 mgs THC each (120 mg THC in packet) you can control your dose as needed. If you are looking for a restful night’s sleep for instance you may want to double your normal dose. Or, as a first-timer, you may want to halve the dose to see how it affects you on your inaugural run.

Thank you again to Club M box for another addition of delightful treats for members with, FEAST.

Femme Nuri – Our Favorite Things 2016 – Day 8

Femme Nuri

Our Favorite Things 2016



8. The Apothecarry Case https://www.theapothecarrycase.com/

Any woman will be thrilled to receive one of these beautifully constructed boxes. As beautifully crafted as the most luxurious watch box this tabletop cannabis storage box tops our charts. A definitive piece for any lady canna-connoisseur. (Waiting List)

Femme Nuri – Our Favorite Things 2016 – Day 7

Femme Nuri

Our Favorite Things 2016



7. The VapeXhale https://www.vapexhale.com/collections/cyber-deals-2016

We really love the VapeXhale, a tabletop vaporizer for dry herb and concentrates serving a wider variety of patient needs. We prefer the versatility of this vaporizer vs. other available tabletops on the market. If you are going to make the investment, invest in a VapeXhale. (Shown device retails $ 349.99 USD)

Femme Nuri – Our Favorite Things 2016 – Day 6

Femme Nuri

Our Favorite Things 2016




6. Club M Box M1K box  https://joinclubm.com/

We ADORE the Club M – M1K box! It is the high society cannabis connoisseur’s perfect gift! A little of everything to meet your needs, from flower to concentrates to edibles and more, all in an Apothecarry locked case. What a deal! These are limited edition so if you want one act quickly! (retails $1000 USD)

For those looking for a smaller investment consider a Club M box subscription. It is the gift that keeps on giving! What better way to show how much you care with the gift of 12 months of “Marijuana, Music & Munchies” to cultivate their #perfectmoments all year long! A gift that will remind her every month how thoughtful you are. (Monthly subscription retails $97 USD)

Femme Nuri – Our Favorite Things 2016 – Day 5

Femme Nuri

Our Favorite Things 2016



5. PAX Era https://www.paxvapor.com/era/

This sleek new addition to the PAX line caught our attention. A pen that uses its own vaporizer pods of concentrate for consistency in a discreet modern design. We love it and so will the cannabis-vaporizing women you know. (games included, retails $90 USD)


Femme Nuri – Our Favorite Things 2016 – Day 4

Femme Nuri

Our Favorite Things 2016



4. Amore Bath Bombs http://www.amorebathbombs.com/

These bath bombs are the most superior on the market cannabis bath bombs we have come across. Priced at $25 each we assure you it is well worth the expense to enjoy the experience. Luxurious as the best LUSH quality bath bomb this gift will NOT disappoint the women in your life!

Femme Nuri – Our Favorite Things 2016 – Day 3

Femme Nuri

Our Favorite Things 2016



3. AnnaBis Lady G Snakeskin print  http://annabisstyle.com/collections/the-annabis-collection/products/lady-g?variant=32538648132#

We LOVE the new AnnaBis line!!! This Lady G Snakeskin bag is a MUST HAVE for any lady of cannabis. Elevate your game with this luxury odor blocking handbag for the holidays. (Shown bag retail value: $245 USD)

Femme Nuri – Our Favorite Things 2016 – Day 2

Femme Nuri

Our Favorite Things 2016



2. The Hmbldt pens http://www.hmbldt.com/

We are big fans of the new Hmbldt pens. Not only are they sleek looking and high tech, but we love their formulas and delivery method for more precise dosing. A beautiful combination. Choose from Bliss, Sleep, Calm and Relief. (Retail value $100 USD)

Femme Nuri – Our Favorite Things 2016 – Day 1

Femme Nuri

Our Favorite Things 2016

We have cobbled together a list of our favorite luxury products from 2016 as gift ideas for the women you cherish, our own 12 days of Cannabis Christmas.

Stay Golden.



  1. Jane West + GRAV Labs glass collection https://janewestshop.com/collections/jane-west-x-grav-labs

We love the Jane West + GRAV Labs collection! In beautiful cobalt blue, these high-quality pieces will not disappoint. With a variety of pieces to choose from you are sure to find something for the high society women in your network. (Retail value $35-$250 USD)

October Health & Fitness – #SelfCareShare – Day 1

 Day 1- Start with a sativa and some Ganja Yoga


My #selfcareshare challenge was achieved in the afternoon today after setting the kids up with snacks and the new Star Wars movie. I left Megan (our 18-year-old) in charge and went upstairs.

I medicated with a Blue Dream pre-roll from North County Direct. No, they are NOT spliffs, 100% cannabis. It looks just like a cigarette but isn’t, I spoke to the person behind the concept; As a smoker, he decided instead of making cigarettes he would switch out the tobacco for cannabis. (They are gaining in popularity locally here in San Diego.) This was an easy and convenient method being time was of the essence today. I loaded up my “Simply Yoga” DVD, (I dig accents) and away I went!

A lot of folks can practice yoga on their own and I commend them for that. Personally, I find when self-led I rush through, forget, lose focus and don’t get the same overall relaxation I do from being lead. I enjoy this DVD because it covers all the basics and leaves me feeling more centered, relaxed  yet energized. What I like most are the woman’s voice and instruction, I can close my eyes and follow along if I wanted. (I don’t recommend it, easy to fall over)

As I moved through the poses I could feel my stretches and pay attention to my breathing and my body, the blue dream strain helps me to slow down and pay attention to details. I was really noticing a therapeutic feel during savasana at the end of my practice. I had not only identified my back issue but felt amazingly relaxed compared to before I came upstairs.

I am really glad I took this 30 minutes for myself today and appreciate that cannabis only improved my experience. I am off to make peanut butter sandwiches and answer emails,

Now don’t forget! Visit kristenwilliamsdesigns.com/educate to read about your endocannabinoid system.

Be sure to take the great “How do You Self-Care?” quiz  they provided too!


Co-Authors Kristen Williams and Kira Gresoski of Coming Clean with Cannabis: A New Kind of Cannabis Cleanse PRESENT


A challenge designed to help make you more aware of your daily choices and how they impact your wellness, all while learning about cannabis along the way.

Cannabis isn’t about getting “high.” It’s about improving your quality of life, however, that may be for you.

Our team will be sharing stories and tips on how they incorporate cannabis into a daily self-care practice and how it has benefitted their wellness and we want you to join us! 

We want to hear your self-care stories, rituals, and all the ways you “treat yo self.” We want anyone who searches the tag #SelfCareShare to come up with a mountain of ideas and inspiration for how they can better take care of themselves, whether it’s with cannabis or not. This is about sharing what’s worked best for you so that others in our community can benefit – and also learning from others so that you can add to and improve your own self-care techniques.

We hope you join us!

We are joining the #selfcareshare campaign this month! The next 10 days I will blog my 10 days of self-care with cannabis.

Kristen & Kira have even provided a self-care share tracker for us! You can find yours here: #Selfcareshare Tracker

Canopy San Diego – An Interview with Lincoln Fish



Today we are fortunate enough to get word from Mr. Lincoln Fish, one of our most respected local cannabis industry leaders, speaking about the Inaugural Cohort of Canopy San Diego this Fall.


Thank you Mr. Fish for your time today. I would like to start with you giving readers a quick synopsis of what is Canopy?

Lincoln Fish:   

Canopy is an Accelerator. In terms of business incubation, there are accelerators and there are incubators. Typically, an incubator will start from the idea stage, whereas accelerators are taking in small companies that already have some structure and a fairly defined idea of where they are going.  Accelerators will typically give very select businesses some startup money, office space, mentorship in a wide range of disciplines (marketing, accounting, legal, etc.) and access to an investor base.  Canopy San Diego is a traditional accelerator in that regard…the thing that makes us unique is our dedication to the cannabis space. We are looking to work with companies that offer ancillary products and services to the industry.  Currently, we are not working with those that directly touch the plant.


Fascinating, seeing this level of business coming to the cannabis industry here in San Diego is all very exciting. Speaking of locale, how is it San Diego came to be selected to host Canopy say versus Los Angeles with a seemingly larger cannabis market?

Lincoln Fish:

That’s a tribute to Eric Gomez, our CEO, and Jack Scatizzi, our Managing Director. They had the foresight to realize that San Diego would be the ideal hub for a cannabis accelerator. Los Angeles is obviously a larger market, but we are close enough to attract those players, and San Diego is known for its innovative firms, especially in the biotech and engineering spaces.  There is an enormous talent pool and a strong investor base here….and both of those groups are looking for unique, fast-moving companies to support and help thrive.


That makes sense, San Diego is often under-rated outside our tourism plugs. I know I was glad to see that Canopy saw value in our local industry to be sure. What can we expect to see from Canopy in the coming months?

Lincoln Fish:   

You’re right about that. We are never given enough credit as a serious player, but it’s actually one of truly ideal cities to foster entrepreneurship. We have a highly educated population, and many key business professionals want to push harder to raise San Diego’s profile in that regard.  This is exactly where Canopy San Diego fits in.  We are letting everyone know that we are here and already creating value, for the companies we support, for the cannabis industry, and for the San Diego business community. Everyone knows that cannabis is the biggest new industry since the dot com world exploded. You will see Canopy San Diego roll out some firms that are set to be leaders in various facets of this industry.


My next question is about our local cannabis community, does Canopy have any plans for outreach or involvement outside of business?

Lincoln Fish:

To put it simply, wherever cannabis is being supported legally and positively, Canopy wants to be there. Whether that means helping with charitable groups that are helping deal with medical issues, or getting involved politically, Canopy San Diego will be a part of it.


That sounds wonderful. I am grateful for your time today Mr. Fish, I would like to thank you and Canopy San Diego for your professionalism and the opportunity provided to our local entrepreneurs. We wish you all continued success and look forward to seeing new growth and development in our industry and community. Thank you.

Stay tuned for more information on Canopy San Diego’s 2016 Fall Cohort…


Femme Nuri September 2016 – Artisan of the Month


September Artisan of the Month: Dapper Labs Moon Rocks

This month’s artisan are skilled craftspersons in the art of cannabis concentrates, Andrew & Rick. I know Andrew to have a solid knowledge and distinguished taste for cannabis.

These moon rocks are top shelf cannabis flower buds, rolled in wax (cannabis concentrate) and then rolled in kief (resin trichomes of cannabis) making them very potent. The appeal to me with this type of product is the combination of strains at each stage. Hypothetically, let us say we are looking for something for our insomnia, let us say high THC flower is not really cutting the muster but we may not be ready to dive into cannabis concentrates just yet. Enter Dapper Labs moon rocks, a little goes a long way.

Insomnia & pain management are both getting great results from higher CBN strains, according to Steep Hill Labs, 5 mg of CBN is as effective as 10 mg dose of diazepam. Dapper Labs Indica & Hybrid moon rocks both contain higher CBN content vs. typical strains used in moon rocks in my experience. The Indica moon rocks have been great for insomnia and the Hybrid moon rocks have been wonderful for my deep bone pain during the day. For example the Hybrid moon rocks are Pineapple Express flower (25.89% THC, 0.04% CBD, 0.02% CBN) in Gorilla Glue Wax ( 70.88% THC, 0.15% CBD, 0.07% CBN) Sweet Island Skunk kief (47.21%, 0.08% CBD, 0.02% CBN) I have used this medicine for functioning daytime pain management, I don’t use a lot, no need to. Impressive.

Dapper Labs moon rocks can be found in the September Club M box, Explore, as well as the Club M website for purchase. I recommend these as an introduction to concentrates or if you are looking for something a little stronger to manage your symptoms. A little goes a long way so when trying a new product allow yourself space to safely test how a stronger medicine will affect you, keep calm, always try to have some pure CBD on hand to balance any over-medicated feelings. Due to the addition of concentrates the bud will burn slower and longer, something else to bear in mind. No fancy equipment is needed, you can use a pipe, water pipe or add it to a pre-roll.

Thank you, Dapper Labs and Congratulations!!!

Learn more about Dapper Labs here: http://www.dapperlabsca.com/