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Cara is a San Diego native, happily married to her best friend of 22+ years and proud Mom to four beautiful children.

As a sufferer of spondylosis with bone spurs, as well as anxiety and PTSD, Cara found great relief and improved quality of life when she began treating with cannabis in lieu of her prescribed pharmaceuticals.

While on the journey of self-discovery she became aware of a need for safe space for women patients and so Femme Nuri was born.

Cara’s vision is more than a women’s group for cannabis patients, she wants to provide a platform for others to engage in and with the community as a positive example of cannabis for wellness.




I am a new medicinal cannabis patient, I am also a female over the age of 25. I live in Riverside County where there is only one dispensary and they price cannabis according to the per capita income of our wealthy, mostly white, Christian suburb. This is my experience as a cannabis conscious consumer in 2017.