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Taking Back Control

Singer Toni Braxton pushes past the hurdles of lupus to empower herself and others

by Kiara Manns 

December 6, 2018

“With a decorated career and involvement in just about every corner of the entertainment industry, legendary singer Toni Braxton is more than just an R&B icon. Through years of success and dedication to her craft, Braxton has become a household name. From her solo music career to producing and starring in a hit reality show series, Braxton Family Values, the multi-talented Braxton has nearly done it all…”

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Marijuana Business Daily

Marijuana retailer MedMen facing class action lawsuit from former employees

By John Schroyer

December 6, 2018

“One of the biggest names in cannabis retail, California-based MedMen, is facing a class action lawsuit from former employees that allege multiple labor law violations…”

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KDVR News Denver

Denver goes after landlord for tenant’s marijuana grow


DECEMBER 5, 2018

“DENVER -- Albert Monson is a firefighter for the U.S. Department of Defense. He lives in Bahrain, a tiny Arab country next to Saudia Arabia, where he puts out oil well fires. But he owns a condo in Denver and the city attorney's office wants him to pay up for the crimes of a tenant he never met…”

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The Growth Op

HOMEGROWN SERIES: Setting the stage for successful cannabis growth

By Ashley Athill

December 7, 2018

Once anchored in the soil, the cotyledons begin to appear and the plant will grow towards the source of light…”

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Cannabis Industry Journal

Discussing Lab Accreditation: The New ISO 17025:2017 Standard

By Aaron G. Biros

December 3, 2018

Representatives from the leading accreditation bodies met for a panel at the Food Safety Consortium where they discussed the new ISO standard, the future of the cannabis lab industry and certifications for food safety and quality...”

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