About Us

Mission Statement

Educate. Elevate. Empower.


Ease into Cannabis

Starting with cannabis can be intimidating and overwhelming, and lack of experience makes one feel vulnerable. New patients can feel confused by so many choices and conflicting information. Femme Nuri can help ease those fears with peers to help guide and transition those looking for help. Femme Nuri is plugged into the cannabis community locally as well as, at large. This allows us to assist in find and filter opportunites. Our more experienced members are always happy to contribute in evaluating options and providing perspectives, a valuable tool to any learning experience.


Education is the foundation for our agenda. Femme Nuri believes in providing education to the public in an effort to disseminate relevant and current information about cannabis in a positive way to build public relations. We mean to help educate our governing populace and the general public with a focus on women and improving women’s health while encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Knowledge is power.

Sense of Community

In a city with a population over 1,406,630 it can be hard to feel like you belong, especially in regards to cannabis. We may attempt to include ourselves with work, social and neighborhood engagements we enjoy while keeping any cannabis use in the closet. Our sorority makes a woman feel better connected to her peer community by providing access and safe space. In addition it is a great opportunity to meet new friends and other women-in-arms while we continue to fight prohibition and misinformation.

High Standards and Accountability

We impose strict standards on our product and service sponsors, requiring them to maintain a full level of legal compliance and testing/operating standards. As a result Femme Nuri only works with the best of the best our industry and community has to offer. We also require members to engage in community service. Philanthropy opportunities range from simply participating in local charity events to organizing city-wide , sometimes state-wide, service projects, which can be an asset on resumes, particularly for women with careers in fields related to their charitable work. These efforts are key to changing the negative stigmatization of cannabis.


While education and experience are critical to our agenda, the importance of effective networking can’t be overstated. Having that right connection can make all the difference when applying for a  job, finding the right location or seeking expert advice. Every sorority member has the potential to become the connection who helps another woman achieve a goal. In a society where what you know doesn’t always matter as much as who you know, it helps a woman to have as many connections as she can.


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