MBox | November 2017 | HARVEST

Harvest by ClubM

November 2017, Volume 22 of the MBox

The Harvest themed MBox by ClubM included an array of abundance. Cannabis flower, moon rocks and nug run shatter. A wax pen for concentrates and edibles from sweet to savory are what members were presented with for November.

Can of Bliss 1/8 oz.

I was excited about this Can of Bliss. The packaging and branding are nice, when you unseal the lid it has a humidifier packet in the lid (Boveda), a photo sticker of what the actual cannabis inside the sealed cannister looks like (Orange Cookies), then the vacuum-sealed pull tab. The smell was super orange when I opened that tab. The taste is lovely and definitely a heady indica from the onset, took about a full 2 minutes to settle in.

This Indica tests at 20% THC and 0% CBD. #findyourbliss

Seasonal Harvest Co. 1/2 gram

1/2 g Nug Run Shatter of WiFi smells super terpy, a hint of mint. Glad to see it was a Sativa with THC at 63.6%, CBG 2.1% & CBC 0.5%. Looks and smells fantastic. Immediate heady onset wears off about 20-30 minutes in, maintained relaxed, clear-headed, pain free effects for appx. 4 hours.

Vape N It Xtracts MoonRocks 1 g

These Moon Rocks tested at 66.34% THC and are a Sativa dominant hybrid. Moon rocks are high potency flower rolled in concentrate then rolled in kief, making it a triple high potency dosage. Inexperienced users should only consume a small, small amount of this product.

I appreciated the Sativa dominant effects for efficient daytime use. Great pain management.

Humboldt Harvest Toasted Coconut Chips 2 oz.

Cannabis infused toasted coconut chips with maple and vietnamese cinnamon, 30 mg CBD: 15 mg THC. No refined sugar, gluten free, GMO free, Paleo and Vegan edibles. We used our on top of our Saturday morning hot cereal for a special edition wake & bake. They are tasty enough to eat straight from the bag! (Also used to top parfaits of vanilla greek yogurt and baked pears)

Flourish Sativa 150

Crangerine Gummis with a total package dose of 150 mg. Serving size dosage given is just under 10 mg. Serving listed as 16, Gummis are in 4 large pieces making each of those large gummis about 40 mgs each. Make sure you quarter those large gummis if you are looking for that lower dosage! This was an uplifting, euphoric sativa we really enjoyed.

Nimbus Dark Chocolate, Pecan & Hazelnut Cluster

This 80 mg confection should be divided in the same manner as the gummis for low dose patients and consumers. I like the clear dosing instructions on the back of the package in addition to the packaging being appealing to me. Great artwork and clear font choices.

And that concludes this month’s edition of the MBox. Making #perfectmoments with HARVEST

You can get your own MBox if you live in the state of California, join now and get ready to see what December has in store for ClubM members!

Remember if you buy 3 months at a time your 4th month is FREE!


MBox | October 2017 | Vol. 21 | Masquerade


This month we were enchanted with the MBox, MASQUERADE by ClubM, the original, luxury cannabis subscription service. Members were treated for October with plenty of goodies! Check out what $97/month or less* gets ClubM members. (*buy the 3 month subscription and save) Remember to use our link if you subscribe

3.5 G Gold Seal Exotic Indoor Flower

Sunrise Sherbert from Gold Seal San Francisco. This uplifting, indica leaning experience was a great relaxer without the couch lock. Tastes like it smells, great!

Retail $50

(2) stick.e.vape disposable vape cartridges

100% raw, organic, cannabis oil “Dirty Heads” Dance all Night SATIVA disposable vape cartridge

100% raw, organic, cannabis oil Ghost Train Haze SATIVA disposable vape cartridge.

Retail $40 each

FloraCal Indica Dominant pre-rolls

These are fabulous, my new favorite pre-roll! Great blend, beautiful, even burn, every time. Effects are euphoric and relaxing. Makes a great social smoke.

Retail $45

(2) The Art of Edibles Truffles

These are game changing in the realm of edibles, low dose, highest quality ingredients, artisanal chocolates. “Guilt free flavor alongside a smooth, calibrated edible experience”. These delights are great at 5 mgs each, we highly recommend the big box as a hostess for the mostest gift this holiday season. To learn more: To Whom It May Concern chocolates

Retail $ 15.00

Zen Potion Pumpkin Spice Tea

The teas by Zen Potion are some of our favorite infused options, they are beautifully, blended teas and medicated making them great for wake and bake weekends. This Pumpkin Spice is 15 mgs and a lovely dessert tea or before bed. With a little agave and almond milk it makes a wonderful autumn evening toddy.

Retail $12

Thanks to ClubM for another fascinating experience and the tools for creating cannabis #perfectmoments

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July 2017 | Club M | Volume 18 | ESCAPE

July 2017 | Club M | Volume 18 | ESCAPE

Volume 18 of The MBox by ClubM brought us, ESCAPE

A collection of items meant to help you inspire your own cannabis staycation! Check out these ESCAPE inspired innovations! From multipurpose lighters to top shelf cannabis you were sure to ESCAPE.

Half Lit Pineapple flavored cannabis infused lollipop

These cannabis infused tasty treat have  25 mg of THC, are organic and gluten, dairy, soy, nut, artificial dye, & GMO-free! Pineapple Paradise was fantastically fruity.

What makes these lollies different from the average edible is they have included a stick with cannabis seed inside. You plant the stick and grow your own cannabis plant. How fun is that?!

With that dose and fun marketing appeal these would make a great patient gift. I emphasize “patients” as we feel 5 mg THC is more appropriate a dose for a new consumer. But feel a more experienced consumer would appreciate the novelty and better manage the dosage at that 25 mg level.

*We plan to blog our stick growth progress.


1/8th JUST HERB – Headband

This heady frosty flower lives up to its reputation of a heavy sedative and pain reliever. It provided a great night of restful sleep as well. I don’t always find the Headband strain consistent but this one came through true to form.

The spongy buds were dense and smoked well in our water piece and rolled in joints.  Keep the container closed because it is definitely LOUD.

We recommend you try this strain out if you are looking for a sedative type outcome, like a relaxant or sleep aid. Higher tolerance consumers should find it more manageable.



Other JUST HERB strains are available on the ClubM website

Lighter Bro, turn your lighter into a utility tool!

This handy little MacGyver-type gadget is 7 tools in one multi-tool. Admittedly we have used this several times already. I like it because it gives more weight to the lighter making it easier to find in the bottom of whichever bag it has been transferred into. I’ll take the brass gold tone casing versus a plain plastic lighter any day! This would definitely come in handy if one needed to make an #ESCAPE

60 ml Papa & Barkley Massage oil (3:1 THC:CBD)

Oh do I love this stuff. I use it regularly on myself, it is convenient to rub some oil on my neck and shoulders relieving the pain and muscle tension I have in that area. The best part being the almost immediate effects, I’d like to say seconds but I will commit to saying full relief in minutes.

My husband says it takes the edge off his repetitive motion pain but does not provide the level of relief I experience for my neck and shoulder tension upon use of the Papa & Barkley oil.

This 3 mg THC to 1 mg CBD massage oil carries the Papa & Barkley signature medicinal scent, be mindful of transferring to bed sheets or clothing post-use as it is an oil. I have not experienced any staining issues when using.

Try Papa & Barkley transdermal patches and relief balms as well!

Pura Vida Health infused Sunny Seeds & Palm Tree pre-roll

In addition to the usual high quality Pura Vida Health products we have come to know and love, such as these lovely, salty, Sunny Seeds, this MBox delivers a new surprise! Palm Tree pre-rolls: cannabis pre-rolls, rolled in cured cannabis leaf.

These were an awesome ‘Netfilx & Chill’ combo. (Remember: Stay hydrated!)

The pre-roll was potent, an interesting flavor, and we will definitely be ordering more. Would be great to take to a party.



  Be sure to check out all of Pura Vida Health’s other products in the ClubM store!

Tokin, Battery kit & Cannabis oil 0.5 g disposable cartridge

(in Pina Colada, Sativa)

This flavorful cannabis oil has been a great daytime sativa and is reminiscent of tropical drinks with its Pina Colada flavor.

It is always appreciated when you get the battery kit that comes with the cartridge, we seem to have better luck with functionality and use with paired battery and cartridge set-ups.

Love that gold foil Palm Tree branding!




Thank you as always to ClubM, you have done it again, provided a box to #escape and #enjoy to create #perfectmoments with our MBox innovations, we cannot wait to see what next month has in store…