Nouveau November | CBD Works

CBD topicals & tincture

Family owned and operated small business CBD Works makes CBD infused lotion, massage oil and hemp oil tinctures. These high quality products are respectably branded and mild enough to give to your grandmother. Our focus today is on three of their current products: Lotion, Massage Oil  & Hemp Oil Tincture.

100 mg CBD Lotion

We love the smell of this lotion, the undertone from the rosemary oil really is lovely enough for daily use. We also recommend this for mild to moderate arthritis, carpel tunnel pain, or any topical pain that 100 mgs will be effective on. The tub makes it super easy to access as much or as little as you want. It absorbs well and quickly with no greasy residue. This lightweight lotion is silky and moisturizing.

100 mg CBD Massage Oil

This also smells great, a very light coconut smell but not tanning oil tropical strong. It also absorbs well but not too quickly as it worked well while using for an actual massage. A great mild pain and inflammation aid. We recommend this 4 oz. size bottle for personal use, great for self hand and foot massages, with the CBD providing added relief. Take a bottle to your next massage and ask the masseuse to substitute this oil for your massage.

100 mg CBD Hemp Oil Tincture

CBD Works is one of our favorite hemp oil tinctures because it is made from organic, cold-pressed hemp seed. It is the equivalent of a fine olive oil for a chef. Tinctures are awesome because of their versatility. Add drops directly in your mouth for PRN situations, add them to your beverage to maintain your daily CBD intake or apply directly for a mild skin irritation. (We have been known to dose a dish or two with this tincture while out to lunch.)

Well branded and well made. We applaud CBD Works on their expanding line of great products and recommend them for gift giving this holiday season!

To learn more visit their website at: CBD Works

Nouveau November | Pura Vida Health

Pura Vida Health CBD bars!!!

100mg Blueberry Almond CBD protein bar


50mg CBD:50mg THC Peanut Butter Crunch protein bar

New CBD bars along with newly rebranded original products!

Pura Vida Health has been providing patients with healthy edible alternatives for years now. We are so excited they have expanded into CBD Protein Bars, hooray! All the same great quality ingredients and medicine only in CBD!

Where are our athletes and fitness guru’s at, check these out!!!

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Read more about them HERE


Nouveau November | Space Gem Candy

We are so excited to share this awesome brand with you all!!!

Are you familiar with Space Gem Candy???

If you are one of the fortunate ones your answer will be , “Yes.” If not we highly recommend you get you hands on some. These pioneers of edibles make medicine that come straight from the heartland of NorCal and have been a staple in the edibles market for longer than anybody I know. Space Gem Candy’s delectable delights have been helping patients manage in situations where smoking isn’t an option for YEARS. Need to ride a plane? We have Space Gem Candy for that! Need to manage that major physical pain while visiting the family? We have Space Gem Candy for that! HUGE thanks to the WHOLE Space Gem Candy family, we appreciate your commitment to high quality, potent edibles and recognize your position as a forerunner in the industry. Congratulations on the new packaging and we look forward to your continued success in 2018 and beyond!

Learn more about Space Gem Candy HERE

Make sure and grab some for your next edible excursion or adventure!!!

Nouveau November | Green Rush Consulting

Featured Service

Our first featured service for Nouveau November is , Green Rush Consulting®, who offer regulatory and business solutions by assisting entrepreneurs navigate the legal cannabis industry.

Learn more by clicking the image above or HERE

Nouveau November | Dank Tank

Featured product.

Our first featured brand for Nouveau November is Dank Tank, makers of WeedSap. These sweet tasting, high quality, potent cartridges are great for discreet medicating. The concentrates are of the same caliber quality and potency.

From the website:

“Founded in 2011, Dank Tank is the exclusive manufacturer of SAP, clean and quality vaporizable cannabis oil. Our mission is to provide safe, affordable, and discreet access to the highest quality cannabis extracts on the market.

Dank Tank SAP is designed to offer a craft, artisan approach to consuming cannabis. Dank Tank works with master cannabis growers throughout the Emerald Triangle to find the best flowers and concentrates available. Dank Tank converts these cannabis products into SAP, utilizing a solvent-free process, which eliminates all residual plant matter while preserving the native cannabinoids. Our aim is to produce a product that allows the patient to achieve the feeling of smoking top-shelf flowers without the tar, smoke, and ash caused by burning lumber.

Committed to patient safety, Dank Tank SAP is strain-specific and contains no artificial flavors, nor added/infused terpenes. It’s an important product for working professionals, busy moms, travelers, seniors (ages 65+), and for medicating in public places.”

Click on the image below to find their products near you!