LA Weekly

Wellness Is Leading the Way for Many Californians to Embrace Legal Weed


DECEMBER 10, 2018 

“As legal cannabis becomes the new normal, and larger stigmas against consumption continue to erode, one fact shines abundantly bright: Californians love legal weed. Just this year, from January through the end of October, Californians spent north of $2 billion on legal cannabis…”

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Cannabis regulations take small businesses on roller coaster ride

By Lara McCaffrey

December 10, 2018

“When recreational cannabis use was legalized to start 2018, the cannabis industry went on a roller coaster ride. It’s been witness to changing government regulations, increased business, and changing customer demographics. It’s not clear how the industry will continue to evolve, but some businesses say barriers to entry are greater despite the industry being dominated by small business and ripe with opportunity…”

Monterey Herald

Cannabis summit to offer local history, black market enforcement panels


December 10, 2018

“MONTEREY — Cannabis’ past, present and future in Monterey County from Big Sur “Holy Weed” to NASA zero gravity horticulture practices will be covered by a number of local and statewide industry experts at this week’s Monterey Cannabis Summit hosted by the Monterey County Cannabis Industry Association…”


Ex-Sheriff And Current Mayor Of A Struggling Small California City Make A Bet On Legal Cannabis

By Calvin Hughes 
Dec 10, 2018

“Needles, California may have once been a popular stopping place for people traveling down Route 66 and once operated an important railroad, but those days are gone. The once-numerous railroad jobs are mostly gone and the city of 5,000 hasn't had a grocery store within its borders since 2014—plus a quarter of the residents live below the poverty line…”

Physics World

Could legalizing cannabis help the environment?

By Kate Ravilious

December 11, 2018

“Cannabis might make people feel high, but from an environmental perspective it could be a real downer. In the US state of California a massive expansion in cannabis farms has resulted in deforestation, overstretched water supplies, wildlife poisoning, and destabilization of steep hillsides. Without suitable policy intervention and careful planning, other parts of the world are likely to suffer too as demand for cannabis continues to rise…”