12/09/2017 | Femme Nuri Annual Holiday Party

This December 9th, 2017 we will be hosting our annual Holiday Party. Last year we did a dispensary and grow tour of Outliers Collective in El Cajon via LimoBus to include a patient’s mixer afterward  with raffle! Great brands like ClubM purveyor of the luxury subscription MBox and Crave Skincare were in attendance. You never know who you’ll meet at a party!

This year we are going bigger and are not done finalizing all the possibilities, what we have so far:

  • a consumption event hosted in North County San Diego
  • an essential oil presentation
  • a joint/pre-roll instruction with included materials to roll your own.
  • and more…

We know, amazing right? And we aren’t DONE yet! Even better, no L.A. or long distance travel, an event right up in North County for our awesome community!!!

This is an adult only event. Patient status is not required but we will have a discount code for any guest looking to acquire a medical recommendation.

Don’t miss this party!!!   REGISTER HERE

Early Bird Tickets are $40.00 (limit 2)

Ticket prices after 11/24 are $50.00 (limit 4)