March 2017 | ClubM Box | Volume IVX, EXCHANGE

ClubM Box | Vol. IVX | EXCHANGE

EXCHANGE brings us a collaboration between the Emerald Exchange & ClubM beautifully crafted to complement one another. The Emerald Exchange experience being of community and sharing Northern California craft to a Southern California audience suits this gal just fine. To have a ClubM box cultivated with vendors from the event was a wonderful way to commemorate a piece of cannabis history.

After reading and removing the cover letter the true bounty of this month’s box is revealed. Cultivators from Humboldt, Sonoma and Mendocino are represented with premium cannabis flower, concentrates and edibles.

Redwood Roots (4) .5 gram SFV OG pre-rolls

These cleverly packaged pre-rolls provided a nice level headed, muscle relaxing experience. A true San Fernando Valley OG.

High Street Teas English Breakfast tea 25 mg THC

Ohhhhh ladies, I mean look at this branding! BEE-U-tea-Full! (She also offers other blends) Such a discreet and comforting way to medicate, especially for those of us who love tea! Imagine the possibilities, what a tea party you could host with this tea!

The Jelly Shamans Super Berry Jam with Hemp derived 40 mg CBD

The Jelly Shamans do it again, with their small, artisanal batches, their products are sublime. The taste may have you eating it straight from the jar! Fear not, since it is hemp derived CBD you’d be just fine.

PURR glass smoking tip

For a patient who enjoys smoking pre-rolls or joints I found this device convenient, it is easy to clean and can be used more than one way. I prefer you use mine as an additional tip to any pre-roll.

Shine On Farms 1 g Headband pre-roll

Advertised as a potent hybrid I found it a mildly sedative overall relaxing strain.

Deviant Dabs Shatter 1 g

This fantastic floral shatter was a delight, a pleasant, euphoric effect with mild pain management. It is a wonderful social selection for a higher tolerance patient like myself.

Green Goat Farms Cannabis oil .5 g

Wow, this is the first concentrate I have ever smelled that was so similar to actual cannabis flower, super terpy, I loved it! Heavy sedative but creative and clear headed effect for me. Great bouquet, clean taste.

Satori Dark Chocolate 90 mg THC (10 mg pieces)

A little candy bar that goes a long way, these 10 mg squares pack a punch! Blended with premium cacao you can smell upon opening. The effects did not take long for me. Since learning how edibles become more potent as digested I am telling you as a higher tolerance user, I FEEL this 10 mg. Make sure to have a back up dark chocolate nearby because the taste will have you considering eating more than it would be advisable. Duly noted.

Humboldt’s Finest 1 g pre-roll

Humboldt’s Finest provided a full gram pre-roll as their addition to this Emerald Exchange collaboration for March 2017’s Vol. IVX ClubM box, EXCHANGE. A creative addition to this luxury subscription line-up.

We hope you enjoy your #perfectmoments as much as we do. If you don’t already belong to ClubM you can join here: CLICK ME

October Health & Fitness – #SelfCareShare – Day 1

 Day 1- Start with a sativa and some Ganja Yoga


My #selfcareshare challenge was achieved in the afternoon today after setting the kids up with snacks and the new Star Wars movie. I left Megan (our 18-year-old) in charge and went upstairs.

I medicated with a Blue Dream pre-roll from North County Direct. No, they are NOT spliffs, 100% cannabis. It looks just like a cigarette but isn’t, I spoke to the person behind the concept; As a smoker, he decided instead of making cigarettes he would switch out the tobacco for cannabis. (They are gaining in popularity locally here in San Diego.) This was an easy and convenient method being time was of the essence today. I loaded up my “Simply Yoga” DVD, (I dig accents) and away I went!

A lot of folks can practice yoga on their own and I commend them for that. Personally, I find when self-led I rush through, forget, lose focus and don’t get the same overall relaxation I do from being lead. I enjoy this DVD because it covers all the basics and leaves me feeling more centered, relaxed  yet energized. What I like most are the woman’s voice and instruction, I can close my eyes and follow along if I wanted. (I don’t recommend it, easy to fall over)

As I moved through the poses I could feel my stretches and pay attention to my breathing and my body, the blue dream strain helps me to slow down and pay attention to details. I was really noticing a therapeutic feel during savasana at the end of my practice. I had not only identified my back issue but felt amazingly relaxed compared to before I came upstairs.

I am really glad I took this 30 minutes for myself today and appreciate that cannabis only improved my experience. I am off to make peanut butter sandwiches and answer emails,

Now don’t forget! Visit to read about your endocannabinoid system.

Be sure to take the great “How do You Self-Care?” quiz  they provided too!